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Costume Ideas for My Trio?
  • Hey guys, this wonderful little pet store that I shop at is having a costume contest for Halloween and the winner gets $100 to the store. I'm trying to brainstorm ideas for my girls. I have 2 black and tan Shibas, one with a fluffy coat, and a black kitten. I want something really cute and unique and preferably a joint costume for all three...
    I thought about having them be the three little pigs and dressing up myself as the wolf, my boyfriend wants them to be the trio from the Matrix movies. Any other ideas? I really want something that plays off of their "Shiba-ness" but I can't come up with anything...

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  • How about the 3 Ninjas or the 3 Muskateers?

    (What a cute group!)
  • catloreecatloree
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    You have such a cute trio!! I got Elwood & Sadie's costumes from Etsy: She has some super adorable costumes & they are *so* well made. Elwood & Sadie are going as Link & Zelda this year. She can do custom stuff, too, if you have something in mind. I know she has done the Angry Birds group for someone (

    Good luck with the costume contest & I hope you'll post pictures!!
    Catherine (human), Elwood (Shiba), & Sadie (Pomeranian)
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  • CaliaCalia
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    If it is one of those costume contests where the contestants have to be in the store during a major event, I wouldn't include the cat in it. Even if your cat is good in new places with all the noise, it wouldn't be safe as there may be some dogs there that are "cat eaters". Just something to consider if that were the case.

    My thought on a costume is to stick with a Japanese theme, the 2 samurai(dogs) and the geisha (cat)
  • XabiXabi
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    Those are cuties. I found some black, threadbare "creepy cloth" from the $1 store, which I'm going to sew to a cheap black collar and have my guy go as a Dementor.

    I thought of it when I saw this person's etsy site on io9 or something. I doubt anyone will see him and say "My Little Dementor!" but I think he'll still give off the Halloween vibe with just the little cape I have planned.
  • Batman, Robin, and Catwoman!

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