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HELP, my Shiba is . . . (Training tips for the new owner)
  • Since a lot of people seem to come here needing help with their Shiba's problematic behaviors, I thought a thread that we could refer people to for help, instead of getting repeat posts about the same behaviors, would be really helpful. So this thread is for methods of correcting common problematic behaviors of even just help with the basics. Feel free to post about a problem your Shiba has had in the past (or currently) and how to fix it. Also, any helpful links or videos that you've found helpful in training can go here as well.
  • MikachuMikachu
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    Perfect I was looking for a post like this, thanks notoriousscrat. I'd like to give it a shot, I'm new to the site and new to shibas but not dogs, my gf has a husky/lab mix that's a year old so I never had to deal with crate training. Our 11 week old shiba Mika has been having trouble with her crate training and nights oh and it's only our 3rd day with her and we are puzzled. we made it den like we put blankets and towels and a chew toy and we put her in the crate during the day in the room we are in twice a day for about an hour each time and she whines for about 5 to 10 mins and the plops down to sleep and we even praise her with a treat when she's in the crate. Big problem is nights she can whine and howl for hours, 1st night for about 15-25 mins not a problem 2nd night hours and hours and my gf works shifts and overnights and only got 3 hours of sleep I must of gotten only 5 hrs, last night was the same thing but we where able to get more sleep. We tried her in our bedroom and in a separate room and results are the same. I was thinking maybe because she sleep a lot during the day? But that's a normal puppy thing right? One min a ball of energy the next min out like a light. Any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated. Was thinking of using D.A.P plug ins? Has anyone tried this? I'm in Canada looked for it at some major pet store and no luck was thinking of ordering it from state side.
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  • BradA1878BradA1878
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  • BradA1878BradA1878
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    I was trying to look at a youtube video of a woman showing how she uses a dremel to trim the nails of her dog but I encountered this woman's Youtube channel instead. Lots of stuff she's uploaded is worth watching.

  • brscrnsbrscrns
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    I have another website that uses "Positive Training" The trainer goes through the basics in addition to various types of tricks so that your dog can have lots of fun. I have not used used any of her ideas but if I wanted to I would follow her advise. The website is ""
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    You can get DAP plug ins from your veterinarian.
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    Thanks @Nekopan
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  • Reposting some links that StaticNfuzz posted in a different thread:

    First one is about bite inhibition, the second leads to free copies of Ian Dunbar books.
  • RorsRors
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    Yep, positive reinforcement works a treat, just be patient and you really will have a best friend.
  • wow this is an awesome thread
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    Love this thread.
  • When we had Kenji at 8 weeks, I couldn't stand the fact of keeping him in his crate in the living room all night. So, I bought a child's play pen from Walmart and we put his bed, pee pads, blankets and toys in that area for him. It was in the living room area, not in the bedroom, but it made a difference I think. We would still close the door to the bedroom, but it was so adorable hearing him at about 5 am crying for us to come take him outside and play with him. As he got to about 6 months, when he could begin to jump outside of it, we got rid of it and would let him sleep in the bedroom, but would crate him during the day, about 3 hours at a time for about a year. Now he is 2 and has full range of the apartment and doesn't destroy anything. All he does is find a place on the couch or floor and sleep :).
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    My biggest problem right now is how to control hire when he "gets in the zone" whenever he is so hyper he just wants to bark, bite and jump everywhere. It is much easier to train him while he is calm of course and he clearly knows the right things to do during then. So without being able to walk him yet (he is 11 weeks) fetch can seem to only tire him out so much.

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