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    I used the Easy Walk harness for the first time this weekend and it was like a miracle product. Where walks in the past (leash attached to collar) were characterized by Chibi pulling and straining at the end of his leash for lots and lots of the walk, I put this on him, and presto! no more pulling. Every single walk he's been on with this thing has had him walking loose leash almost like a well-behaved dog (not heeling, mind you, so there's still work to do, plus he had a few lapses into rabid angry growly snappiness when the leash got tangled around his legs.)

    Anyways, I was wondering whether this behaviour would repeat with a top-attach harnesses - do they have a similar impact on keeping a dog from pulling. The propaganda that comes with the Easy Walk implies that other harnesses encourage pulling, but that's obviously written to sell their product.

    The reason is, I like to take the dog on hikes, and would like to have him on a flexi-leash/harness system so that he has freedom to wander around more than he'd be allowed to with a 6-foot leash, but without the risk of letting him off leash. It seems that a back-attach harness would make it less likely that the leash gets caught up in his legs.
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    I've walked Conker with a harness since I got him. It seemed to me that he pulled the worst with a collar. My other dogs will pull with either one. To me, it doesn't depend on the item being used on how much they'll pull. It depends on the amount of training they've got.

    Anyways, I don't think harnesses promote pulling as much as others claim, it just makes it harder for the dog to choke itself. And with the attachment on top/the back, they aren't getting spun around like they do with front attach harness.
    I think the best thing to do is not depend on any one thing to keep your dog from not pulling. Work with him so he's good with loose leash and heeling with the current harness then give it a shot with a different one.

    I've had to retrain Juneau countless times and each time I use a new piece of equipment, I have to retrain her again. This could happen with your Shiba, it kinda did with Conker, but if you keep at it you can train him not to pull with a normal harness.
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