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Scared of EVERYONE!
  • I need suggestions! We moved to TX in July. My brother moved in with us as well. Ever since we have gotten here Maya has just been scared all of the time. She is STILL scared of my brother. She freaks out when he comes down stairs and runs and hides. Also if anyone comes into the house she does the same thing. Even when there is no one around except the 2 of us she is uneasy. I thought if I gave her some time to get used to her new surroundings it would be fine but it does not seem to be getting any better. Given the chance she would hide under our bed all day! She used to enjoy napping on top of our bed but she is too scared to even do that. I don't know what to do?! She does ok outside of the house.

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  • mattzmattz
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    It seems it's only been a month since moving into your new home, I think it will take much longer than that to become fully acclimated to her new surrounding, especially with a new roommate. When I adopted my Shiba, it took her a good 6 months to become fully adjusted and to start coming out of her "shell" again. If possible, exercise extreme patience and praising with her as she makes little victories throughout her time to full acclimation. Let her progress at her own pace and reward her for doing so, it takes some time but she should eventually even out!
  • LosechLosech
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    Conker is afraid of strangers, most men and people who are loud or move quickly. With him I always had to tell people that when they came over, they were in Conker's house, not theirs, and they had to follow "his" rules. Don't talk loudly, move fast, don't look at him, DO NOT try to pet him... That sort of stuff. They were given a handful of treats to randomly toss at Conker if he was somewhat close to them. Everything was on Conker's terms and at his pace and he was not required to take any of the treats if he didn't want them. These rules applies to everyone and if they didn't follow them, they were not invited back until they were willing to do so.

    I would try having your brother be the one who feeds her, if she will get near for food. She might begin to associate him with food, so she might start to like him. Do the treat thing with him too. Just have him give her treats anytime she is near him. Don't make her take them from him, tossing is fine if she'll go for the treats.

    I used to have a bunch of links on fearful dogs... If I can find them I'll post them for you. It's not too hard to find good information on the web, so if you haven't tried searching, give that a shot.
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  • brscrnsbrscrns
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    Here is a link about fearful dog training I also have book that might be worth looking into which is "Help for your Fearful Dog by Nicole Wilde". We have a rescue dog and he has a few fearful traits and we are working with him.
  • Thank you guys! I am going to try all of these suggestions out. I will let ya know how she is doing. It is a start at least. I feel better now that I know it is going to take time. I just feel bad for her. It must suck to be so scared all of the time... poor baby.
  • My Kira is also fearful, but mostly when she goes outside. She will run around in circles all the time, and its confusing because we can't tell if she is anxious or needs to poddy. We've had several moments where she would soil herself when approached by strangers. Good luck with your shiba and we look forward to hearing about your progress.

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