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  • Alyssa L.Alyssa L.
    Posts: 149
    Has anyone ever seen hachiko the japanese version? I know this site is about shibas but in the japanese version of Hachiko, hachi wears this really gorgeous harness and I was wondering if anyone knows a website or place that sells something similar? if you skip to marking 0:46 or 0:48 and pause you will see the harness I am talking about
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  • BritigerxBritigerx
    Posts: 140
    I've only seen the American movie but I looked at the video and it is a pretty harness. It almost looks like it could be made out of leather.
  • Alyssa L.Alyssa L.
    Posts: 149
    yeah I tried looking at some sites but so far it seems that it "made in japan and japan only" =/ man when I get my shiba puppy I want that harness or something similar to that soooo bad and the japanese version is more sad than the american one...subtitles get annoying but the movie makes you develop more feelings for hachi because it starts off from the time of his birth when he's a newborn..Im not going to spoil the rest for you ;)
  • YukikoYukiko
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    That looks a little bit like it with an extra little strap and different material.

    :) it's not as detailed but still fancy nonetheless
    i'm sure there is someone out there who is willing to do a custom harness though

    you can try but i don't know if they will do a harness

    p.s.: thanks for the link! coz of that, now i can watch the japanese version!
  • robes325robes325
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    I used to live close to the paco collars store. They have a very good reputation regarding collars, but I dont think they have harnesses.

    It really just looks like a leather harness with metal studs. Maybe you could get artistic and do some designs yourself? I live in the garment district in NYC so these sort of arts & crafts projects are entirely possible. Im not sure about your area though.
  • I've tried finding that particular type of harness for my akita, too, and haven't. Some of the linked ones are close, but not the same. I also looked at these: and they have similar ones for Shibas. Still not exactly the same, but....
  • sunyatasunyata
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    Both Brad and Dave had some leather collars/leashes custom made by ST Leathercraft.

    Maybe show them a picture of it and see if they could custom make it.
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  • Alyssa L.Alyssa L.
    Posts: 149
    thanks for the links everyone @heart goes boom np at all they have the full movie on youtube or you can also check but its a really good movie and @ robes325 what part of NYC do you live in? im from NY as well and make frequent trips out there...I have a 1 yr old shiba that lives with my mom and I will be getting my own by next summer or spring maybe we can have play dates =)
  • Alyssa L.Alyssa L.
    Posts: 149
    oh and as for getting creative I think I will do that I am an artist so designing something wont be hard its just that the shape of the harness that hachiko has on is sooo gorgeous if I find a harness that doesnt have the middle peice that goes in between the chest through the front legs I would make it look so cool and add japanese symbols with like turqoise embellishments or something (im into bohemian themed things) :-)
  • robes325robes325
    Posts: 264
    @Alyssa I live by Bryant Park. This area is called the garmet district because of the large volume of clothing related stores here. All the people in the show Project Runway are housed in my building because of this. On my block alone there are about 5 different bead stores, 2 fabric stores, 1 hat sore, 3 alterations store, and a jewelry store. A big plus for me is that there is very little foot traffic on my block because of the lack of mainstream stores. That harness does look really cool and im sure you could find the materials here to make it.
  • Alyssa L.Alyssa L.
    Posts: 149
    Oh wow my boyfriend lives like 30 minutes to an hour (depending on how fast you walk LOL) away from there. I say my bf because I stay at his house when I go to NY I plan on trying to find a similar harness and get creative thank you for that suggestion I never thought about that XD.
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    We use these for Flyball, although I am still trying to wear out my B&G harness before I buy one of these. They remind me a bit of the Hachiko style harnes:
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  • Alyssa L.Alyssa L.
    Posts: 149
    they look like the sporty version :-) now if only I can somehow combine leather or pleather to the style of the harness link you sent me @lindsayt that would be awesome lol
  • I have that harness for Bel! I LOVE it! You can even put it on and take it off one handed!

    That said, if your dog is a puller it's not great because it certainly seems to give them a good surface to pull on. Bel is a puller, and she pulls a bit more in this, but since she's not that big, I don't mind too much.
  • robes325robes325
    Posts: 264
    Yeah, good luck with it. Its mainly around 6 ave between 35-39th.

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