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Missing B&T shiba inu
  • SayaSaya
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    A owner on dogster shiba forum lost her B&T shiba named Himeko

    thought I'd post this just in case someone lives in the area to keep a look out.

    "I lost my beautiful Himeko on May 24th. I was taking her to PetSmart in O'Fallon, IL for an appointment with Banfield, but something spooked her and she slipped out of her collar. She ran to the parking lot and then bolted across the street between Dairy Queen & Payless. By the time I made it over there I couldn't find her. I called my mom & told her what happened, and she told me to pick her up. When we came back, we still couldn't locate her. The only explanation we can think of is someone must have snatched her.

    Please, if anyone can help me find her it would be greatly appreciated & we are offering a $500 reward. Thanks.

    Here are some other photos of her:

    Hopefully she is found soon sadly she doesn't have a microchip.

    Collars can be scary if too loose. Saya slips out of hers if I leave it too loose finally found the right fit so it fits nice, but she doesn't slip out of it.

    I need to get her a martingale collar and harness from B&G eventually. >.<<div class="UserSignature">Photobucket
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