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Lets not forget our Shibas cousins in Japan.
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    My son came across the following security camera pictures on a Japanese blog of an unfortunate Shiba walking into the destroyed Fukoshima power plant.

    I will be making a donation to ARK again. Presently, they are not adopting out the dogs rescued but are concentrating on reuniting them with their families.
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    Has some info on these two dogs and a pack of shiba inu in a town.

    The two dogs have been rescued not sure on the pack of shiba inu.

    I've made a nice donation to the ARK once would love to do it again, but money has been tight for me, but maybe I'll try to do some later on.

    I agree though they definetly need help still. hope the dogs out there are being resourceful and find themselves food some in the shiba pack video looked OK, but the one barking a lot near the end had some fur loss. =(
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    I also found this group via the Misanthropic Shiba blog: This group, JEARS, is closer to the area, and they have been going in and feeding animals when they could. They also were able to get some animals out and reunited with their people. I'm going to send a donation to them....I can only afford a small one, but every little bit helps.

    One thing I really liked about them is that they are focused on reuniting animals with their owners whenever possible, and they also want to try to keep as animals in Japan if possible. I worry that something like what happened after Katrina will happen there: that people's animals will be adopted out before their owners even have a chance to get their pets back, so I liked the focus on trying to reunite animals and people.
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