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Getting socialized
  • Mika is now 12 weeks old and we picked her up a little over a week ago, some of the issues we are having is mouthing and we are worried about socializing her with our 1 yr old husky/lab mix Kaiya (she's a big girl) and other dogs. My gfs parents took her (Kaiya) up to the cottege for over a week and now that shes back they have been ok but we are worried that 1. Kaiya is so big and tries to paw at her and hovers over her 2. Mika is nipping and biting at Kaiya (at her neck and muzzle) Kaiya doesn't yelp but we are afraid that she might just snap on Mika, we break it apart but Mika has little dog syndrome and keeps going at her and I can see Kaiya tries her best to do her own thing but gets annoyed. I think its play but its still too rough and we want to be able to take her to the dog parks without worrying about biting, getting bit or having an angry dog owner in our face. Puppy classes are being booked 2 weeks from now but until then any advice would be great help.

    Thanks from Mika!

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    Mikachu ,

    I've recently just introduced Bootz & Jackie (ShihPom) to my cousin's Golden Retriever/chow chow mix. I think the key to our success was to let them do their own thing, but with supervision. We watched them play and mainly corrected the GR/CC mix with verbal commands when he was getting rough. I wouldn't recommend physical corrections as it could trigger a negative response. Since Kaiya is the older one, she has more experience and should know better! Just watch over Saiya, and do verbal corrections when needed. Whereas Mika is just a puppy, she doesn't know boundaries yet in terms of playing with other dogs.

    Hope I helped!
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