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15 weeks of holding in his pee
  • 0hsnapz0hsnapz
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    Have anyone ever encounter this problem for their new pup?

    My little guy, 15 weeks old male, holds his pee in and would only go on the pee pad at home.
    I tried training him to go outside of the house, mainly backyard and in front of my home, but he'll just sit there.. for a really long time.

    Once i brought him out for the whole day, a good 6 to 7 hours, I allow plenty of time for him to run around to find a spot, he would sniff around and then run away. Even at my friend's house, where there are another dogs and pee pads around, and still he holds it in.
    When we got home I brought him to the backyard for about another hour.. he'll just sit there. Once he gets back into the house and I walk away, he goes on the pads.

    Anyone got any solutions to this? I'm pretty stumped.
    About his basic training, he's a very bright pup.. may take a few days to learn something but he would pick it up.. but its seems like he wouldn't give in for the peeing problem.

    Another problem, kinda off topic.. how do you all handle your puppy nipping and biting?
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  • lindsaytlindsayt
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  • 0hsnapz0hsnapz
    Posts: 9
    yup thats the plan,
    I did put a soiled pad outside before.. but he'll sniff and walk away from the pad
    but i didnt get rid of any inside.. i should try that thanks!
  • sunyatasunyata
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  • HollifinaHollifina
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    Hmm... You could try walking him for a bit. Uzume will try everything she can to NOT poop in the backyard, but if I get her far enough away from the house, no problem! Of course, we could never get her to use a pee pad int he first place, so we just took her out anytime she looked like she had to go. Eventually, she got the point.

    As for nipping and biting, I've found that yelping loudly when she does this helps. Not just making hurt noises but stopping play or whatever was going on right beforehand and walking away seems to work too. Also, I gave her lots of praise for licks (aka "kisses" -rather girly, I know...) which she tends to do more frequently. Oh, she'll still play-bite but it's not nearly as hard or frequent as it once was. Still working on this, but she's 9 mo. so I don't expect her to fully stop at this point.
  • 0hsnapz0hsnapz
    Posts: 9
    Thanks for all the advice,

    Since its warm here, I'm going to leave him out in the backyard with a pad until he goes.
    Right now, he's "doing his business" all around the house, almost all the time when no one is around. I'm a little worry he's getting to used to going freely in the house.
  • sunyatasunyata
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  • 0hsnapz0hsnapz
    Posts: 9
    He is crate train, and he is confined in a small area (living room and a bedroom).
    are you saying I should keep him in a crate if I'm in another room?
    When ever he is outside, I am always with the little guy.
  • sunyatasunyata
    Posts: 8589
  • mattzmattz
    Posts: 418
    Did you try walking him a little? Even just around the block?

    Since day 1, and still to this day, Etsuko WILL NOT and does not pee or poo ANYWHERE in our yard. Shibas are very territorial, he may be unwilling to soil his own territory, which is what you are trying to teach him in the first place... Try a small walk!
  • 0hsnapz0hsnapz
    Posts: 9
    I'll keep that in mind now, won't let him out of my sight :)
    He's starting to learn a little bit, so there is progress..
    I take him for a walk every day. the most surprising is that when i do take him out, he can hold it in for the longest time..
  • Hi all, what about a situation in which we did all of the above for our pup (take him out every 30 min, watch him closely etc) -we interrupted him mid stream to take him out and he just refuses to go pee once we are outside? We've only just got him home from the car ride about 2 hrs ago (he had no accidents on the car ride and seemed determined to hold it, but did go outside once -we praised and treated). He keeps whimpering so it seems like he has to go, and we gave him plenty of water so his bladder must be full... but he just won't go!
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  • Mochi920Mochi920
    Posts: 357
    @biohazardia they are very picky about where they potty. You may have to walk around until he finds "the" spot. Mine will go outside but if it's not a spot she likes, she will not go matter how much time has passed. When we bring her in without successful poop/pee, she will whine and whimper...and when we take her back outside, she still won't go and sometimes just paces back and forth whimpering. Thankfully, I figured out which places she likes to do her business so I take her there right away. This problem was only during her early puppy years. She's 6 months now and isn't as picky as when she used to be younger. If I take her to her spot then it's a 90% chance she'll go.

    He may not feel comfortable enough to do his business outside. The best solution is to walk him around near and far until he actually does his business lol then praise him when he does.
  • I should have elaborated that "car ride" meant "car ride home from breeder".

    Thanks for letting me know about the "spot" - it is entirely possible we have been taking him too close to his home. He already knows what door to go in and out (after 1 night!) As he sometimes walks me there when it seems he doesn't want to pee and has had enough of the cold. He did poop outside though after about 2 hours total outside last night and we were so happy! The walking around and whining thing is exactly what he does. The issue is that I live in an apartment complex with lots of dogs, so since he has had only 1 set of shots I can't take him anywhere that owners have left their dog's poop lie around.
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  • JackStateJackState
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    So you praise & treat the dog for peeing outside to make him more likely to do it outside again, but your issue is that first pee. If you're constrained in roaming area, and you also can't leave out a soiled pee pad because it's a common area, you could try getting a bottle of fox urine or something at your local hunting/outdoor store and create some attractive spots to intrigue Griffith.

    I'm just relaying stuff from some forum threads around the web, never had to do this myself.
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  • New update - he was able to poop last night outside the house, and pee twice today outside the house, but then pooped inside the house during a lull in an intense play session. (I had a feeling he was going to poop soon, kept taking him out but he didn't seem to want to go until he suddenly squatted - I picked him up and ran him to the door, but again nothing happened). Someone suggested to me to take one of my poops and put it outside so he would be attracted to it. It's still confusing to me because we are taking him outside every 30 min, and he did manage to poop outside last night! He's napping right now, but I'll take him out right when he wakes up.

    His main two "constrained" areas - the kitchen and his crate - are actually not near his pee or poops area. For the pee area he was playing with us next to his crate - with the poops area, almost the same thing (I was walking him from his crate to the kitchen - the crate is in our bedroom). Thankfully he hasn't peed or pooped in the crate at all.

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