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Times when you want to cry~~~
  • SakuSaku
    Posts: 372
    Shiba are lovely but sometimes they are so difficult that you just want to cry and give up....(then take the decision back, once you see their faces again! damn!)

    Our little girl Minako has been peeing in the house like nuts despite my efforts of taking her out six times a day, and spraying the house with NO GO spray, GO spray outside and crate train her. There were times I smelled like piss and I just want to pull my hair out and cry!

    What are the occasions you, as a shiba owner, want to cry and give up (but not really give up).Saku & Mina's mom
  • Kuma515Kuma515
    Posts: 20
    I've had those moments with kuma and it's because of his biting. we still have our bad days but i can't imagine giving him up.
  • ^six times a day?
    I don't think I ever took any puppy out that much o.O

    It sounds like she has free range with her water, which if she does is probably the main issue. Pick it up and only offer it to her when you have the time in the next hour or so to take her outside. She doesn't need it in her kennel either. If we can sleep through the night without needing a drink than so can she lol. Also don't give her free roam. There were weeks where one of my dogs was leashed to my hips to avoid accidents.

    Fortunately I haven't had a moment where I've been mad enough to give up.
    I've been frustrated, but that happens with every puppy, Shiba or not lol.
  • sunyatasunyata
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    @Saku - Have you taken her to the vet to rule out a UTI?
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  • JlyssandJlyssand
    Posts: 68
    I feel that way right now! Dealing with a puppy who HATES his harness and freaks out every hour for 15 minutes really wears on you, and makes me scared that when we start crate training in a few days, that he'll refuse to go to the bathroom outside (and just freak out outside the whole time) and when we come back, and he goes back in his crate, he'll just continue freaking out
  • people thought i was crazy when i told them i cried the first week my pup was home. i had to shower all the time because i wanted to be away from him and cry. he was pooping liquid poo and pottying inside the house... i just couldn't get the timing right! the first couple of days he was home, i thought i made a mistake... but the minute he learned sit the 2nd night he was home, i knew we'll be fine. :) i think my problem was that i was alone in training him... everyone in my house just played with him and my boyfriend saw him twice a week, lol.
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  • SakuSaku
    Posts: 372
    Yes, we did take her to the vet and she doesn't have UTI. The problem is her previous owner never had time to housebreak her properly. Also, she has separation anxiety, so she will piss herself in the crate. We bought the DAP plug-in, hopefully it will help her to cope with separation anxiety.

    I didn't know she wasn't housebroken before (I just assumed she is because she's 11 month old). Now she is confined in the gated off area and I start crate training her.

    She is doing better now.......she didn't have any accidents yesterday! YAY!Saku & Mina's mom
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  • SayaSaya
    Posts: 6678
    That's good.
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  • KBBD83KBBD83
    Posts: 249
    The morning that I woke up for work and the floor in my bedroom was literally covered in piles of liquid poops. COVERED. So, I got to clean all of it up while my darling man slept soundly and then go to work. Worst morning ever.
  • @little Washu.....omg, I was taking my Akita pup out that often, sometimes more. You were lucky! A lot of training books suggest a schedule, which for young pups is every hour, and I did need to do that. (But you may have been talking about older pups?)

    Actually, I suspect my ADULT dogs go out that much, but of course, I just let them out the front door! :)

    The DAP plug in helps with my female's anxieties. She has SEVERE anxiety, so it doesn't stop it entirely, but it does take the edge off. I hope it will be enough for your girl.

    Bringing in a new dog is stressful, and there is so much you both have to learn about each other. Hang in there. It will get better. And yay for an accident free day!
  • mattzmattz
    Posts: 418
    These moments for me happen when I'm walking Etsuko, right before work (like every morning) and every now and then she'll have one of those mornings where she's just being COMPLETELY stubborn. It's like, DID YOU FORGET EVERYTHING IVE TAUGHT YOU! ARGHHH!!!! At those times, I put myself in a time out and just BREATHE. I usually calm down within 30 seconds, then continue on with a less heated head and it works for the best.

    Saku, just stick with your schedule and praising her when going outside!! You're doing great, though it can be tough. I have the feeling she will get the hang of it eventually, and with time she will build up her ability to hold in her pee and by then you'll be much less stressed! Just try to stay patient and put in the good/strenuous work now, it will definitely pay off and I know you know that. Stay with it sister, you're doing great!!!
  • emmyemmy
    Posts: 553
    I dealt with a similar issue before....and I literally bawled my eyes out about it. I felt so angry and even gulity for being as upset as I was. And it eventually got better.

    I cried about that pee issue, about fleas, and then after the grossest poop incident ever in his crate. UGH. But most of the time he's a peach. Hope things get better for you soon!
  • :/

    Yeah, Kenzo drives me nuts sometimes too. In Texas, it gets hot. Like.. really hot. So my post work potty walk is always just annoying for both of us.. Sometimes when he plops down int eh grass, I just drag him for a little.. :/ I'm horrible, I know.
  • @shibamistress
    Oh god no, these are puppies as young as eight weeks o.O But, back then I was a "stay at home dog-mom" so I *knew* when they were at bursting point and the door was always ready to rush out of LOL. I think most books about housebreaking are for owners who've never had dogs, with jobs, and don't naturally know what to look for when a puppy does the *potty dance* and are unable to set a reliable schedule. By the end of the first week home they could sleep through the night (8 hours) with a rare potty break in between. I only fed twice a day until six months, and water was offered every few hours and then picked up a couple of hours before bed. Puppies have TINY bladders and oh god some will drink just to drink ._. I don't think I had free range water out till they were seven-eight months old LOL.

    At four months there would typically be a small relapse lol, but that would naturally be my fault because I would start thinking they could hold it like my adult dogs could. The lack of accidents in the house would lead me to believe I could start walking them three times a day like I did with my adults lol but no, not always. Not quite the bladders of steel yet, just a high grade of aluminum lol.
  • kimchi was originally training to be a show dog, but the breeders decided to give him up and sell him. We got him a few months ago. When we first had him he had a lot of problems with separation anxiety. He would howl at night, pee sporadically, not eat all of the time, and sometimes he didnt acknowledge or listen to us at all. This carried on for a few days, but it got better. Imagine if you were adopted into a new family and had to forget everything you once knew. Its tough. Kimchi is around 13 months old now and he is great. We recently went on a 3 day vacation and left him in a well known dog hotel. When we came to pick him up he cried and licked us to death with his love. Sometimes it just takes time for dogs to acclimate.
  • lindsaytlindsayt
    Posts: 4786
    That's way cool Kimchishiba,

    Do you have some recent pictures? At 13 months, he should be looking pretty nice!
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  • Alex575Alex575
    Posts: 171
    Yes! Especially when I buy food and Monju turns her nose up at it. And then sometimes she'll even do that with the same brand and type of food that she loved before.

    Or when we're going for our walk and she begins pulling and trying to run away like death was after her. Or in the bath tub where she'll run back and forth for the entire bath time, making me bend and swoop!

    Or... well, you get the picture. LOL.
  • ugh, yes. Signey was the hardest puppy i've ever raised and trained, and i never thought she'd get better. but right around 2 years old, all the bad behavior, the craziness, the beyond-a-normal-shiba stubborn streak, it all stopped.
  • MarijeMarije
    Posts: 114
    It's so funny to read all these experiences! My 'Moment(s) I wanted to cry': When Shiro didn't want to come when called in the dog park just before I had to go to work. Sometimes it would take me 10 minutes to get him to come (or to catch him)! Of course after making the mistake a few times of going to the dogpark in the mornings (I am almost as stubborn as Shiro and thought it would be okay the second and the third time lol) I never went again in the nornings. :) The other recall related issue was when he didn't want to come when called in the winter. Living in Montreal where temperatures drop to -20 degrees Celsius it is NOT fun to wait for your puppy an additional 20 minutes when feet and fingers already started freezing. )-;
    I have to add though that around his second birthday he got soooo much better with his recall and he now always comes when called in the dog park (albeit in slow motion sometimes ;D).
    Hang in there, it will get so much better!
  • A few months before I adopted my girl, I went to this store that sells goods from around the world, and they had a throw rug that I had been eyeing for months. It was a blue and cream hand woven wool shag rug. I had never been able to have a rug before, because my previous dog, (bless his heart, he was a good boy) would eat them. I finally decided that I would splurge and buy it, despite the price...

    Then I brought my girl home. Not even thinking about it, I left the rug down. For weeks she didn't chew or potty on anything. She never misbehaved, then that ONE DAY I left the room for a MINUTE. I return to find all of the shag ripped out of the rug, with my contented shiba rolling in the remains and throwing the bits into the air. To be completely honest, I had to pick her up, put her in her crate and leave the room to avoid yelling at her. I cried that day, and considered calling the rescue for a very brief moment. But a dog will always be more important than a rug, and if worse comes to worst, I can always make her INTO a rug...
  • SakuSaku
    Posts: 372
    haha...thanks for the sharing everyone, especially Sithappens! your story makes me laugh.I know exactly how you feel~Saku & Mina's mom
  • FoxyloverFoxylover
    Posts: 971
    The times I want to cry are when I'm very tired and Foxy hasn't gone potty yet, it's late at night and you just know she has to go... she's circling and circling to find just the right spot and someone or something comes by to distract her and the hunt for the perfect spot starts all over again...Ugh!!! This also happens before I have to go to work.... hell, who am I kidding, it happens every time I take her out to potty. I'm just not always in a hurry or tired so I'm not as frustrated when it happens.
  • These stories are making me laugh! I had a crying moment this morning. Penny has been doing SO well with the potty training! She rings the bell when she needs to go out (and hides when we get her leash, but that's a different story). The only accident she's had in the past 2 months was when she was ringing and ringing the bell and I took too long to take her out. She walked right over to me and peed on the rug, as if to tell me, "I told you I had to go." That was my bad.

    But this morning I was getting ready for work, as usual. Penny has this thing she does when I'm doing my makeup ... she comes over to me and squeaks a toy in my face repeatedly. If I don't throw it right away, she'll drop the top and run off with something from my makeup bag. Honestly, it's pretty cute, but annoying too because my 5-minute makeup routine now takes 15. Anyway, this morning was no different. But out of NOWHERE, she drops her toy and squats and pees all over the rug! As soon as I said, "Penny! Bad girl!" she started running ... while still peeing ... so now I had a puddle and a trail of pee to clean. I grabbed her, put her in time out, and fought back tears as I cleaned the pee.

    But that was hours ago and now I'm sitting here at work and I can't wait to go home and see her. I just don't understand WHY after MONTHS of doing well, she would decide to pee on the rug. Ugh!
  • BootzBootz
    Posts: 3495
    @micheleelyse, sorry to hear but i can't seem to LOL. She sounds like she's doing it for attention and knows you are leaving her so she's showing you she's upset. -my2cents
  • @micheleelyse Sakura is over a year old now and pretty much never has accidents....

    Except, the day after we got our new couch.... she peed all over the arm (where you cant take the cushions off) and THEN walked over to the bells. I was convinced we were having roast shiba for dinner. She is just lucky she is so fuzzy, it would take too long to shave her and burning hair just smells gross.

    Stefanie & Sakura Twin Cities - MN
  • BrewSterBrewSter
    Posts: 193
    brewster makes me wanna throw him thru a wall with the biting sometimes...he gets bad at night when i get home from work and i just wanna unwind (i work swing shift 4-12am) but i usually just walk into another room for a few minutes until he realizes daddy isnt ready for play time at 1 oclock in the morning
  • konpeitokonpeito
    Posts: 281
    For me it's Apollo's biting, definitely. He can bite really hard if we're playing and he gets too excited, but he also nips to show his affection without knowing how much it can hurt! I'm trying to teach him no bite and using bitter apple spray, which is helping a bit (I just started using it today), but it's difficult since the stuff dries fast and doesn't have the same effect when it's not freshly wet. I know a lot of members say it's a waiting game and many stop the biting after they're done teething, but I don't want to let the behavior keep slipping and have it turn into a bad habit, especially when he meets new people.

    Apollo can just get plain crazy, and it's difficult to get his attention afterwards. The first few times he was being very disobedient were the worst, but he's gotten better lately since he's been given more room around the house and frequent walks. He listens much better now too.

    Haha, I used to want to cry when he peed in the house too. I thought he'd NEVER get it, but luckily he's now housebroken (at least in our home) and refuses to relieve himself inside. He'll stand by the back or front door and even bark if no one takes him out immediately! Of course, I'm still grateful for the little beast. He's given me the greatest company I can ask for, and he definitely has his moments of showing me how grateful he is of me taking care of him.
    Apollo the Shiba Blog - red male - d.o.b. 10/30/11
  • BrewSterBrewSter
    Posts: 193
    (This is the Liz part of us posting a second time...I think my first real post on here!)

    I definitely have had my moments and I am surprised I didn't see in Jimmy's comment because I have had a few breakdowns since we brought Brewster home. Nothing more than what most people have posted, taking SOOOO long to pee/poop when it's late at night or you're in a rush to go somewhere, too much biting, etc. Brewster listens to Jimmy better, especially to NO and in a disciplinary sense, so I get frustrated when I will feel like he just is attacking me because no matter what toys I put in front of him, he'll still nip at my arms/hands. But I have learned to remove myself from the room/play for 30 seconds to a minute and he usually calms down after. I've definitely called Jimmy a few times with freaking out about how bad he is being and having a total breakdown, but after all he is a puppy, and MOST of the time, he's really good & a little lovebug.
  • I remember being so very overwhelmed when I got Fira. I wanted my own dog because I lost my dog Yuffie in a divorce I had mid-last year. We had raised Yuffie together (a Min Pin) when she was about 11 weeks old and she was 4 1/2 when I lost her. Now that I am trying to raise Fira totally on my own, I definitely felt the heavy burden of responsibility to where it made me want to cry. We're making it though, and with my roommate's help during the days when I am at work, we're doing it.

    I've definitely been frustrated with potty training lately. She hasn't pooped in the house since the 3rd day after I got her and its been almost 1 1/2 months. The peeing is what is tough to catch. We'll put up the water bowl and when I've got her out I've been watching her water intake like a hawk. I just remember what I've learned from you all: don't take the frustration out on the pup, take a deep breath, grab the puppy and take her outside so she knows where to relieve herself, and praise the bloody hell out of her when she does relieve herself outside. A little over 3 months old and I know she'll get it!
  • It's also frustrating the nights when Penny just does NOT want to sleep! It used to happen all the time when we first got her. Now she's much better, but there are some nights where she just isn't tired. And we can't just sleep and let her roam the apartment because she can't be trusted with that kind of freedom yet. So we're up for all hours waiting for her to get tired.

    Everyone says it's practice for a baby ... I have to say, I agree!
  • HamletHamlet
    Posts: 146
    Before we got Juliet, Hamlet would often "act out" early in the morning because he was full of energy and had no way to let it out, other than acting like a crazy and doing naughty things. He would pull papers down from the table; chew on whatever; etc. I would correct one behavior and he would come up with something new. And to top it off - he didn't want to actually just seemed like he wanted to be naughty! I can remember feeling like crying some of those mornings since I couldn't get him to calm down and behave.

    For us, a second Shiba has been a real blessing. Hamlet has mellowed out so much and really does SO MUCH BETTER with another dog in the house. He enjoys playing the "big brother" role.
  • esiepielaesiepiela
    Posts: 394
    @konpeito Zach does the same thing with biting...he doesn't realize how much those teeth hurt...LOL...although he is starting to get better. We also tried the bitter apple spray...but unfortuantely Zach likes it.

    I feel very fortunate that we aren't having many issues with Zach. He seems (fingers crossed) to be completely house broken. He only goes after things to chew on that he shouldn't once in a while. He sleeps though the night in our bedroom (with free roam) but sleeps in his own little bed. The only thing that I can't wait for him to grow out of is the puppy teething thing. My hands look like I've been in a war...they are so chewed up. Those little teeth are like razor blades!

    Now having said all of that...this could just be the calm before the storm. He is only 3 1/2 months old and we still have to go through those teenage years! LOL
  • dorapochdorapoch
    Posts: 131
    When the vet found Giardia in addition to Coccidia the 2nd week we had Ginko, the vet gave us Panacur for Giardia. He reacted extremely negatively to the medication and it kept him up ALL NIGHT barking. He was usually very good in sleeping in his pen too. But, his constant cry/bark/howl was not what made me stressful (don't get me wrong, it was stressful but not as much as having to hear my parents complain, mess up our potty training etc. I considered moving out because of them. But in the end, Ginko is loved by everyone.

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