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Timid Little Shiba
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    Up the ante now by having your friends and strangers do the ignoring, and casually tossing a couple of treats you know Etsuko goes nuts over and have them drop the treats around them, but still never giving eye contact or attention to Etsuko. What Etsuko then learns is, "Strangers are leaking treats out of body orifices! Even my own human never has that happen! This is awesome!"

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    I think what you're doing at home sounds great...I had a Jindo that was like that,,, hated when people wanted to meet him (sooo cute, hiiiii puppy!!) we did same thing and he ended up having a circle of friends that were our friends...

    Another way I would have a friend become his friend was to have them come walking with us,,,Like you, they would ignore the dog, we'd talk while he was sniffing, then I'd hand the leash to new friend, and nothing was said, by time we came back home that person was "IN" the dog friend circle...(My dog was older and really good on a leash at that point...)

    He was a rescue with a bad history so he never became 100% trustworthy with strangers...if we had big parties he was in our bedroom - I could not watch him and manage multiple intros etc..

    She may never want to meet strangers on the street...but maybe you could try having her sit and feed her yummy treats as people walk by and she's calm...(Like at a Mall or place where people walk around...IF not too your way closer to crowds...)

    If you can get any strangers to agree to help you train her, by coming close but not too close - standing at an angle (not head on...can make a big difference if you approach dog face to face, or just turn your body at a slight angle and kind of ignore her...)

    If they could throw a treat at her feet and walk away would be good...there is a way to do this and hopefully someone who knows more about it twill post..

    Remember to praise/treat any positive action (or non-reaction) and to ignore behaviour don't want (don't coo and coddle nervous behaviour) Just tell her calmly - "it's no big deal - aaall right, let's go Etsuko -
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    Yes! THANKS!

    I currently practice the random treat dropping, and it seems to be working well. I do praise her well when she lets people pet her, or even when she does her poke poke with her nose to my friends, meaning she wants to be petted more.

    As far as people on the street, I just tell them no she doesn't really like strangers. There have been a few strangers I know, just from seeing them walk their dogs or walk with their kids... I've given them a few attempts at meeting Etsuko, and they respected my direction by kneeling down, waiting for her to come to them, etc... But those instances usually last 1-3 minutes, not enough time for Etsuko to feel out the situation.

    Either way, I know she's doing better now and it's good to hear from all of your affirmations that I'm guiding her in the right direction. One other practice I use when having strangers in my home is when Etsuko looks at me I lick my lips or glance at her just for a sec and look away. I heard from a friend these kinds of facial actions from owners let their dog know the owner is relaxed and that the situation is calm or fine. Has anyone else heard anything like this?
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