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What do you Feed your Shiba?
  • SwiftSwift
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    Just curious what you all feed your Shibas, also if there is anything special Shiba Inu's should be eating I don't know about..

    I feed mine Dry Blue Buffalo chicken and rice formula and he gets Chicken jerky treats and Greenies treats, as well as a rawhide bones etc.

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  • robes325robes325
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    how old is your shiba inu?
  • mcsassymcsassy
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  • inubakainubaka
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  • euphaireeuphaire
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    I just got my puppy not too long ago. I'm feeding him Wellness Just For Puppies kibble combined with different types of raw meat everyday. Raw "meat" includes chicken breast, chicken gizzards, steak, pork chop, turkey, salmon -- basically whatever I'm having for meal, I chop off a portion for him before cooking. He hates all types of fish except salmon lol. I think the diet is suitable for him because he always licks his bowl clean.
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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  • LosechLosech
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    Conker is rawfed and I try to switch up what he gets as often as possible. It's a mish-mash of mainly meat with some bone and organs. He normally gets:
    Beef: roasts like lindon broil or 5 bone (that's what it's labled as), occasionally ribs
    Pork: shoulder and butt roasts, chops, loin, ribs, spareribs and necks
    Turkey: wings, backs or necks
    Chicken: all parts of the bird.
    He also gets beef liver and kidney, chicken liver, heart and gizzard and turkey heart, liver and gizzard and and an egg. I sometimes give him sardines, I hope to get some rabbit soon.
    Supplements Conker gets: salmon oil every or every other day, glusocamine/chondtiotin/msm every day and vitamin E once a week.
    He likes as a snack: Banana, cantaloupe, blackberry, strawberry and watermelon.
    The only brand of treats I use with him are Zuke's.

    Juneau and Sasha get Taste of the Wild with a raw egg once a week and various scraps Conker can't have.
  • jujeejujee
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  • Adonia1986Adonia1986
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    Sakura is on kibble because honestly... I can't stand the thought of watching my little 'baby' eat something I don't even like to touch. *Shudders*, but I applaud the people who are able to feed raw.

    Sakura has a small host of allergies, among them are two 'unofficial' allergies, grains and poultry. She was itching alot on a grain inclusive food, switched to grain free, still itchy, just not as much and started losing hair on her ears, switched to poultry & grain free.. no problems.

    Anyway she is on Grain Free Pure Vita Salmon (contains no poultry products of any sort) kibble.Stefanie & Sakura Twin Cities - MN
  • jujeejujee
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  • LosechLosech
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    I've got no problem with the raw meat, I actually... like... to make Conker's meals... yeah. I enjoy gutting fish (not in a malicious way mind you) and would always do it for my siblings who didn't quite like to.
    Anyways, Conker had so many issues on kibble, grain-free and not, and I just jumped the gun and by-passed trying all kinds of brands and went straight into raw. He's so much better on raw than he was on kibble, it's pretty neat.
    I would still feed kibble to one of my dogs though (if I couldn't afford to have two on raw, or the new one didn't tolerate raw well) I'm not against it, I feed my Mom's dogs kibble with no problems.
  • mcsassymcsassy
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  • SayaSaya
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  • hiropuppyhiropuppy
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    wish i had the time, energy and finances to feed prey model or premade raw... since we don't, we feed a mix of acana (any flavor) and stella&chewy's freeze dried raw patties, w solid gold seameal on top. if we're not going with the fish kibble, we put some grizzly salmon oil on top occasionally.
  • BrozeeBrozee
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    my puppy (now 12 weeks) started off on taste of the wild prairie flavor (beef) then he didn't eat much of it so I gave him acana fish and had him choose that or acana chicken (cheapest acana) he loved the chicken akana version. Then we realized whenever he is around my parents puppy he will eat everything no matter what food it is. So I got him hooked on taste of the wild lamb flavor (purple bag) he will pick and choose throughout the day and won't eat it all at once when he is alone. If I take him to my parents house with the other puppy he will scarf it down no matter what the food though. I found one sure way to make him eat it all is either throw some yogurt or gravy into his kibble or even mix one of those Caesar wet dog food's in with his kibble (I only use 1/4 of the small pouch per serving if I really want him to eat all his food fast.) I generally give him 1/2 a cup in the morning and 1/2 a cup at night. He should be eating more but he is too picky unless around the other puppy.
  • Adonia1986Adonia1986
    Posts: 451
    In my experience, if you put a food down around your puppy and it is not their normal food = treat. My moms dog has no eating issues whatsoever, but if we put down a bowl of Sakura's food he RUNS to it and gobbles it down. Some dogs are just picky eaters. Sakura is a grazer, we tried and tried to get her on a feeding schedual, but she honestly couldn't have cared less if we did not feed her at all! What we ended up doing is giving her the daily recommended amount in her bowl and just leaving it down, some days she finishes all of it, some days she doesn't.

    @brozee, if your pup really is that picky, I would suggest stop changing foods unless they are causing issues (gas, vomiting, nasty poo or breath, itches, hair loss, whatever) and stick to a food. If he is picky and you are able to, I would suggest allowing him to graze, as long as it is compatible with your schedule and you do not add liquid or raw foods to the kibble (can make the kibble nasty if it sits out all day). Sakura is little only 15.5 lbs at 9 months, and does not seem to be getting any bigger, she only eats about a cup a day, sometimes less. I would not worry too much, unless he stops eating all together.Stefanie & Sakura Twin Cities - MN
  • lucylulucylu
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    We stared our puppy out on Blue Buffalo Lamb and Oatmeal for Puppies. While she ate it, her stools were horrible so we gave Acana Wild Praire a try. She loves it and is doing really well on it. I'd like to get her to Orijen, but I'll probably wait until she's a year old to do that. I don't want to switch her food too often as young as she is. (BTW, she came to us in Iams so the Acana is already her 3rd food)

    I would like to try raw, but not a chance in hell the wife would allow that.
  • StaticNfuzzStaticNfuzz
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    If you have a new puppy I would make sure that you have a least one or two nutritionally balanced meals per day. To assure this, it means at least some kibble if you are not familiar with calcium ratios and balancing out for growth etc etc. Start off with with a good quality brand mixed with the current food the dog is eating and in the other feeding add some raw etc before fully switching over if that is what you plan to do. Go with changes gradually, you don't want to hit an immature digestive system hard with sudden changes. If you are starting out as a new pet parent you will need to do some research, look at the links for inu-baka provided.

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  • Posted this on another thread:

    I have switched Sukoshi and Hoshi back to Avoderm. Now trying Avoderm Salmon/Potato with them. May try Meat/Potato next. Avoderm isn't the highest rated food, but I've always had luck w/ it in terms of fur and skin conditions. I just supplement it w/ other stuff, such as cottage cheeze. I also get the smaller bags so that I can rotate flavors. This seems to work pretty well. the dogs don't get bored w/ their food that way.

    Hoshi has developed "seasonal allergies" so the vet and I are working on that. My challenge is getting his pils into him. Unlike Sukoshi, who will eat almost anything, Hoshi is definitely a pickier eater.
  • britkotsubritkotsu
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    My 7 month old shiba is on Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream. We can get it for a very reasonable price at our tractor supply store. She was on Diamond naturals small breed puppy from the breeder but we switched her off of that as soon as we could.
  • Moshi eats Chicken and rice (with peas and alfalfa shoots) a third of the time, posh kibble another third and generic crappy wet food the other third. Variation is the key, he can like one food for a week or two then he gets bored and needs another...
  • ... oh he also eats sardines, pilchard or mackerel a couple of times a week...
  • SayaSaya
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  • sunyatasunyata
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  • vnovikovavnovikova
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    Nami was raw fed since she was at the breeder's. We have her on Nature's variety pre-made raw for breakfast and dinner and some meaty bones or organs for lunch. The only supplement we use is Grizzly Salmon fish oil. She also gets Wellness for puppies as treats and stuffing for her toys. Her most favorite proteins so far are venison, lamb and bison...haven't tried rabbit, as it's pricey....
  • Luis DiazLuis Diaz
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    Bubba has food allergies so he eats a specific brand with 4-5 different flavors. I tested Bubba for allergies when I got him and found out the Miami landscape is notorious for his allergies. Grass, plants, among other things. He also can't eat lots of foods that contain, grain, milk, turkey and other things. If he does eat something with those ingredients he will not stop scratching or chewing on himself for days/weeks. So he eats Natural Balance with the allergy stamp on them. Some of the flavors he eats is Venison and Sweet Potato, Duck and Potato, Chicken and Fish.
  • Akai is fed Wellness Core. We got him as an adult and fed him Solid Gold's Barking at Moon (grain free), but the protein levels in his urine were high, so we switched to Wellness. He is not really motivated by food, even treats sometime. Oftentimes, I have to coax him to eat more before we go to bed. He gets some treats, but I break them into small pieces. We like Zuke's and Charlee Bear's brands for treats, plus he always has a bully stick!
  • MegaenMegaen
    Posts: 265
    I was feeding mine blue buffalo but recently switched to wellness core
  • MikadoMikado
    Posts: 47
    Miki eats Orijen Puppy, which seems to be hit or miss for pups, either they are great on it, or not at all...Miki is amazing on it, loves it, no allergies, good stools as well.
  • SayaSaya
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  • MomooMomoo
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  • franklinfranklin
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  • InoushiInoushi
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    @saya from what I understand, only large breed puppy is manufactored at diamond. Though I am considering a switch due to some other negative press that was brought to my attention. My only issue though is the ferret, not sure of another good brand of kibble for him. Anyone with suggestions for grain free dog brands and cat brands would be really awesome.
  • curlytailscurlytails
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  • SayaSaya
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  • InoushiInoushi
    Posts: 555
    My main issue was that I found out wellness sources its taurine and vitamin C from china. That bothers me, because they charge top dollar, yet are cutting costs. Taurine is so important, especially for my ferret, and seeing it sourced from there is very alarming. I also had noticed they stopped saying human grade on their brand, because it became known it wasn't. Finding this out in the wake of them using diamond to process one brand of their food (same company that keeps having trouble), is leaving a very sour taste in my mouth. Right now my only other ferret option is Evo, maybe solid gold, I need to do research. I hope they correct this, and I can go back to trusting them. All of my pets do so well on it.
  • LosechLosech
    Posts: 2516
    @Inoushi There is only one dog food brand legally allowed to say human-grade and that's The Honest Kitchen. Any others who say that are lying. In fact, Innova had a lawsuit last year(?) about that.
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  • KitsuKitsu
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    Anything can be legally named "Human-Grade" as long as it is produced in a plant/factory that also produces human food. The food could be utter crap, and still be labelled human grade.
  • tobysmomtobysmom
    Posts: 99
    Well with Nikita being allergic to wheat and Toby being so picky (he won't even eat raw) we were hoping to use Taste of Wild but Toby wouldn't touch it so we use 4Health from tractor supply any of the wheat free ones since we change it every 2-3 months for Nikita
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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  • midranger4midranger4
    Posts: 59
    Max and Maya were hard to please with dog food. They are accustomed to eating what I do but I'm moving away from this practice (curtailing not ceasing). Anyway it took me months before Newman's Own became their supplementary wet and dry food. They pick at both and I waste alot of canned food because I only leave it down from morning till I see them after work when I trash the remaining wet food (I put out one can in the morning, usually half is gone), change their water, and top off their kibble (they eat about a cup or two a day).

    I continue to try new foods if it I've read something recommending a product or the ingredients interest me.. I haven't fared well trying to get some variety in their diets.

    Today, on a lark, I noticed wal mart added a refrigerated section for pet foods and I picked up a 1.75lb bag of FreshPet Select Chicken recipe with carrots and spinach. I put down half the bag in their wet food bowl. The best way to describe this stuff is soft kibble with roasted chicken and veggies throughout. I served it as I purchased it...chilled. Well they devoured it and Max, who is seldom vocal asked for seconds when I went for the empty bowl to clean it. I put down the remainder and they knocked off about half of that then both of them jumped in bed with me and passed out looking very content:)

    I'm going to try it again in a few days to see if their interest is still there. But for tonight I hit a home run and these two couldn't be happier :)
  • SayaSaya
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  • hiropuppyhiropuppy
    Posts: 122
    we feed acana - ranchlands >grasslands>pacifica. hiro has chicken sensitivities, so we stay away from the chicken one. he actually HATES pacifica for unknown reasons, but has shown interest in our new pup's TOTW fish kibble, so we might rotate that in... or might go back to using grizzly salmon oil.

    right now, hiro gets solid gold seameal w/ his kibble, and a topper of either 1 or 1/2 patty of stella and chewie's (beef, surf n turf, lamb, or duck) or a small handful of ziwipeak.

    occasionally, he will get a "gourmet" meal of some white rice, seaweed, and very lightly cooked unseasoned salmon, and the occasional fried/scrambled/hardboiled egg.
  • RyuDragonRyuDragon
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    Ryu came on some other kibble I can't remember what it was now. We couldn't find it in our area. We switched him to Wellness Small Breed Just for Puppy, and for the last month or so he has been on Wellness Core.

    I have heard bits and peices about this recall with Diamond, but I am confused as to why Wellness is taking heat too. If anyone could post a link to an article or sum up the recent issues I would appreciate it.
  • BootzBootz
    Posts: 3495

    dogfoodadvisor has all the recalls posted on the lefthandside.

    From what I read, Wellness uses (or used if you believe their claim) products made by Diamond, the company responsible for the recalls at the moment.
  • RyuDragonRyuDragon
    Posts: 319
    @Bootz thanks for the link
  • kobnjkobnj
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    I switched my male shiba to Wellness Complete Health Super Mix Chicken Receipt a couple of months ago. I have seen a big change in his coat as its softer and more healthy looking. He also has better stool and more engery.
  • shibanikeshibanike
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    Ella was originally on ProPlan Lamb and Rice. She's been having allergy issues so we thought we'd try going grain free. First tried Acana Pacifica. She hated it. Just tried Acana Ranchlands and she seems to be gobbling it up. I think we might try Grasslands next to change it up.
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  • shibamistressshibamistress
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  • ShibaToshiShibaToshi
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    My 9 week old Shiba eats the HALO Spot's Stew Chicken Recipe Puppy Food. Toshi seems to love it. He's eating quite a bit of it. For treats, I give him the Pup-Peroni, Bacon flavour. He seems to love that one too. I have given him a few raw hides to chew on. His teeth are extremely sharp and I've been having a lot of scratches from his teeth on my arms and hands.

    This is the HALO food I give my pup:
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