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Puppy play dates near NYC
  • JlyssandJlyssand
    Posts: 68
    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if there were any Shiba Inu owners in the New York City area looking for play dates! Our 10 week old Shiba could use some puppy socialization!

    We currently live in Manhattan near W 43rd St & 10th AVE
  • phong919phong919
    Posts: 32
    Hey Jlyssand,

    We live in NYC and have a 2yr old shiba.....we are also looking for a play date for our shiba....
  • CaliaCalia
    Posts: 3664
    There is a NYC shiba meet up group that has meet ups in the tri-state area. They used to have a Manhattan chapter, but due to the organizer moving out of state and no one picking up the role, Manhattan meet ups are few until they can find a new Manhattan chapter organizer.
  • Hi everyone. I know this is an older post but you guys should check out my recent post. I am putting together a large North East Shiba meet up in Boston. We already have a bunch of Shibas coming from NYC so I wanted to extend the invite to you all! Message me if you have any questions. Here's the post:
    Knox The Shiba

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