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    Hi, I just wanted to let you know our case and hope that it will help.

    Bond was brought from a puppy store too, it was a bad choice to buy him from a puppy store, but we still love him plus we learned to not do it again. Anyways, at first when we took him out everywhere (like clothes shopping, streets, dog parks, etc...) he will try to run away from people or hide, once we were in a H&M store and I was sitting down with him, while my girlfriend was paying for her stuff, some people tried to pet him and he just ran under my chair and hide there. And at home he used to hide under the furniture or tables, since we did not get him a crate because my girlfriend thought it was too cruel, but eventually we got him just so he has a mini shelter.

    After 2 month of taking him everywhere with us and trying to socialize with people he is better now, he does not try to hide as much and usually he lets other dog owners to pet him a bit, but we still working on socializing him. I do not know if this helped him too, but when he just arrived to our home we always had a few people with us, and he would love to play them.

    Good luck with Akio!

    PS. Sorry for my bad grammar, usually is my girlfriend who writes here and her English is really good, also she re-read for type or grammar mistakes, which I do not know how to find.
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    So I'm going to bring this one back up because I can't seem to find a solution other than letting him hide. Akio is now so scared of people it literally scares the poop out of him and he runs. He's never bitten someone from being scared just does anything he can to get to a safe hiding spot. We bring him to the beach, the dog stores all the time (where he tries to hide in the shelves), we take him to the doggy parks and just on walks. We have friends and family come over and he'll sit still on the bed for them while they feed him cheese or a snack of some sort. He WILL NOT go to anyone for any snack ever, no matter how many times he's seen a person. He will ONLY come out of the bedroom if he knows that no one else is in the house and even then he's still scared and watching everything. He's fine with other animals though. He loves the cats, He loves the new puppy we adopted Wednesday. (He brings her his toys. ^_^ ) When we go to the beach or out he's VERY interested in people as long as they don't notice him or pay him any attention....or even face his direction lol.

    Most his days are spent hiding in the bathroom though, we did get him a new egg-crate style bed for his kennel which he enjoyed at first, but he's back to always wanting to hide behind the toilet. I don't force people on him, I kinda just let him do his thing. He does get A LOT of energy sometimes and can be so much fun, it's just stressful knowing he's so scared of the world. :(

    We've been talking about taking him to a behaviorist, but I'm not sure he'd even be willing to be near them.
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    I agree with InuRyuu, you should definately seek a behaviorist, for your doggies sake...It must be very stressful for him to live like that...He may never be a outgoing social butterfly, but hopefully he can get better instead of worse and you can learn how to "manage" his life as best you can for his happiness...

    I'm glad to hear he likes your new puppy - that seems like a big gamble with the existing issues - very glad to hear it's working out...

    Normally everyone recommends tons of socialization and exposure to new places, but with his extreme fear I would worry about flooding his senses and overwhelming him - I would guess it's very important in your situation to do it correctly...(Dog parks in particular - you could run into a rude or nasty dog that could wipe out his one bright spot of liking other dogs...?) I'm sure you should continue socializing, but with the guidance of an experienced "positive" methond behaviourist/trainer...

    Good luck, scared dogs break my heart...

  • Agree that you should have a behaviorist work with this dog. You may also want to discuss some sort of tranquillizer w/ your vet. It might reduce his anxiety level so that he can be more relaxed around people. Just a thought
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    :D I appreciate all the advice.
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    Just curious, what happens if you try to force on a fearful puppy? I know that for humans, 'forcing' helps in so many learning activities that can be scary at first, like swimming and biking. People can also be super fearful of public speaking - but if they are forced to do it everyday, they will get better. I know dogs are different and I'm interested to know why similar 'forcing' doesn't help the dog with getting used to the things he fears.
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    I agree that forcing is bad. Tried that with Conker once and it made him worse. He was almost to the point of becoming a fear-biter when I first got him but I backed way off and denied EVERYONE who wanted to touch him. (His fear is any and all strangers, unless at home or the dog park) Nowadays he is so much better but still fearful. I let him go at his own pace and anyone who wasn't willing to stand around for 20 minutes while Conker got used to them didn't get to touch him. People still aren't allowed to pet him on walks but at home or the dog park, if they follow my instructions and he sits still for them then they are allowed.

    It was hard with Conker but I got him to the point he's at by letting him decide who and when he got pet and by giving him treats anytime a person walked by. We started out at very long distances and slowly worked closer. If he was uncomfortable at any time we moved back and worked at it again.
    His tolerance is about 6 feet right now. Any closer he'll try to get away.

    Conker is much more outgoing around other dogs, especially dogs who love people. I like to take Sasha with me when I go places with Conker since she loves everyone no matter who they are. She helps him feel better around strangers and sometimes he'll let them touch him if she's near. If you've got a friend who has an outgoing dog who gets along with your pup you might try taking some walks with them but don't let anyone touch your pup if he gets scared.

    I also think you should get a behaviorist but please interview them beforehand. If they turn out to be an alpha/dominance type then steer clear. That will only make things worse for your pup.

    I wish you luck!
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    Akio is so weird about people, it's like he wants to have everything to do with them as long as they want nothing to do with him. Twice in his life he's gone up to someone and let them touch him. It was VERY brief and he ran from them after. I was so shocked. Once was at the beach, He let a vet touch him. She was there with her two Bernese Mountain dogs which Akio LOVED playing with despite the fact that they were 100 times his size lol. The other time was when we brought Akio to meet Miya for the first time at the no kill shelter he let the only man working there touch him briefly.

    We got Miya even though we wanted to get another Shiba, but we were afraid that it would have a similar mind set and we were looking for a dog to bring him out of his shell. Miya and Akio hit it off right off the bat and she LOVES people. She loves EVERYONE and just wants to be loved all the time. I honestly am so amazed at how well behaved she is. When we take her outside she lays down on her back and will stay there until we tell her to come in or take her to play. It's quite funny. She's very gentle and I really hope Akio will learn from her. He doesn't seem to be jealous of her at all and she doesn't require a lot of attention since she's already trained and comfortable. I was scared that we were going to have to focus more on her for awhile, but it's like she's always been here. :)

    Anyways, back to Akio we're going to talk to the vet about it at his next visit about something to help calm him. When we took him to the vet to get fixed a few months ago as we left I noticed my dog crammed behind a filing cabinet flat up against their window...he was not happy to be left there. :( I'll also be looking into some behaviorists. I haven't really been able to find any in my area so it might take some work.

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