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  • Anyone in Vegas wanna do a meet up sometime? I've been googling Shiba meet ups in Las Vegas and I found one but I'm not sure how many people show up to that one cause whenever I get the email only one person has RSVP'd.
  • i am game, tho my schedule at work constantly changes, week to week, sometimes daily
  • i joined the group last night, after quickly looking at the site, it looks like they do mostly teleconferencing about shibas, not actual meetups. but if you want to get one started, i will help out where i can.
  • That sounds awesome! I work M-F, 8-5 so I'm free mostly on the weekends. Let me know when you can meet up and stuff. Yeah I saw that on their website. I'm thinking about trying to start one, but I don't really know where to start :/
  • LayasLayas
    Posts: 27
    I'm in henderson. let me know where and when :)
  • i believe it costs money to start up a meetup group on, or you can always start a group on facebook.
  • I was thinking of facebook cause it's free. c: Kiba, let us know when you're free! @Layas, what's your schedule like?
  • LayasLayas
    Posts: 27
    usually off most weekends.
  • Fawkes702Fawkes702
    Posts: 111
    Hello i'm in Vegas also! Evenings work best because it's so hot these days. Let me know when the meet up is, i 'll be down! I'm in the Southwest, but willing to drive. =)
  • i set up a facebook group called for lack of a better name, Las Vegas Shiba Inu Meetup lol
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  • I saw that on FB Kiba! So what does everyone think about next weekend? I'm not sure what parks are near you guys but Shadow Rock park is close to us. We're willing to drive to a different park if it helps to accommodate everyone else c:
  • i am game, if you let me know the time frame and location, i will do what i can to make it, with daughter starting kindergarten in 2 weeks, a little frantic around here.
  • Fawkes702Fawkes702
    Posts: 111
    hmm i can't find that group on facebook...
  • i changed the setting on the facebook group, hopefully that will help
  • So how about this Sunday at 6 at Shadow Rock park? Can everyone make that?
  • i should be able to as long as my schedule doest change
  • LayasLayas
    Posts: 27
    its one of the weekends I have to be at work :(
  • Fawkes702Fawkes702
    Posts: 111
    that is very far for me unfortunately. Maybe next time we can meet in the middle, say Desert Breeze? Thanks
  • Aw, Fawkes sorry. What about next weekend we'll do it there? Can everyone do Saturday at Desert Breeze, say 6ish?
  • cant make it this weekend, work schedule changed again :(
  • Fawkes702Fawkes702
    Posts: 111
    how about the 10th? I'm out of town that weekend, my one vacation this year... =)
  • Depends on what time on the 10th for me. I have dinner plans that night :( Yay for your vacation though!
  • Hey guys I just got back from PetSmart at the Deer Springs Shopping Center. They're having a shiba doggy day camp there on Sept.17 from 9 to 5.
  • sept 10 is bad for me :( only if i knew my schedule more than a week in advance

    now to find the deer springs petsmart lol
  • @Fawkes - My dinner plans changed. If you still wanna meet up on the 10th at the Desert Breeze park I'm down! @Kiba - I had to googlemap it. We were thinking of using their dog hotel for Keiko if we ever had to go out of town. So we wanted to tour the facility. The staff are very familiar with Shiba's. According to them there are Shibas there ALL the time! And that's when she told me about that Shiba doggy day camp, just for Shibas.
  • i googled it as well, and realized i have been there lol

    i used the petshotel at the one on stephanie st in henderson last year when we went to the san diego zoo for the weekend. i usually go to the one on nellis and stewart, no petshotel there tho.
  • I think we go to the same pet smart! Lately though we've been going to the one on Craig.
  • LayasLayas
    Posts: 27
    Yogi and I are game on the 10th if its still on. :)
  • Layas, I'm still down for the 10th. Let's do it! Desert Breeze Park at 6ish?
  • unfortunately i am working the tomorrow, and on the 17th :(

    the shiba meet up group on have opened it up where any member can schedule an event, not just the leadership.
  • LayasLayas
    Posts: 27
    awesome! see you tomorrow!
  • Umm... @Layas, I hear thunder. I don't know if today is such a good day for the dog park?!
  • Hahahaha. The "thunder" sound I heard was my neighbor banging stuff around in their garage! It does look like rain though. Hopefully it lets up. We wanna go to the dog park but definitely not in the rain. :(
  • LayasLayas
    Posts: 27
    I agree! Not fun being soaked and driving home w a wet shiba.
  • The sun is out!!! I think we're gonna try to go out there!
  • LayasLayas
    Posts: 27
    @m.gaheton: I just logged in again and didn't see your post. did you end up going yesterday?
  • We did but only for a little. We didn't know if we were planning to or not only because of the rain earlier that morning. Keiko had fun, she ran around with a little spaniel and everyone there kept commenting on how cute of a shiba she is. My husband and I were super excited for this shiba day camp at petsmart but then Keiko got her period last night. So idk if she'll be able to go :(
  • LayasLayas
    Posts: 27
    Im bummed we didnt get to go. After i replied to you, i made other plans for the night. I had a few friends over and they brought thier spaniel/ dacshund mix(yogi's girlfriend lol) over. Pleasantly surprised that Yogi was sharing his tous and food with Lexie :). I'll post pictures soon :).

    Maybe we can attempt another meetup soon :)
  • i might be taking kiba to the shiba day camp this saturday, work shedule changed :) now to get her shot records so she can go
  • It's okay @layas! It was pretty last minute when we decided that we were going to go. @Kiba, if you go please take TONS of pictures and have tons of fun!!! I called to check and because Keiko has her girlie friend she can't go. I'm pretty bummed. I really wanted to see how she adds up to other shibas. I feel like she's tiny compared to everyone elses pictures of their shibas. Maybe when she's done bleeding and being a girl we can all try again! Hahaha.
  • LayasLayas
    Posts: 27
    @ Kiba- I second m.gaheton! please take tons of pictures if you go!! I'm off tomorrow but live waaaayyyy on the other side (by lake las vegas) and already have plans to go on a bike ride.. :(
  • got a copy of his shot records, so that is set. now to make sure there is plenty of space on camera
  • Oh Kiba, do you think you could ask when they'll be doing another Shiba day camp? I'd very much appreciate it! We're thinking of stopping by but I think that's a little creeper status if we try to watch all the shibas play and we don't have a dog! Hahahaha.
  • OH jeez i totally forgot about the 10th! I will def put it on my calendar next time. Let me know the next meet up =)
  • will do, before we got kiba, we used to do that. we do it now with the cats :)
  • unfortunately, we werent able to go, father in law in hospital, but we did stop by, only 3 shibas there, they had a lot of cancellations.

    they try to do one about every 2 months, and if you are on their records that you attend their daycamp, they will call you and let you know when.
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  • Sorry to hear Kiba, is your father in law going to be okay? I remember seeing some of your fb posts. I hope he gets better!
  • once they figure it out he will be ok
  • @kiba the shiba - @m.gaheton - only 2 of the 12 members of the are involved in the formal shiba club, the other 10 joined to do meetup activities so you are all welcome to utilize it anyway you wish. I left it open so any member of the site can schedule a meetup. I went on a few of the Hiking with Dogs meetups and had a fun time. They have a regular scheduled night and route they fallow each week. Let me know if you need anything there. Rex
  • Hey guys, I got an email from the Shiba Inu meetup group that @rekkusu was talking about. They're having a meet and greet over at the Dog Fanciers Park this Sunday, November 20 at 12. What do you guys think? Maybe we could all FINALLY have our meet up? Hahaha. Here's the address... 5800 E Flamingo Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89122
  • If I see enough RSVP, one of our sponsors offered a 10% off perk and wanted to get 10 minutes at one of our meetups.

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