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Shelter question
  • mcsassymcsassy
    Posts: 339
    If I'm going to a shelter to adopt or foster another Shiba, is it okay to take my own dog in with me to see how they interact or is that not advised?
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  • Serkle kSerkle k
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    It's usually okay, but sometimes they would like to setup a time to bring your dog in. I would do a solo visit first... this way you can talk to the staff and talk about the dogs you may be interested in, and then discuss the possibility of bringing in your dog.

    I'm sure others that have more Shelter/rescue experience will be able to clarify though.
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  • mcsassymcsassy
    Posts: 339
    Okay, thanks. I will call them beforehand and see what they say because the shelter that the Shiba is at is sort of far away from me, so I would rather keep the trips to a minimum if possible. She is a 10 year old red female that is unaltered and is in the medical wing...the woman whom runs the rescue that I got Nova from told me about her and asked if I can foster. I want to go try to get her out before they put her down. Nova is almost 13, so they are relatively close in age. Is it required for them to spay the dog before releasing it?
  • Koji's momKoji's mom
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    Our Humane Society has meeting areas for family and other dogs...If they have that - maybe you could bring a friend to hold your dog/walk him around the neighborhood while you go in first alone, then if ok, could have them bring your dog in and save a trip?
  • SayaSaya
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    Hope things go well for the visit.

    Most shelters will spay/neuter dogs before adopting out.

    The shelter I got Dink our catahoula mix wasn't spayed they required us to send a proof of spaying at 6months of age so we did her spaying.

    Not really sure on that type of thing I hate seeing old dogs in shelters make me sad if the owner had it so long and then gave her/him up. =\
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  • mcsassymcsassy
    Posts: 339
    I am at the shelter...she doesn't seem to be in very good shape. She has cataract and has a hell of a limp in her front legs. I just called my friend and the decision is to pull her out and place her in a sanctuary.

    She will be able to carry out the rest of her life there in peace.
  • Poor pup:( People who can't take care of themselves don't need pets... much less a Shiba! It requires alot of care for a Shiba! People don't know what they are getting themselves into most of the time...

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