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Introducing new dogs and living in a multi-dog household
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    Good info here and I have implemented a similar system.
    One aspect I would caution against is the introduction through a fence. While this might work out fine for some, other dogs possess a great deal of barrier frustration and the presence of a new dog on the other side of the fence will spark quite a reaction. I always cringe as I worry about broken teeth or paws getting sliced up in the chain link.

    When I introduced Triepak last year, I did the following: Keep in mind, my males are intact, mature RELs.
    Triepak was taken outside on leash for a pee after the car-ride from airport. Tuli and Guska were permitted to check out his crate when I took it in the house. They could not see him at this point. Introductions were made one at a time on leash OUTSIDE in neutral territory since I did not have the luxury of a securely fenced enclosure. Started with Tuli (girl factor). Guska was much more assertive than I anticipated. There was posturing, huffing, and growling...but I made sure there was no tension on either leash and they diffused. (My husband had Guska) Both boys decided a 'pissing contest' on nearby shrubbery could settle the matter. :)
    We took a walk in the neighborhood for about 40 minutes (more peeing) and then all entered the house together. The new dog (invader!) was always in his crate or with me on a leash in the house for 10-14 days. All toys were removed from the scene when he was out. All dogs are fed in their individual crates, but I often leave the crate doors open.

    After 10 days or so, I let him have more freedom but left a leash on him to drag. He was permitted in the bedroom to sleep with everyone else. (Mine sleep in our room, but not in the bed. They get too hot!) Walks were always a group affair and I started distributing chewies and toys. There was one scuffle with Tuli regarding who was to be the "keeper of the squeaky piggy". This was exacerbated by a narrow hallway, but was mostly noise and bluster. As expected, Triepak decided that Tuli could indeed remain the keeper of the piggy! He's a clever one, I must say. Guska took a few more thrashings from her to figure that lesson out when he first showed up!

    When we were gone, the dogs were crated or left loose but in separate rooms. I then progressed to taking brief absences with them all loose in the house. Overall, things went very smoothly. In general, I've found the males are more laid back unless there's a girl in heat. The females are another story...I would have many more troubles integrating another female. Only one word for Tuli and it starts with 'B'!

    We enjoyed 14 months of peaceful cohabitation and this past June, the boys had a pretty good fight. I believe this was started by Tuli being snarky about a cooler I had stupidly left in the hallway (Read: totally preventable episode). It was empty but it had contained their food while they had to be boarded. It was just plunked there waiting for me to take it downstairs...So anyway, Tuli snarked at Guska who got defensive and they all were piled up in the narrow hallway by the front door. Highly combustible! I was able to drag Tuli out but the boys were determined to finish. They ended up sporting shaved sections, sutures and the ever-fashionable penrose drain tubes. But, they really don't hold grudges so after 4 days of sort of skirting around each other and giving funny looks, they were completely back to normal and I left them together throughout.

    One interesting thing I have noticed, is when I depart with just ONE Laika, upon my return, the others will sometimes act as if they haven't seen him/her before. There may be some grumping and growling and posturing. It's as if they have to sort everything out again. But, if we all come and go together, it is no big deal.
  • Your mention of the cooler was a big flashback for me. The last real scuffle I had in the house was between Piglet (my Pit Bull) and Moto (my Shiba) I stupidly thought I could keep a tub of dry food in the kitchen. Moto got to sniffing and cut in front of Piggy. I remember saying "wow Piggy never shows her tee..." BOOM scuffle I jump in grab mommies little monsters and both missed dinner that night for a good long time out. Little Punks.
  • Interesting, Luna (our female shiba) also has control of all toys, we are lucky that Sol desn't care to much about it; BUT on ocassion Sol does decide he wan'ts to play with a toy for a while, one that Luna isnt using, and he takes it and start having a fun time with it. Luna will try to take it from him, but Sol stands his ground, in fact he will walk around with it all day and even sleep next to it just to upset her more....I dont think he really cares about the toy at all , but just does this to stir up a reaction from Luna.
  • Interesting I will keep you updated on progress, for now we are keeping a close eye, and semi seperated, but no inside playing yet (the last scuffle was extremely scarey)
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    I am definitely not an expert when it comes to multi-dog households and introductions... so take what I'm about to say with a generous helping of salt. :)

    From Toby's reaction to Oskar, I would be very weary of introducing him to your new pup. Sadly, it sounds like Toby just does not want anything to do with other dogs, puppy or not.

    For Bel and Oskar, if you can manage it, I would do puppy in a crate with the two of them loose, and then each of them individually in a crate with the puppy loose. Sounds like your Oskar intro went fine, so I doubt there would be any harm doing it that way again. Oskar is over 2 now and fine with other dogs, yes? Most dogs, even large breeds, are very mindful of puppies and do their best not to hurt them. Of course, it is wise to supervise any interactions until you're 100% sure they can be trusted together.
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    Don't forget there is another thread too on Multiple Dog Household - Handling Play, training, and bonding ....
  • @redcattoo - there are like a million threads about this. I think the one to which you link is great for household integration post-introduction.
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    @violet_in_seville I linked it because it is the thread I started when I first introduced for the very first time a 2nd dog into my household. It kind of shows the journey of my progression handling it which is why I wanted to add that link to this thread that I hadn't seen when I had first needed the information this past February 2013.
  • My 5 month old Shiba Lambeau is very good with other dogs at the dog park, at other peoples houses...etc. But today we decided to bring a friends male puppy over and Lambeau was trying to bite him and he was very territorial. After I read this discussion I realized we introduced them wrong. I had no idea he was going to act that way because he is such a friendly dog. If you keep introducing new dogs the way it says in the discussion at Lambeau's home, will his aggressive behavior get better? I am scared for the next dog who decides to visit. Lambeau shows no aggression towards little kids that come to his house, just this one English Bulldog puppy so far.
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