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    I've gotten Chibi a couple of these, and he seems to love them. They last and don't splinter or break (although Chibi's a puppy, so he doesn't destroy chew toys that quickly yet).

    If you're worried about them becoming a choking hazard, get longer ones and monitor him with them. The ones I have are longer and skinnier than these - there's no way he could fit the whole thing in his mouth.
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    I love these my pup has had them one for a few days now and she's been at it for hours at a time and no wear on the antler yet and I heard it takes a long time for them to wear which is comforting. The version for the puppies are not a full one but a 5 inch split antler. The associate at the store told us they just came in a few days ago, I love that it's natural and no elk or deer are harmed because it's their sheds.
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    I also have the Antlerz brand. It took Zoey about one month to make a dent in it and soon thereafter she already chewed up about half of it (size medium). She also has deer antlers but she hasn't broken through yet.
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