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Best Bully Sticks
  • nuwdenuwde
    Posts: 42
    Just got an email from Best Bully Sticks offering an 8% discount from now until Friday with coupon code August8.

    Hoping this might save someone money :)
  • YukikoYukiko
    Posts: 452
    Thanks! Yuki's 1st Birthday Party is coming up and I finally checked out the site. The prices are so much cheaper than the pet stores and I ordered a bunch of party favors and goodie bag stuff.
  • devonmlewisdevonmlewis
    Posts: 182
    I have to bump this post-- I just purchased Best Bully Sticks for my Yuki, and ended up having to call in, because the coupon wasn't working. The customer service was AMAZING! Also, she gave me excellent feedback about treats. I learned that bladder always have a true urine smell (you can't get rid of it!) so I stayed away from those. She also suggested tendons as a great treat.

    The odorless bully sticks are the way to go, and do not have any preservatives and junk added to them, they're just cooked longer. When they're shipping or in hotter months, they can get a smell to them, so store them in a dry place to reduce the smell. She suggested the freezer. So it can be stored next to Yuki's kong! haha.

    She also suggested a vice grip. I had never thought of this, but it disallows dogs to swallow the last piece and prevent tummy aches. The dog chews on either side of it, and the owner can choose whether to give the dog the last inch.

    I've never received such great customer service! So I had to post. :)
  • lbuebellbuebel
    Posts: 98
    I wish they'd ship to Brazil :(

    Too bad we don't have bully sticks over here (even though many of y'alls are made from SA cattle). :/
    Post edited by lbuebel at 2014-03-17 15:04:42
  • devonmlewisdevonmlewis
    Posts: 182
    That's too bad @lbuebel! I struggle with shipping often, because we live in Alaska. Often shipping costs more than the order! But they have a flat $7.95 shipping rate, and with the discount shipping was pretty much free.

    We don't live in a muggy climate, but it is very humid here and shipping takes a long time. I am NOT a fan of bad smells, so her advice was excellent.
  • jennjenn
    Posts: 856
    Glad you got good customer service from them, we've been really pleased with everything we've ordered!
    Jenn, Shiba Slave to Rigby /
  • lbuebellbuebel
    Posts: 98
    I know, right? @devonmlewis :/
    I recently found one company that sells them and I bought a package to check the ingredients and how it is made - the info wasn't on the website. They'll probably arrive this week, so I might try them out if they are well made :) fingers crossed! I don't feel like stocking up on them every time I travel to the US lol
  • zandramezandrame
    Posts: 1106
    @devonmlewis, interesting about the vice. I think that could work, but what kind? I'm picturing a giant shop vice in the middle of the living room, or a pipe wrench... Neither of which I'd want to trip over! :P

    Lol, looking for pics -
  • devonmlewisdevonmlewis
    Posts: 182
    LOL @zandrame NO! I think it's just something you hook into the middle of the chew, so that the dogs eat down to the metal area. I'd imagine it can't be too small, otherwise it'd be a choking hazard. I don't plan on using one, but when the lady described it it was pretty cute, because she said her lab brings her the vice in his mouth to signify he wants a bully stick. haha.
  • sunyatasunyata
    Posts: 8589
    @zandrame - I think the girl at BBS meant something similar to a c-clamp, which is much smaller than a vice!

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  • devonmlewisdevonmlewis
    Posts: 182
    @sunyata that looks like it would be more on point. She used the word vice, but yes- either way... Yuki doesn't get crazy with his treats to the point of choking (yet), although he really REALLY loves chewy treats. :)
  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
    Posts: 2482
    I'm proud to say that Best Bully Sticks is located in my town!!! :)
    They are amazing, I completely agree! We love that they are in our town because they always set up a tent or table at every animal event out here (and we have quite a lot of them in this great dog-friendly town).
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  • devonmlewisdevonmlewis
    Posts: 182
    @kira_kira that's so cool!!! Do you have any recommendations on products? They have a lot! I went with ordorless, because I got multiple sets of feedback on the strong smell. To check out tendons, and avoid bladders. Yuki LOVES his chewies, so I'd like to have different kinds available to him.

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