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Shiba addict
  • SakuSaku
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    Crap! I think I am addicted to shiba inu! I think about them all the time, dream about them and talk to people about them. I look for them on the street and when I see one, I immediately stop the owner and the dog and talk to them like I've know them for years. I feel empty when this forum was down. I look for shiba's news on internet all the time, I check all the youtube video about shiba. I feel strange if nobody asks me about my dogs while I walk them on street. Now I've got one red, one sesame, I can't resist to get a black and tan now but I really gotta stop this addiction! Any cure? :)
    Saku & Mina's mom

    Saku & Mina
  • There is no cure! You can't have just one!

    (Actually, some days I think if people had to spend much time with my monsters, they may be cured of their Shiba addiction. Sometimes I think it has even cured me! But then there are all the other NKs..... and I'm right back at it again!)
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    Shibas Anonymous- It does'nt exist but do not despair. What I do to curb the Shiba craving is go to my local dog park when its crowded and I realize my 2 Shibas are all I can handle.
  • So I too have MSIS = Multiple Shiba Inu Syndrome. I have a sesame and black and tan baby girl. I think my addiction is stable for now. I do get excited when I see other shibas. When I got my second Shiba everyone asked me why I got a second monster when the first one doesnt listen. I know that everyone on the forum understands that a shiba in a off leash dog park that is "off leash" tends to be rare. That no matter how hard you train recall if a rabbit runs by good luck calling your dog back. Thats just the way they are... I have got so accustomed to the shiba traits that when I look after friends dogs I tend to find some things they do annoying. Does anyone else find this? Like following your heals EVERYWHERE ! Tosh follows me occasionally but not glued to my heals like other dogs.
  • For those who need an occasional stronger Shiba fix, I would recommend joining a Meetup in your area (if there is one).
  • BootzBootz
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    One is already a handful for my boyfriend and i. But Bootz personality is mellow enough to get a second one without any problems. I notice when i run into another shiba owner, they are really friendly and act like old friends meetin up again for the first time in years. Am i the only one that experience this?
  • My whole day revolves around my shiba. I always think of him at work and my computer wall paper is his picture. Where can I find a Shiba Anonymous session. lol.
    Posts: 1507
    No SA that I know of, but as a forum we can consult with each other and decide if its the right time to add another one.

    When I look at puppy pictures it is so tempting, as well as, recent photos of my guys.

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