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Do shibas sit uniquely?
  • Koni B.Koni B.
    Posts: 172
    I didn't notice this until one day another shiba came to our daycare and I saw him sitting around just like Koni does! I haven't seen other dogs sitting the same way, so I started wanting to document all the crazy ways Koni likes to sit around. Seriously, this dog just doesn't do "normal." Just to be clear, these aren't one-off sitting positions. He does all of these all of the time.

    There's the sphinx pose (always with back legs out to the side):

    Sorry for the crappy pictures, I tried to use a real camera to get these but he kept moving before I got back.

    "Biz-cas": Sitting up with legs out to the side:
    image and image

    Fake-out "I only have three legs" (usually he hides his leg a bit better than this)

    I wish I had a zoomed out picture of this, it's "sausage dog" where he hides both front legs under his body and stretches way long:
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  • shibahiroshibahiro
    Posts: 977
    Hiro sits like that too! with one leg to the side. =P
  • we were just talking about things like this at work. because we see so many different breeds of dogs, and so many individuals of a breed, we start to notice breed specific behaviors that most people might just assume is typical dog behavior. i see other breeds of dogs do these types of lie down, but it does seem to be localized to specific breeds, shibas being one of them. all of the shibas that we groom do this once they get comfortable. i've also noticed that when getting a bath, when shibas shake, their "shake" is 2-5 seconds longer than other dogs. they also do this little kick with their back feet when they get them wet.

    among other breeds, i've noticed that australian shepherds mostly, but some other herding dogs too, will constantly pick up their feet in a sort of rotation while being groomed. it makes the grooming very difficult sometimes, but its still kind of funny. we call it the aussie dance. huskies almost always shred their towels, and hate having their tails touched more than any other breed. there's tons more, but it would take too long to list them!

    also, after working with various breeds of dogs for so long, i can pretty much name a breed by its bark now.
  • AnnaAnna
    Posts: 621
    I know a lot of dogs who do the Sphinx pose. :D

    My parents' cocker/tibetan spaniel mix ONLY laid like that. My friend's shi tzu and wheaten terrier both lay like that pretty often as well, haha. The shi tzu sits with his legs off to the side like that as well.
  • Tiger lily does all of those, the pugs certainly never did!
  • curlytailscurlytails
    Posts: 2779
    I posted this in another thread, but yes, it does seem like Shibas have a funny way of sitting...

    Bowdu sits with his legs perpendicular to his body all the time, ever since he was a puppy. I do think it's terribly charming. I don't know if Shibas do this moreso than other breeds, but I'd be willing to call it a breed quirk.
    Bowdu 寶肚 (Shiba) and Bowpi 寶媲 (Basenji) with M.C.
  • EEEEEEE! That puppy is so cute I can't stand it!

    Ahem. Now after that squeal from being utterly overwhelmed by cuteness, I can continue.

    My female Shiba does all those poses, but her favorite is what we call the "froggy pose" which her back legs out behind her. She does the lazy sit too, but in her case it's because she can no longer do a regular sit because of her ACL/LP problems.

    My male Shiba did the froggy pose as a pup but doesn't do it any longer. My Akita is the same way, though he is a great mimic, and will sometimes do whatever the other dogs are doing (including not sitting if he sees Bel is not, but he has no excuses so I make him do it anyway).
  • AWE46M3AWE46M3
    Posts: 357
    My puppy sometimes does that "fake out" one but that's about it. I do notice though that he butt doesn't touch the ground when he's in a normal sitting position - anyone else notice this?
  • mattzmattz
    Posts: 418
    HAHHA I love the sitting on the side pose, Etsuko does it all the time and I see it as her "just chilling" pose.
  • lockshi3lockshi3
    Posts: 628
    I've seen the "sausage dog" with Jake - we call it the "monorail" instead lol
  • Tanuki does all of those too. We call the last one the "seal" though.
  • my sister has a friend whose parents own a cream shiba inu. when he found out i owned a shiba inu pup, he was telling me how they are so regal and they sit so proud... my sis and i thought huh, ninja SO sits lazy more often than the proud sit, lol.
  • catloreecatloree
    Posts: 1541
    Elwood does all of those poses as well! Too funny.

    And BTW your Shiba is SUPER CUTE!! I love his furry face!!
    Catherine (human), Elwood (Shiba), & Sadie (Pomeranian)
  • Koni B.Koni B.
    Posts: 172
    I finally got a picture of this one, this is his "epic tired" pose with all legs out perfectly straight. I love how unrelaxing it looks.
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  • HamletHamlet
    Posts: 146
    Hamlet also does the sloppy sit, frog-legs, etc - and the EPIC TIRED pose with all his legs super straight! Jules is a better sitter, but she does all the epic-tired poses with the best of them :D
  • I know Kyuubi does the sphinx, the sloppy sit and the epic tired pose. Sadly i only have a few photos of these and it was when he was a puppy.

    him waiting to come out and play

    this was on the second day i had him, i just couldn't have him far from me, hence the plastic crate lol.
  • cmed24cmed24
    Posts: 75
    Kuma only sits in the "side pose" and his poor but slides on the tile in the kitchen so hes constantly adjusting! we love his side pose, its like hes too cool to sit like other dogs
  • gogogogo
    Posts: 20
    Koni is so freakin' adorable!!

    I always referred to the legs straight out in the front and back as "the superman".
  • The "epic tired" pose makes it look like someone just tipped them over. LOL
  • catloreecatloree
    Posts: 1541
    LOL I love the "epic tired" picture! Elwood sleeps like that after a long walk!
    Catherine (human), Elwood (Shiba), & Sadie (Pomeranian)
  • koyukikoyuki
    Posts: 1244
    I just come across this thread and have just finished nearly peeing myself with laughter at Koyuki. I walked into the kitchen and she was sleeping with the frog legs going on, then she sat up on her bum, not on her back legs-they were splayed out to the side- and sat like a kangaroo...her front legs were completely off the ground,but still hanging in front of her so it wasnt like she was was so freaking funny then she tipped over backwards before i could get a photo dang it! does anyone elses pup do this?
    Koyuki - red female
    Takeo- cream male
    Kenji- black and tan male
    Suma- sesame female
    Haruki-brindle Japanese Akita Inu
  • koyuki, Zim has done that when I've gotten him to do the "up" command when he's sitting on his butt---and he topples over too. I always feel bad giving that command and then seeing him fall over but he's always just happy to get his reward, lol.
  • koyukikoyuki
    Posts: 1244
    lol everyday they find a new way to make me laugh and surprise me, they are so prescious!
    Koyuki - red female
    Takeo- cream male
    Kenji- black and tan male
    Suma- sesame female
    Haruki-brindle Japanese Akita Inu
  • HibariShibaHibariShiba
    Posts: 204
    Yep, Ponta does all those as well, something we've noted many times. We were actually worried about the legs-to-the-side sitting position at first, thought it was some deformity, but no, it's a standard-issue kind of thing. My father, who has had many kinds of dogs, reported the same sitting position in other breeds where the legs go to one side. I don't know about the stomach-down legs-splayed position for other breeds, but it's Ponta's favorite.

    One point about the splayed-legs position: like many Shiba stances, it has to do more with a slippery hardwood floor than anything else. He'll sit differently on carpet, on the bed, or on a grassy surface outside.

    Here are a few of Ponta in that pose:

    Mg 8584

    Note that the tail often uncurls when his legs are splayed in back.


    The legs-out sideways sleeping position is also a slippery-surface effect; curling up is done on soft surfaces.

    Img 4724

    The effect can also be seen even in a more "normal" sitting position--legs just naturaly slide out from under.

    Img 6253

    A favorite pose is legs-out to the side, a relaxed-Sphynx position.

    Img 4773


    One of my favorite sitting positions for Ponta is rare: he'll sit down on the stairs, back legs on a higher step, front legs out on a lower step:

    Img 4636

    And then there's the anything-to-get-comfortable contortion:

    Img 5339
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  • RyuDragonRyuDragon
    Posts: 319
    Ryu does these same poses also, he also likes to nap in the corner against the wall with his feet up in the air. He will also lay all stretched out half in half out of his dog bed. Ill have to find some pictures later and post them.
  • drh1382drh1382
    Posts: 3
    My dog will lay flat on his back and will hold his toy in the air between his front paws while he chews on it. It's pretty impressive.
  • GatsuGatsu
    Posts: 651
    I just walked in on my puppy, sitting with her legs back frog style. Not laying, but sitting! I never seen a dog sit like that, it was crazy!

    I tried to take a pic, but I moved a little too fast, and she got up.
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  • MomooMomoo
    Posts: 35
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  • I have to say, Kenta does sit kind of funny. I will have to take a picture of him!
    Hi, I am Slappy.
  • drh1382 said:

    My dog will lay flat on his back and will hold his toy in the air between his front paws while he chews on it. It's pretty impressive.

    Fen does this too - sometimes with a toy and sometimes just chewing on his own paws - it's ADORABLE!!!!

    Yes he also does the frog. The breeder said it was a good thing and an indicator of good hips??

  • Fen is a very handsome boy!! Thanks for sharing the pics.
  • Koni B. and Hibari are also gorgeous pups.
  • photo ScreenShot2014-11-14at32838PM.png
    Indiana can attest to this.
  • LoreliLoreli
    Posts: 28
    Mine do the sloppy sit. I usually call it "treat in hand sit" and "whatever" sit lol

    When they know I have a treat, you could measure them they sit so straight lol

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