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heat stroke?
  • SakuSaku
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    Today the temperature was over 100 F. I took Saku out early in the morning. He walked about 100 ft and quitted walking and lying down. I've never seen him like this. I had to carry him all the way home.

    After that he drank a lot of water and didn't even want to go out for a walk in the evening. We have two AC on full blast and fans - but didn't seem to make the heat go away. How do you and your shiba cope with this heat wave?Saku & Mina's mom
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    Hydrated prior to limited walks in the shade for 15 minutes and stay indoors with A/C. FYI asphalt and concrete can get hot. If at all possible walk on grassy areas.

    Heat exhaustion begins before heatstroke. HEATSROKE IS A SERIOUS MEDICAL CONDITION and needs professional attention. First aid is to cool the animal (including humans) cool wet towels/ice packs on the body where arteries are closest to the surface ie: armpits/groin and neck.
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  • Some tips from Northern CA:

    The best thing with weather like this is to just hunker down inside. Take the dogs out in the shade to do their thing and then bring them back in. If you want to walk dogs, do it really early in the AM or late at night when temps have dropped. Take a spray bottle w/ water and mist your dogs. Take water on their walks. Avoid asphalt and concrete--if it's hot to your hands, it's too hot for extended walks with dogs. The last thing you want is heat blistered paws.

    Also, like people, you need to watch their electrolyte balance. Some dogs like tomato or V8 juice -- this is a good way to keep electrolytes balanced.

    My dogs have figured out the airconditioning vents and will seek them out, lying in front of the vents. If you have central AC and have a room or two that is small and aircondtioned, such as a bathroom, I would suggest putting the dogs there.

    Sponge baths or rinses outside w/ hoses may also be an option. (If you use an outside hose, make sure the hot water sitting in the hose or pipes is no longer there before spraying your dogs).
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  • meekomeeko
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    If you really want to take them out for outside exercise, try a local lake if there are any around. Meeko has refused to go into the water to fetch anything...until this week. He went in really quick and willingly!
  • sunyatasunyata
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    Another thing that I have started to do, especially with Nola, is to fill the bathtub with about 2 inches of cool water and place about 12 ice cubes in it. I then let the pups stand in the water to cool their paws off. Normally they are not cool with having their paws wet, but once they realize how much cooler it makes them feel, they stand there for 10-15 minutes just enjoying it.

    It has been over 100 F here in Virginia for 5 days now. The pups are little bored because we only walk once a day now (in the EARLY morning, before 6:30). It is still too hot out even after 10:00 at night to go for an evening walk. However, I have a basement that is cooler than outside, so we play fetch down there for a bit each afternoon.

    Something good to do for the dogs while they are unable to spend much time outside is to play some indoor games. Hide and Seek is a favourite in our house. Plus, it helps reiterate the 'stay' and 'come' commands. :)
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  • StaticNfuzzStaticNfuzz
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    This reminds me I forgot to repost this info for this season....thought I'd mention the following in regard to high temps, swimming, or traversing outdoors with dogs around bodies of water.

    Given the overheated temps sweeping most of the U.S. the prevalence of algae most likely will become higher in the upcoming weeks through July and August. There is at least one species of algae that can be toxic with only a small amount of water ingested. Looking at the surface of the water can be deceiving since the diatoms are often not visually detectable as they rest on the bottom until motion stirs up or a full bloom occurs.

    Avoid foamy water or previously drought ridden watering holes for swimming and playing. Rinse dogs thoroughly after a swim and make sure to have bottled water on hand for drinking to hopefully reduce ingestion of particulates if your dog becomes thirsty.

    Many natural resource depts. (by state) have web pages with reporting providing the opportunity to check for regional blooms and alerts before heading to the nearest recreational water area.

    In regard to swimming itself, some dogs can not swim, swim poorly, or simply panic when caught off guard after falling into water. Brachycephalic dogs are most vulnerable to sinking instead of swimming. However, there also have been a few Shibas in the past that have succumbed to drowning in water after slipping from rocks, dock/boat into fast moving water, or falling into a pool undetected. The use of one or more could have saved a life (scamper ramps, float coat, and/or pool safety collar).

    Hope the following info is helpful for this yr.... Have fun in the sun : )




    Water Safety items:

    Cooling items:
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  • You may want to use children's wading pools outside as cooling stations for dogs. Just empty them out so there is clean water.
  • SayaSaya
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    Thanks for that info. =)
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  • SakuSaku
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    Thanks for the information! ;)Saku & Mina's mom
  • I feed kimchi ice cubes. It gives him something to do and I found that it helped with teething when his adult teeth were coming in.
  • mattzmattz
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    I take Etsuko out every morning around 7:30-8:30 for a 20 minute walk and I take her out every evening around 7-8pm for another 20 minute walk. Here in Texas it is nearly over 100 degrees daily, so the only way to get in walks is very early and very late, but I don't mind!!! Keeps Etsuko exercised and wears her out a bit... She's now drinking nearly a full bowl of water in the mornings and about half a bowl of water at night...
  • catloreecatloree
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    @ mattz - We're in Texas too! Elwood & I live in the Dallas area. The heat is exhausting. I am SO ready for some cooler weather (although I know that won't happen until October...)
    Catherine (human), Elwood (Shiba), & Sadie (Pomeranian)
  • SakuSaku
    Posts: 372
    I usually take Saku out every morning and evening for a 30 min walk. But recently the heat is just unbearable, he doesn't seem to care for walk in the evening anymore and is content to just go for a car ride.

    He drinks lots lots lots of water every day I guess it's his first summer ever (he was born in Nov 2010), he has never experienced such heat.

    @Kimchishiba - creactive idea! kimchi ice cubes ;)Saku & Mina's mom
  • mattzmattz
    Posts: 418
    YAY FOR TEXAS!!! The State of the most unpredictable weather EVER!

    I'm actually about to get a second Shiba from an owner in Dallas! Err, in Wylie, actually!

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