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Running with Shibas?
  • So I'm currently training for a marathon and I thought "Gee Whiz! Kenzo can let out all that pent up energy during a run!"

    But lo and behold, we attempted jogging today in the nicest weather Texas has seen since last winter.. and Kenzo wants to lie down in the grass.

    Any tips for running with Shibas? or are they just energetic lazy dogs?
  • My Shibas both will run with me, but my 3-year-old gets tired out easily. My 10-month-old will run up a storm. I put her on a 30-foot lead and tell her to chase me, then run away. 9 times out of 10, she'll dart after me and run with me...maybe Kenzo just isn't a jogger?
  • Maybe he'd do better on an indoor track? Are there even indoor tracks that let you have your dog with you?
  • i've run with azami a couple of times - usually 2 miles or so is about as far as she can run continuously before she needs to stop for a drink (she's a year old). the main problem for her is that she's not very good about running alongside you/at an even clip. i've nearly wiped out a couple of times trying to avoid running straight over her when she's come to a dead stop because of a squirrel or a bird or something. it seems like shibas might make good trail-running partners, but not great for urban environments due to distractability/prey drive...but then again, like all things, could just be a question of acclimation and training, and the right harness for the lead.

    however, she's awesome sprint training if you chase her around the dog park for a while :P
  • I've taken Crash on several walks. While we still have manners to learn, that seems to change when we run. (Except for the park... Too many other smells.) Once I start running, he's off! He loves it. When I have to walk (yep, still in that stage) he kinda whines when he thinks I'm going too slow. Silly Shiba. Crash is a road warrior with me!
  • Hmm. If you're really into marathon training w/ dogs, maybe you should look into a Dalmatian with road trial/coaching background.
  • SayaSaya
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    Saya prefers hiking and exploring things sometimes she is in the mood to run, but I don't make her if she doesn't want to. When she wants to run though watch out she is in front running with me! Which only happens after she is done doing #2 then she wants to run around so we run and run to the house.. lol
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  • Running after Shibas? I think that's the way it is supposed to go in the Shiba mind: they run and we chase and then they're done and they lay down!

    Mine are not runners, and the "energetic lazy dog" describes them perfectly, until they hit a certain age, and then it's just lazy dogs. *lol*

    But then, I don't run either.
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    As a breed, Shibas tend to have poorer angulation and straighter shoulders and stifles. They are not suited for long distance running, but do well with sprinting and a brisk trot. It isn't that they cannot run, or that certain individuals have a better build for it, it is that on the whole, this is not a running breed.
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  • InoushiInoushi
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    Kenshin really loves to go running with me. Once we get going, he keeps an even pace, he knows how to adjust his speed with mine, though he does know when to push me out of my comfort zone. Kenshin is the best running partner I can have. I take him to a large circular park near me, where he can stay exclusively on the grass, and I can stay on the even pavement. I'm no long distance runner though, I'm better at sprints myself so our running abilities match up nicely (Kenshin has yet to tire out though, Ive seen him run top speed for upwards of thirty minutes off leash without even panting).
  • catloreecatloree
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    I've done a couple of half marathons & regularly do 5Ks with Elwood, but we go at a really slow pace (almost walking at times). I can't run fast enough for him to get into a full-out run & the fastest pace that I can run at seems to be really awkward for Elwood since it's somewhere between a fast walk & a trot for him. We do take him out with the bike sometimes & he enjoys short sprints where he can really open up & run, but he can only keep that up for a few minutes before he's ready to go back to walking.

    We live in Texas too & this heat has been brutal. Even in the evenings when the sun is down, Elwood hasn't wanted to be outside for longer than 30 minutes at a time. During the fall/winter/spring, though, Elwood & I regularly take long walks (ranging anywhere from 3 to 10 miles) & he can definitely do distance, even if speed isn't his thing.
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  • mattzmattz
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    I live in Texas too!! Boy this weather yesterday and today is AMAZING!!!

    Etsuko can run about a mile with me before she tires out and becomes uninterested...
  • MayamaMayama
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    Maya will run with us for about a mile or two and then refuse to run anymore. If we let her rest for a bit, she can usually get back up and run for a bit longer, but that's about it. She is, however, a very good hiker and can walk for a long time. We usually use a short leash when running or hiking with her and let her stay about a feet in front of us.Shiba Inu Maya's blog and FB page
  • I am not a runner, so I never run with my dogs. However, both of my Shibas can run on a doggie treadmill for 15-45 minutes straight with no problem. I started them slow, but eventually, it will get to around 2.5 miles/hour speed. They have the stigma to jog with a human, but it probably takes some training for them to keep their pace with the human.
  • I'm a heavy runner. And I have a Shiba. Here's my experience.

    I found this thread because i run a LOT with my Kiba Ikki, and I wanted to know if it was bad for him in any way. I run with him at least once a week from anywhere between 4 to 15 miles at one time. Maybe its because we've been running together since before he was even a year old, or because he's generally well behaved, but I have no problem running with him, controlling him when running on the shoulder of a busy road or letting him off leash when we're on a back-trail. Sometimes he starts off slow, but always has energy to finish even the longer runs. That's probably because we almost never go faster than 8.5 minute miles, and on longer runs its more like 9.0 or even 10.0 minute miles. The only thing I ever have to worry about is the heat. When we lived in Washington, this was never a problem because of the mild climate. But in North Carolina, he just can't go out for runs during the summer. We've only been able to beginning in October and will probably have to stop going out together sometime in March. (To be fair, I can barley go out and run long distances during the day during the hot, humid North Carolina summers either).

    Having said all that, I think experiences may vary. Kiba Ikki is a relatively small Shiba at around 17 pounds. But, he's been running most of his life. In Washington we did a lot of hiking together also, and I would feel pretty confident saying that Shibas probably prefer hiking over running. If you feel confident letting them off the leash and being able to still control them, they have the freedom to sniff around as they like while trotting along side you. We climbed Mt. St Helens with Kiba Ikki through snow and volcanic rocks, and he did find with a cheap pair of doggy boots.

    Bottom line: If your Shiba isn't used to it, start him/her out slow and for short distances, preferably as a puppy. However, hiking with them is a much better option for Shiba and their owner who are looking to get into shape together.
  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
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    Kira loves hiking with me and our hikes average about 4-6 miles, sometimes more and sometimes less. Our longest hike has been 12 miles!

    We do hike off-leash (only on familiar trails) unless the trails are more congested on nice weekends. She typically walks or runs ahead in spurts, and waits for me to catch up when she gets about 20 to 30 feet away, then she stops to sniff and check things out and gives me a little bit of a lead before she charges ahead again... Rinse and repeat.

    I doubt that she would enjoy running as much since she much prefers to forge ahead and not be restricted. That suits me just fine, though. I really love hiking with Kira and we have so much fun.
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  • MagMag
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    Miki and I run about 4 blocks every night. then we stroll for about 20 to 30 mins and when we get home she is ready for bed. I just started her out with a little run every night so she will be pooped before bed. Now she just likes to do it,and it has helped me loose a few unwanted pounds and makes me pretty sleepy too.
  • JuniJuni
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    The ideal running for Juni would be like @kira_kira described it, but there is too much prey in the woods here so I can't let her off leash.
    After years of trying different things I've found one area Juni likes to run in so I take her there about once a week. It is a big field with a duck pond and some bushes and shrubbery and it's filled with rabbits and other animals. If I take her there around sundown she think it is super exciting and I get a good run for 2-3 miles.

    Right now it is filled with snow so we went skiing there on Saturday. Good exercise for Juni who had to run in deep snow....

    After coming home from running Juni normally gets a bit over excited and starts playing a bit rough. It is usually hard to get her very playful, she is rather mellow. So I take advantage of it and we push and wrestle a bit and after about five minutes she crashes on the bed.

    Another good thing with running is she has a lot better appetite those days.

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