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Multiple poops per walk
  • One habit of my dog I would like to break if possible - he never seems to get all his poop out in one stop. Normally, we'll go out & he'll pee. Then we walk a bit and he poops. Then we walk some more and maybe 5-10 minutes later, I get another squat. This seems to be the norm for him.

    It would be really nice if he could just empty himself in one go. Is this something that comes with age (Chibi is currently about 3 1/2 months old). If not, is there some way to train him out of the multiple poo stops?
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    Etsuko has only had multiple poop walks a few times in this first year that I've had her. She is currently about 2 years of age. Actually, yesterday morning she pooped twice on her walk!!! Hahah, I don't know what it is but I do know they poop when they are really excited or revved up... In this particular case of yesterday morning, I had Etsuko on her walk and I was running with her and chasing her all around, so maybe that's why she pooped twice.

    Your pup is only 3.5 months old, maybe things will even out and become more normal (1 poop per walk) as he gets older? I'm not totally sure, but he is a little puppy!!! Maybe things will change with time.
  • Ah, my dog used to do this, too! I had no idea why. He'd pee at almost every house in the walk, and after he'd seemingly exhausted his pee supply (lol), he'd poo. I don't know if it had something to do with his way of marking, but I know it felt like he'd purposely do it in this one yard that had two great danes. They'd start barking at him, and he'd look at them, tail fully raised (so i suppose he doing it because he was scared or anything) and poop right outside of their fence.

    He had a bit of a 'tude with those danes, I think -- lol. But other than that, I don't have the slightest idea!
  • Neo does the same thing. His first poop is a little more firmer than his 2nd one, so I'm not sure if it's due to nerves or what. He does like to stop quite a lot too, maybe it's just another way of him marking? It would be nice if he could just go all at once though, lol. He is going to be 6 months in a couple of weeks, maybe it'll even out soon enough. :)
  • Akio does the same thing. I was thought it was strange, glad to see he's not the only one. :P
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  • Hmm, Tiger Lily has NEVER multi-pooped. She's very regular...
  • Luka does this as well (from a pup to age 5), but I usually blame it on his goofy ADD. He'll start, see a leaf move, and decide he'll finish in a bit after he investigates. Not sure you can change this but it sure would be nice!
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    Scout is an all in one pooper and always does it fast and neat.

    Shadow on the other hand, he may poop 2 or 3 times on a short walk, and then will squat for a minute or two or three trying to work things out.....
  • This is definitely not due to distraction. He'll poop, finish, kick up a bit of dirt, and show that he's ready to go do something else. Then five or ten minutes later in a different location, we get the same thing again.

    I have noticed that he has preferred spots - maybe he wants to make sure the proper spots are fertilized??
  • Had mine for 1year 6months and he always poops multiple times. Normally 2 or 3times, he just seems to save it for later.
  • Kenji always poops twice. But his breeder told me 1 meal = 1 poop so I never really worried about it :)
  • Ponta usually does the twofer--a firm poop the first time only a few minutes after we start, as soon as he gets to a grassy area, then a second, softer poop at least 10-15 minutes later, again in a grassy area. Ponta is 3-1/2 months old also, and has almost always done this. He never poops three times, though he has sometimes finished it off in one huge poop.
  • I think it depends. The dog will poop all the way if he/she is not distracted, I know dogs that will start doing their business and then stop because a leaf passed by or a bird happened to land in a nearby tree.

    There is nothing to worry about.
  • Two Shibas + one walk = four to six cleanups for me. I swear it's only because they enjoy listening to me talk to myself while doing so.
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    Kai used to be a one walk = one poop kinda girl, but now she poops twice on our short night walks.
  • I have a similar question, I see that @HibariShiba my dog does the same

    He walks takes a normal looking "dark and hard" poop then 100 yards later will take a second poop thats very light and a lot softer, we feed him Orijen Puppy and he also was on Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy and did the same thing then.
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    My previous dog (PK Pre Koji) was a Jindo - he pooped multiple times on longer walks..longer the walk, more poops and they also got progressively smaller and runnier - eeew...until there might be a couple a liquid drops...

    I asked the vet about it and he said it's usually part psychological and partly because activity stimulates the digestion "process",.I don't remember him saying I should "worry" about it...though I know some dogs push too hard and maybe could be hard on them...That was not a problem for us,...just annoying for me!

    Later in his life I started trying to distract him on his third poop..two I felt was reasonable - I'd just get a little hyper happy voice and try to divert his attention and get him moving when I'd see him want to assume the position...I think it helped, but you have to commit to retraining him...and get very good at anticipating before he gets to the "too late - I'm going no matter what" point :)

    Might be good to try some clicker training - diversion tactics to get them out of automatic behaviour...
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    Bear used to tend to poo multiple times on walks, each progressively softer just like @Koji's mom. It seemed to happen on the longer walks of 3+ miles. Since switching to a raw diet though my dogs no longer seem to poo a lot and I barely get 1 poo during 1 of the two walks in the day. Even in the area they can access on their own there is usually not more than 1 poo a day and quality has seemed more indicative of what they ate than anything else.
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    Bringing up this old thread..

    Denso has started to mark like a big boy! Yayyy
    But, he seems to also mark with his poop..
    He only marks when we go to an area with lots of dogs (so beach or dog park), but he doesn't stop. The urine marking I could care less about, but the poops are really unnecessary after the first couple of times.
    He will poop immediately, then go play. But throughout our stay, he will "poop" like 10 more times. After his actual poop, they are just little squirts..
    It's pretty embarrassing.

    Is this normal? Will he grow out of it?
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    Omg Tali! ;)
    Denso is sooo bad. He does it with a smile on his face!
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