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To Try Trifexis and Comfortis or not? That is my question :)
  • jtoyamajtoyama
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    Hi Forum! I first want to say that this forum has pretty much raised Miles for me, and I completely appreciate the community that has been built here and the amazing resource it has become for Miles and I.

    What brings me here today is TRIFEXIS...Miles is just over a year and I have yet to treat him with any sort of flea or tick control. As far as I know, fleas are never a problem and I have yet to find a tick on him, but since a good friend of mine's dog recently tested positive for Lyme's disease, I've grown a little cautious, i.e. paranoid. I was throwing around the idea of some sort of topical treatment such as Frontline Plus, or K9 Advantix but when I visited my vet for heartworm preventives, she convinced me that Trifexis was the way to go. Trifexis (spinosad+milbemycin oxime) kills fleas, prevents heartworm, and controls hookworm, roundworm and whipworm infections all in one monthly dose pill, which is prescription only. I would much rather use great products separately than use one mult-tasking one, but I do appreciate the neatness and convenience of a pill. I guess that's it's only positive to me. I like my vet a lot, but her only reason for recommending Trifexis was that she disliked the residue left by topical applicators and to me that alone does not justify this medication. I immediately went home and looked up reviews and it seems that the largest issue is vomiting. Second to that is the fact that it does nothing for ticks.

    I'm conflicted. Is flea control even necessary? I mean, ticks ARE a big deal right? What does everyone else use? I don't pretend to be educated about the chemistry involved in it, but when I think independently in terms of "a pesticide, hanging out in my dog for a month, and still effective for dogs almost twice his size " I get soooo turned off by it. Please tell me if these fears are unfounded and completely irrational! Even so, are there any effective natural options out there? I've found some online but I question them until they get the approval of this forum. If there is a particular product that a majority of you use, then I am so eager to hop on board what has already been proven to work.

    Thank you all for your time and feel free to say "You're so crazy! You worry way too much about this!" Because this decision really has me feeling super crazy....

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    Well its flea season right now, and even here in NYC I've had to deal with fleas. It's a serious thing because your dog could either be allergic or if he ingests one carrying tapeworm eggs, you'll have that added to the mix. Especially if you know the tics in the area carry lyme. I personally give my dogs Vectra 3D simply because the fleas in my area are now resistant to Frontline Plus (found out when all of my pets had fleas despite having had a dose two weeks ago, a check with the local vet confirmed others in the area have the same problem). However since your worried about tics I believe K9 Advantix is the only one that actually repels tics, instead of requiring them to bite your animal before they die. I give my dogs heart worm pills, because I like to space out the flea/tic preventive and heart-wormer by two weeks. I do use revolution for my ferret, which is a topical treatment that prevents tons of different worms, fleas, tics, and mites including mange. I use it for him simply because heart-worm preventives are tricky with ferrets, and I hear its not as effective with larger animals. I asked my vet about it, and he was against using it in dogs, but then again that's his opinion.
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    Trifexis does NOT take care of ticks. But it takes care of everything else. So you'll still need a topical applicant, or be very, very vigilant after walks.

    We use Comfortis here, which is JUST the flea preventative from the makers of Trifexis. We also have HeartGard, which I like giving separately since we do the 6-week cycle with that one, whereas I've noticed fleas reappearing if I miss the monthly Comfortis deadline by like, a DAY.

    I think it depends on how serious an issue tick-borne diseases are in your area. In my area, I think I'm okay with carefully inspecting my dogs after walks. I'm already checking for foxtails, so petting them all over and checking for ticks doesn't seem like a big deal. However, I don't want to risk so much as a single flea bite, since allergies are a constant concern here, so I insist on the flea meds for at least 9 months of the year.
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    I think it depends on where you live. I live n the mountains of NM, about 7200 feet. I don't treat my dogs for fleas or ticks. We don't have any fleas, and I saw one tick in the entire 9 years I've lived here, and I found it after we'd been hiking elsewhere. So, I don't use anything. After I found the tick, I was concerned about them (I'd only just moved to NM and didn't know if they were common here or not) so I sprayed my dog with a homemade repellant spray of citronella, lavender and cedar, which made him smell good, and we saw no more ticks (but I suspect we wouldn't have anyway). We also don't have mosquitos, so I'm lucky not to have another medication for my dogs....(ie. heartworm). If I lived in a wetter part of NM I would give them heartworm meds, though.

    If you live where there are fleas or ticks, or if you take your dogs for walks in brushy areas where there are ticks, I'd be concerned, but then again, you can just check them over like MC notes and get rid of them that way.
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    I've only had fleas once and they were caused by a stray cat that scrapped with ours on a regular basis. That was over 10 years ago. We don't use flea preventives and in my current area I've never heard of an infestation like we had back in Phoenix. (It was real bad)
    Like the others have said, if you live in an area where fleas are prevalent, go ahead and use it. If there are a lot of ticks too though, I'd most likely try to find something else that covered them.
  • Fleas carry tapeworms, which you don't want Miles to have. Dogs can still get tapeworm from ingesting fleas, but the flea meds reduce the probability of contracting tapeworms.

    My dogs are on Frontline Plus (fleas,ticks, lice) because we are in a flea/tick area due to the wildlife and feral cat population. Mosquitoes are also a problem; in fact they have sprayed the areas to prevent the spread of West Nile Virus.

    Because of the tapeworm issue, I switched my dogs from Interceptor to Vethical for heartworm, roundworm, hookworm, and tapeworms. We don't have whipworms in our area. Vethical is ivermectin/pyrantel pamoate/praziquantel. Note: Vethical is the line of products marketed by VCA Hospitals.
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    I came across this thread because I am still trying to figure out Bear's poo issues and now I want to know more about the Trifexis we use for flea and worm prevention.

    I just want to say depending on where you live it is important to treat for flea and worm prevention. Here in Florida it is a year round need because it never gets cold enough to kill off the flea and mosquitoes meaning dogs are always at risk.

    That being said I have not used a tick prevention medicine. We do once and awhile go trail hiking in a local state forest type area and there is a woodsy area we go in once and awhile at the dog park. Just this past week we found a tick stuck pretty deep (in my opinion) in Bear behind his ear. We went to the vet immediately as we were not sure we got the head out and the area was swollen to us like the head could be stuck in his skin still.

    In our area of Florida though the vet said we don't need to worry about Lyme's as it is not common at all, plus the tick wasn't the type of tick that typically carries Lyme's. The vet also didn't seem too worried about the one other disease (something starting with an e I believe). So while I still worry now that I know he had a tick sucking at his blood, my vet doesn't seem too concerned.

    I have chosen still not to use a tick prevention, but will be more vigilant trying to check him more closely for ticks even though I cringed when I saw it and I am no good with bugs. I still think he doesn't need year round tick prevention as that is just more medicine and we are not regularly exposed to areas of ticks.
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  • redcattooredcattoo
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    Okay, not sure any of my advanced searches answered my question.

    Is it possible the Trifexis could be causing soft poo? Is this a reported side effect?

    What other good options are there that I could discuss with my vet to ensure that we are preventing against fleas, heartworm, and control for hookworm, roundworm and whipworm infections?

    Here in Florida my biggest concern is mosquitoes as that is a year round battle of being bite and I know mosquitoes can cause worm issues so prevention year round is a must!

    Sigh, this search to figure out Bear's soft poo issue has be going down so many possibilities I don't know if I am coming or going anymore trying to resolve it.
  • @redcattoo - I wonder what @jtoyama ended up doing and the general results.

    This might sound silly or gross, but I would suggest in investing in a pair of tweezermans reserved for puppy use. I've only had to extract a tick once and saved it in a ziplock with a paper towel for confirmation with those more experienced that I had extracted the whole thing. Amazingly I had despite the inexperience and I think having a high quality pair of tweezers is what made the difference.
  • redcattooredcattoo
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    @violet_in_seville ... I was lucky my Mom and Dad were visiting. My mom is not as squimish as me, so I was able to hold Bear and she gently tried to pull the tick out. Bear was very patient actually with the process, it was me that was squimish LOL ... I know though if she hadn't been there I would have done it, just like when I have to kill the Palmetto bugs (nice name for ugly big coackroach) that always seem to find a way into a South Florida house.
  • Merritt, now 14 months old, gave us a huge scare last night.

    Yesterday, around 4/5ish in the evening Merritt took his Trifexis (he's gotten this in the past and the dose is appropriate).
    Around 9:30PM Merritt began acting very bizarre. He stood, staring at a base board (or something at that level), with his normally curly tail straight (huge warning sign that something is askew with our boy). With minimal coaxing, he followed me into the living room -his gait was stumble and he didn't run into anything but his steps were slow, almost unsure, his tail still straight. He alternated between standing, sitting and laying down while extending his neck as if to gaze straight up at the ceiling. His eyes were open but noticeably closed. In a word he was - sedate. We discussed how odd he was acting. My boyfriend took him outside and attempted to engage him in a game of ball. Merritt is borderline OCD about playing ball; however, he would not fetch or chase. He did perk up a little to the word Squirrel (but didn't go nuts). I did a sweep of the house to see if he had gotten into anything he ought not to (medications/cleaners/etc) - thankfully there was nothing out of place. We called the vet, they said we could bring him in (duh). A few moments after getting back inside, Merritt's hind quarters started tremoring. He was still sedate, tail straightened.

    OFF TO THE EMERGENCY VET we went! En route, Merritt allowed me to swaddle him (he is not cuddly at all). About half way, he flattened his right ear almost all the way back and started a rapid and shallow breathing pattern. I thought this was the canine version of facial drooping and worried maybe he was having a stroke (I am a nurse). We arrived to the E-Vet. He was still acting bizare (sedate, tremoring, straight tail, flattened right ear, irregular breathing pattern). His physical assessment by the vet was normal, neuro exam and all. But the vet agreed - he just wasn't "right". She suggested blood work and a slew of other things. After they drew his blood - he was almost TOTALLY NORMAL (alert, curly tail, no tremors, ears upright, respirations even and regular). He walked with us around the building - emptied his bladder and had a poo. All his vital signs, CBC and chem panel were were within normal limits. With the exception of his ALT, this liver enzyme was almost double. Merritt was given a dose of charcoal, which he managed to get all over himself and both the vet techs (acting more like his lively self).

    He has never acted like this with past doses. The vet said it could be side effect from medication and that she has seen dogs come in super doped up from it, but it mainly causes GI upset (which he had none).

    We are currently changing foods. Presently, Merritt receives two feedings daily each 2/3 "old" kibble and 1/3 ToW Duck. We began the transition last Friday.

    Has anyone had a similar experience - with Trifexis? From anything else?
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  • Sorry for the extensive details!
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  • @kerichelle, No need to apologize for the extensive details. The more details the better for a situation like this.

    Since the other thread is now closed, I'll just copy and paste my edited response here:

    Wow, sounds scary. =( I am curious -- how much does Merritt weigh, and what dosage was he getting?

    There have been other forum members who have reported problems with Trifexis/Comfortis. This anecdote is embedded in an intro thread, but we had a little discussion you may find useful:

    I would also point you to this old post on the vet blog Fully Vetted, specifically the comments, where many people have reported side effects:

    I would encourage you to fill out an adverse drug reaction report with the FDA too. We only use Comfortis, not Trifexis, and haven't had problems with it, but I don't give either of my dogs the whole pill. Bowdu is about 29 ~ 30 pounds, and he has gotten the whole pill in the past, but now I give him about 3/4 of the pill. Bowpi is right at borderline, but the vet gave us the dosage for 20 ~ 40 pounds, which contains just slightly more than twice the amount of drug in the previous dose. I give her about half the pill and have not had problems.

    This thread reminds me that I still need to call Elanco (the drug manufacturers) and follow up these questions and what they say about splitting the pill the way I do. My vet doesn't care (though they're just going to give me the lower dosage for Bowpi next time), but the manufacturer might have something else to say.
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  • Merritt is 22lbs and has been getting the 20-40lbs dose without issues up until now.
  • Onyx is on trifexis, and has taken two doses of it. So far not a single issue with the medication or any ticks/fleas/heart worms *knock on wood*. He seems to enjoy it too so I recommend it.
  • redcattooredcattoo
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    Trifexis seems to do well for some, but as I look for soft poo answers I have read a lot of things online that have begun to scare me about Trifexis. A lot of similar stories to what @kerichelle reported. I would also think for Shiba's that the dosage could be an issue since I think inherently alot of Shibas probably fall into the very low end of the higher dosage.

    I know I will be talking to my vet about trying something else next month as we just finished the 6 month package we had. I know in Florida parasite prevention and flea prevention is a must, but I am beginning to wonder if Trifexis could be the cause of Bear's soft poo as it is one of the few constant things he has been given since coming to us. Just another thing I have on my list now in case his soft poo is indeed a reaction to this monthly medication.
  • I was having a hard time saying the bizarre behavior was caused by the trifexis. My regular vet said it is absorbed into the system in an hour or so... Per vet's instruction, I dosed him today. 5.5 hours later guess who's acting bizarre? The exact same behavior, te exact amount time frame. I'm mailing a report with FDA
  • redcattooredcattoo
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    I should update this thread in regards to my experience. We resolved the soft poo issues mid December and just gave Bear the other day his December Trifexis. So far no weird behavior or change in his poo, so at this point for us, Trifexis, here in South Florida still seems to be the best option available.
  • Foxy is 21 lbs. and had a bad reaction to her first dose of Trifexis for 20-40 lbs not to that degree but vomitting. Ever since then, I cut a quarter of it off and throw it away before giving it to her and she's been fine. I think it's too strong for them when they are just close to 20 lbs.
  • BootzBootz
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    @Foxylover. It's hard to give doses when they are that close to the borderline in terms of weight but my vet usually recommends the lower dose vs the higher.
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  • redcattooredcattoo
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    @Foxylover I would probably agree with Bootz if she is 21 lbs that you don't need to move up to the higher dose.

    You could also go to a separate heartworm/flea medicine as it is my vague understanding it has something to do with the flea part of it that may be too strong when going up to the higher dose. I may be wrong here, but may not be a bad idea to ask your vet about separating the medicines to control dosage amount better.

    We are lucky Bear averages 29-31 lbs so he falls in the middle of the dosage range.
  • tatonkatatonka
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    I started using Trifexis. I was told it tastes like meat. Tatonka spit it out. I grind it up in his kibble and chicken.

    He's still the same, no negative effects. He uses 1-20 lbs. version.
  • redcattooredcattoo
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    @tatonka, Bear hated the pill with a passion. The first dose we ever gave him was the 1-20 lbs pill which is smaller so I got him to take it (traditional back of throat and swallow method), but he moved into the 20-40 lb dosage the next month and that pill was a whopper. I could not hide it in anything even after trying to quarter it (didn't think about completely grinding it up). He has gotten better now if I use canned dog food, kibble, and the pill he tends not to spit it out anymore. I am just glad it is a once a month pill because it must taste terrible.
  • BootzBootz
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    @Tatonka, put it in a medallion. Pre-made is GREAT when it comes to giving pills to our furbabies.
  • @tatonka I don't know about Trifexis, but Comfortis totally stinks like medicine to me. No meat smells like that. That's another reason I have to break it up anyway and hide little pieces of it throughout the meal, otherwise the expert pill-spitter of a Basenji will reject her meds.
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  • InoushiInoushi
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    @totonka if he doesn't have an allergy to milk, stick it in a wad of cream cheese. Dogs just swallow it, and it masks the smell so they don't notice. Give him a chunk by itself for him to try it, and if he likes it, only give him cream cheese with pills. My dogs even associate medicine containers with it so they don't run when I get meds out.
  • tatonkatatonka
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    ok you guys give good suggestions. I will try it!

    @kerichelle, @FoxyLover, @redcattoo, pls keep us posted on side effects - it will be useful for the rest of us with their pooches on Tri.
  • kumaDUDEkumaDUDE
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    I agree the fact that my shiba hates taking the pill on its own, luckily he loves the pill popper and if I put a raw egg over it, he eats it all up. Have yet to see any issues, Kuma seems to act the same way as always.
    His poo was a bit soft at first, but it could have been due to one of his shots. All in all everything is fine with the pill.

    @curlytails and @bootz : since you both live in my general area, do you guys give your dog any tick medication/preventatives?
  • @kumaDUDE, I do not use tick medication. I run my hands over the dogs after each walk, and check more thoroughly if we've been in wooded areas. In the past three years, when we started hitting the off-leash parks and trails on a more regular basis, I have pulled one tick off Bowpi the Basenji.

    Check the Mosquito and Vector Control services for the county that you're concerned about. Here's mine:

    There's a table of reported Lyme disease cases by county in one of those pdf files. There's about 0 ~ 6 total Lyme cases reported per year in my county; Contra Costa, SF, Marin, Napa are also pretty low. It gets a bit higher in Sonoma, San Mateo, and Mendocino County, but the risk is very low compared to other parts of the country. And yes, there is more than just Lyme disease to be concerned about... I'm not finding other stats on those. Just exercise due caution -- for yourself and your dogs, too!
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  • BootzBootz
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    @kumaDUDE, I switched to revolution couple months back just cause its easier for me to have a heartworm preventative and flea/tick medication in one. Although its not as strong as having two separate medications, my vet says its fine since our area has a low risk of getting heartworm/fleas. I have yet to find any ticks on bootz/Jackie.
  • kumaDUDEkumaDUDE
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    Thanks you two! Thanks curly, I'll make sure to look at all 4 places I'll be w kuma
  • AWE46M3AWE46M3
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    We use Trifexis and when he was under 20lbs, he would take the pill without any issues. Now that we moved up to the 20.1-40lb, larger pill, it requires come coaxing for our dog to swallow it. As far as side effects, we really haven't noticed any. I think the first time we switched to the bigger pill he vomited but I not sure if that was due to the pill or us not paying attention to how much he ate prior to giving it to him.
  • Same here, 4.5 months old. Started giving him triflixis this month, no issues after 1st injection.
  • redcattooredcattoo
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    @AWE46M3, I don't know if you do a kibble diet, we found that Bear absolutely loves canned dog food (started when we had to give him panacur), so he gets a spoonful or so mixed in with his kibble a lot. We also feed the first bites of each of his meals via our hand as a reward for doing a trick or two.

    We found that putting the pill recently in a lump of the canned dog food and rewarding it before the meal for doing a trick or two has helped. He doesn't seem to notice we have given him the pill as he no longer expects that we are trying to trick him into a pill as this process has become a daily routine pill or no pill.

    Before this though we always had troubles with all pills and often had to put it in the back of his mouth and ensure he swallowed it before letting him have his meal. He was very good at knowing we were tricking him into something out of the ordinary and spitting out the pill before.
  • Walmart is having a special on their brand of heartworm preventative. It is called PetTrust. You have to get a prescription from your vet. It is $1 a pill. The package has 6 tablets in it. I took Clover to get a heartworm test and had the vet prescribe it.

    The only thing I'm worried about is I have no idea what she's mixed with. She's a shiba inu/lab ? something! I have read that herding breeds can get very sick or die if they have Ivermectin. It is the MD-1 (I think - it's been a few months since I researched it) gene. If they have this gen the Ivermectin can kill them. So scary! Are shiba's considered a 'herding' breed? A herding breed is the main breed that has gotten sick from Ivermectin. THey have had other breeds get sick and die from it too!

  • zandramezandrame
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    @Denise0331, Shibas are not known to be prone to this gene.

    But if you are worried, you can totally do a cheek-swab test from here -
  • tatonkatatonka
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    Yeah my guy still spits up the pill if its whole. I've buried it in chicken and in a raw medallion. He'll find it, lick it, eat it, then spit it out.

    Good ole mortar and pestle. Grind it up, sprinkle it on his kibble, then put a dash of salmon oil so everything sticks.

    This is kind of sad isn't it?
  • RikkaRikka
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    No, Shibas are not a herding breed.
    Lauren, living with a 4 y/o Shiba named after a scientist. ☆
  • Shibas are absolutely not a herding breed! :)

    It is mostly collies that have the problem with ivermectin.

    I usually put my meds for the dogs in string cheese or in hot dogs. We tried mini marshmallows (since certain meds bind with calcium and so are not good in cheese), but they didn't like the mini marshmallows.

    My dogs like their pill routine, and all of them come running when they hear the bottles. In the morning, everyone gets a "special cookie" that has their meds in them (well, not the Kai--he doesn't need meds--but he gets a cookie nonetheless).

    Toby is good at spitting out big pills, though, so we go the cream cheese route or better yet, liverwurst, when he needs bigger pills.
  • HaloHalo
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    How early do you guys start your dogs/puppies on flea/tick/worm meds? I live in Michigan so during the summer we have tons of Mosquitos. I know it won't be an issue for me as soon as I get my puppy, but I'm wondering about this summer
  • sunyatasunyata
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    @Halo - In my area, they dogs are on all preventatives all year. I would speak to your vet about the right schedule for your area.
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    @Halo My dogs get heartworm preventives during the summer months only, June through August usually, but depending on the weather it could be May through September. I would talk with your vet to get a better idea of when you should start/stop heartworm preventives.
    I do not use chemical flea or tick preventives on my dogs, even though I frequently hike in tick-heavy areas. Instead I brush them thoroughly with a flea-comb after a hike and use diatomaceous earth rubbed into their fur, and vacuum the house frequently.
    I have no set schedule for (intestinal) de-worming. I generally will not do it unless there are signs of infection or if my dogs got into something... really nasty.
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  • redcattooredcattoo
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    As others said, talk to you vet about your area. In my area heartworm is a year round need, but that is Florida for you. We do use Trifexis because we also have 3 cats so don't want to risk Bear bringing home fleas from wherever we go and Bear falls in the mid range of the Trifexis weight range so the balance of meds for the various worms plus fleas works for us. We do not use any tick preventives as we are not very often in tick areas. He did get a tick once, had a devil of a time removing it, but in Florida the risks of disease from ticks is also very low, so I don't worry as much. Every area of the country varies though so best to discuss with your vet what the risks are in your area.
  • HanakoHanako
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    bumping this

    anybody found an all in one that covers fleas, ticks, heartworm, roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and tapeworms?

    revolution does fleas, ticks and heartworm
    triflexis does fleas, heartworm, and roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and tapeworms but not ticks i believe
  • redcattooredcattoo
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    I do not believe there is an all in one if you want to cover all those.

    I use trifexis as ticks are not a major issue in my area of Florida. Even the ticks that could be picked up have a low chance of disease compared to other areas. I would use a 30-day topical for ticks if I took them to an area I thought ticks would be possibly a major issue.

    I would work with your vet on the best possible combination for your area and the risks based on your activities.
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  • BootzBootz
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    Don't think you need one that covers that much especially in our area. Unless Hanako is a poop eater....or eats rats... x_x
  • HanakoHanako
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    she hasn't yet, haha

    thanks, I'll stick with revolution then
  • amtiamti
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    I have used Iverhart Plus with both my dogs and they have been fine. They are both relatively new to me too, so maybe there hasn't been enough time. Does anyone have any info (good or bad) on Iverhart Plus? I only give them medication once every other month in the winter, and every month in the summer. As far as flea preventative, I still have some leftover from my cats that the vet said I could use, so I use as needed and never use an entire tube.

    Years ago, when I got my first cat, we bought some Hartz flea medication. Our cat had a bad reaction to it and we were instructed to wash it off immediately and wait. The ER vet told us they get a LOT of calls about the over the counter flea topicals. I went online and saw a lot of people have lost their cats and dogs to this stuff! I will not and have not purchased anything Hartz since then, and that was over 20 years ago. And because of this near death experience with my cat, I never give the full dosage of flea topicals. My cats are mostly indoor, but when I suspect a flea or two on them, I will place a few droplets on them and the flea problem is gone. I have not used any flea medication on my dogs yet but when I do, I will be sure to be home with them for at least 10 hours to make sure there are no adverse effects. And I will do it in the morning on a weekday, in case I need to see the vet!

    I still need tick medicine though. Last vet visit we talked about it and I wasn't ready to make up my mind so I did not purchase anything. Our backyard becomes the woods so ticks are of guaranteed to be there.
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  • redcattooredcattoo
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    @amti, Trifexis does not handle ticks, so you may want to work on the best pill/topical combination to control the risks of your area. Every area of the country can differ and what you do with your dogs can differ making this kind of an individual process. Just understand your seasonal risks (ie mosquitoes in Florida are a year round risk vs seasonal in the midwest) and work with your vet.
  • SayaSaya
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    Hi All,

    I was told by my breeder that Shiba Inu's don't do so well on the trifexis meds, because shibas don't get heart worms...??. I was told by the vet "breeders like to make up things, your dog will need it to protect her health!".. but I wanted to know if that was true and if you guys use trifexis for your shiba?

    What kind of breeder gives that advise.

    It's like those crazy rawbies who say a dog who eats raw does not get ticks or fleas! WOW.. I think they mostly say that to try get people to convert..

    I feed raw myself and love the diet, but really people can feed what they want long as it is decent quality.

    I can understand maybe if her/his dog's have had issues with it so she thinks her lines have sensitivity, but there is other heart worm options.

    All dogs get heartworm no matter if it's an elkhound, husky, mix, GSD or shiba.

    I think collies or Aussies are sensitive to certain heartworm preventions, but Shiba inu aren't sensitive as far as I seen.

    Saya gets heartguard so far no issues at all.

    @svgeronimo do you have mosquitoes in your area? Where there is mosquitoes there is heartworms and it's not a fun thing to deal with.

    I come from Louisiana where heartworm is high in dogs mostly due to people leaving their dogs outside 24/7 with no prevention.

    There is other options besides Trifexis..
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • I agree with @Saya and you need to discuss this with a qualified vet who knows your area. All dogs can be subject to heartworm and depending on where you live this can mean year round monthly treatment is the best option to preventing heartworm.

    I live in Florida, so heartworm is year round as mosquitoes are year round. I use trifexis because fleas are also year round and common in Florida, so with three cats and two dogs that go lots and lots of places I need the protection and prefer a pill over topicals.

    In my area of Florida ticks are not a huge issue and even those in the area aren't not known to be high risk of disease, but this is not true in other areas of the country where ticks have a high risk of carrying disease and are much more common. This is another reason I can chose Trifexis as I don't feel the need in my area for tick prevention, but if you need tick protection you probably will use a different combination of choices as Trifexis doesn't protect against ticks.

    It is all about knowing your risks in your area. There are many options though for heartworm, flea, tick prevention, so do your research (lots of good threads on the forum about these options) and talk with a qualified vet in your area about what your concerns are and what the risks are specific to your area.
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