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Shibas in Mills Around the World
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    I like this blog. I wish it was in English, but you can google translate it:


    Puppy mills are sadly not just a problem in Pennsylvania, and so many people purchase a puppy without thinking about the living conditions (and deaths) of the adult dogs. This is why it is so important to meet the parents and see how they are treated.
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  • SayaSaya
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    I like the blog too the video on it is so sick I read and watched it a few days ago.

    I hated seeing it the dogs getting gassed then they pull it out and then the trap door opens and bam dogs are gone into some trash bin or something. =(

    Good blog post I love reading it.
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  • LosechLosech
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    And some wonder why I don't like people.
  • AraksAraks
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    Oh my god... that was so sad :( I had to stop myself halfway through and then go back and watch the rest later...Seriously wanted to cry right there.
  • BritigerxBritigerx
    Posts: 140
    Omg that was awful... I watched the entire video and I can't believe they do that. Like were those just breeding dogs that they didn't want anymore? I don't understand why they don't just give them away for adoption if they don't want them anymore.. I'm really shocked after watching that video and I feel disgusted..

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