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Fukushima rescues
  • Hi, just wanted to pass on these news articles and YouTube videos of the Hachiko Coalition rescuing some of the dogs from the radiation zones in Fukushima, Japan.

    It helped make my Friday that much better.
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    Given the levels of radiation these dogs must have been subjected to, are they safe to be handled by humans and/or adopted out at some point? I don't know a whole lot about radiation or how it can be transmitted from human-to-human, animal-to-human and vice versa but this is something I'm curious about.
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    Does anyone know what they are saying or the writing on bottom?? (I don't speak Japanese)

    What happened to all the Shibas??? Were they picked up and taken somewhere...not clear from video...

    So sad for them...that little bow thing they do looks just like my doggie - juuuust out of range, but so cute..
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  • It has been about 3 years since 3.11 the earthquake attacked Tohoku (North East) area
    of Japan.
    Japanese government has ignored the animals left in the radiation-contaminated areas of Fukushima for these three years.
    Only NPOs and volunteer organization groups for animals have been trying to rescue
    them and feed them without official aid and fund.
    NPOs including CAPIN trying to rescue and feed especially cats,
    since dogs are almost rescued, cats are hard to catch.
    (Do you remember CAPIN that rescued Momo,the poor shiba inu in Japan?)
    They visit periodically to the areas such as caution areas and visit frequently
    the areas which are lifted the restricion on access in main to watch the animals
    and feed them.

    Activity in Tomioka, Fukushima on Jan.25th, 2014
    Activity in Tomioka, Fukushima on Jan.18th, 2014
    Activity in Tomioka, Fukushima on Jan. 4th, 2014
    Activity in Naraha, Fukushima on Dec.7th, 2013
    Activity in Naraha, Fukushima on Dec.4th, 2013
    Activity in Naraha, Fukushima on Nov.9th, 2013

    This is just a reminder for the tragedy being dragging on and threre are a
    lot of people and organizations trying to save the lives in those areas still now.

    Thank you for reading! (^^)/
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