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Koni seems more fearful
  • Koni B.Koni B.
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  • Koji's momKoji's mom
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    Koji is 1 year and 2 mo...He sounds just like Koni - VERY outgoing and generally unafraid of stuff...we just replaced all the carpets in our house and looks like we are moving...stuff everywhere and just getting it back together...

    He was fantastic with everything and loooved the carpet installers and followed them around with their big tools and rolls of carpet...but...

    He has also started barking/appearing afraid of really random things...because stuff is moved around the house, he will notice something on the table that is not usually there and growl, bark and seem afraid or wanting to attack it...

    I read that dogs have multiple "fear windows" as they grow up and adolescence has one...and they may be in that...

    I just do what I was told to do when he was small, I say very calmly like you, "oooh, Koji, it's no big thing...Look see?" I usually go touch or pick up the offending object and tap it, hold it and it's like he sees it won't hurt me...then if possible I hold it so he can sniff it - then he usually licks or mouths the thing (and I'm telling him what a good brave boy he is :) and then he's like "oh, no biggie" and he's off to something else...

    I think just have to be consistent and it may go on for awhile...His teacher told me when puppies they should be encouraged to sniff everything...that's how they get to know things and not have fear...

    (might try with sewer grates too, put a trail of treats up to it...and a bingo jackpot at the grate if he's near it and good boy!! if can get him there :)
  • Koni B.Koni B.
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    Thanks for the advice - I knew to tell him it was ok but I will try touching whatever he's barking at and letting him sniff it.
  • mattzmattz
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    I think it's just one of those "fear windows" or "fear periods." Etsuko seemed to be going through hers when I FIRST got her and it FREAKED me out. I felt like she didn't like me or that I was abusing her (though I DEFINITELY wasn't abusing her). She was afraid of plastic bags (still is), afraid of blankets being on her, people touching her feet and even her belly at one point. She would even bark and cry at the refrigerator when she saw/heard me opening and closing it.

    I did similar things as Koji's Mom... I walked her into the kitchen, let her smell the fridge... Let her smell plastic bags, touched her feet more when brushing her (she loves getting brushed)... Eventually she got over most of those things and we've moved on. Now she cuddles under blankets, doesn't mind her feet being dealt with, though she is still not fond of plastic bags. Sometimes I would ignore her behavior as well, like with the plastic bags, to this day she runs away when I'm opening one up for the trashcan. I just ignore her, she's scared of the bags and and I don't want to encourage her scared behavior...
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