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How many different names do you call your Shiba?
  • knnwangknnwang
    Posts: 645
    Kung fu panda. When Ratchet stops and stares at me before going up steps.
  • AnjyilAnjyil
    Posts: 776
    I'm behind on my nicknames XD

    I call him troublemaker and boogerbutt (or buggerbutt,) when I am not happy with him.

    My husband tends to call him stupid dog--but he says it so affectionately.

    My father-in-law calls him ama-chan. Ama is short for amai, and--if I am understanding correctly--means spoiled brat.

    We joke about how incredibly spoiled his is. The Japanese word for that is Zeittaku. I love that word.

    Usually the nicknames are when he is being a butt XD Other than that, we just call him Coal....well, I do sneak in "handsome puppy" every now and then.
  • We go through nicknames for Ichabod like candy. I know it's got to be confusing, so I try to keep it out of things I actually want him to listen to.

    Pupperson, Puppicles, Pupsicle... right now it's Pupperman from me and still Puppup from fiance. At some point he's going to outgrow any name with the root of pup-, but it is not this day. Butthole when he's facing away from me, Ichab*****d when he's acting like the former.
  • Mochi920Mochi920
    Posts: 357
    Mochi has several nicknames lol

    My sister and I call her Mochi, Ms. Mochi, and royalty.
    My dad on the other hand....he calls her Mochi, Pochi, Poppy, and several other names in Korean lol he's almost 60 and just calls Mochi whatever comes to his mind :)) it's like when 90s kids ask their dad what this Pokémon is and he calls all of them pikachu :))
  • MoshMosh
    Posts: 29
  • LilikoiLilikoi
    Posts: 1272
    Ozzy's main nickname is still mostly pupperdy. And variations like plupperdy, prupperdy, pooperdy, flufferdy, and most notably, sluggerdy. Also still regularly gets ozzledy / ozzledy wobbady.
  • Laika's nicknames are primarily Poopers, Cutie McSplooters, Sweetie, and Professor Poopenstein.

    Rhyzik's nicknames are primarily WiggleButts, Rizareeno, Rizaroo, and Herr Stinklemeister.

    And then there's the 30908932 other names they get called periodically but we don't need to list them all. =))
  • ObizaObiza
    Posts: 69
    @Anjyil I know exactly what you mean by saying stupid dog affectionately. It must be a husband thing because mine does it too!
    @spacedogs After seeing the video you posted of Rhyzik greeting you in the morning I think WiggleButts should just be his name! You need a way to incorporate Laika’s poop zoomies into a nickname! You sure have a couple rascals :P

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