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Female shiba vs. male shiba
  • SakuSaku
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    Just out of curiosity, what are the differences you've known between female shiba and male shiba? Temperament, personality and health etc.

    For our shibas, I notice that Saku (male) is much more outgoing and willing to please. Minako (female) is sweet and a little timid. It takes her longer time to warm up to people. She also walks like a lady with smaller steps while Saku roams around and sniffs everything. It's just my observation about my own shibas ;) Is there any difference in terms of health issues?
  • sunyatasunyata
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  • Max is extremely social and if I didnt know any better believe him to have a great sense of humor. He would hold the door for a prowler and help them carry items to their cars. He is handsome and he knows it. Will not step into a puddle and sees dirt and mud as a scourge upon this earth. He is very affectionate and is indiscriminate about who is on the receiving end. He shares his toys and plays well with others. He is a dreamer who talks in his sleep and runs marathons at the same time. His tail look like a question mark from behind.

    Maya loves people, especially children. On the other hand she is a lunatic with other dogs. Max is the only other dog on earth she has no issue with but then again Max was 12 weeks old and Maya eight weeks old when they met. Maya would let a prowler in, but never let them leave....hotel California anyone? Maya is a hardbody
    and vanity is alien to her. She does have a distinct lady like walk/trot. Mays is affectionate but selective about with who. She only wants toys that Max is actively playing with. She snores. Her tail is curled in the exact opposite direction as Max. She is more intuitive than Max I think and with the exception of dog to dog aggression is an excellent listener. She is most definitely the decision maker for herself and Max.
  • inubakainubaka
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