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    I use the same one in the bath tub on Monju, so it's like her wash cloth. ;-)
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    Thats funny, I just bought one yesterday. I love it! It works great on Kishi and our cat. A lot cheaper than a furminator too.
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    I don't have one but I've used them. They do seem to work on different parts of the coat than the Furminator. (I've got a knockoff that isn't as sharp as the original.) With lab-type coats they work sooo much better for getting those shedding guard hairs off while the Furminator or even a slicker does nothing.
  • mcsassymcsassy
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    The undercoat and overcoat. The Zoom Groom, in my experience, is very good at getting the loose overcoat and shorter fur off. It does great on the undercoat too, but the Furminator only gets undercoat.
    So if you want a general overall good brush, get the Zoom Groom since it'll get loose overcoat fur as well and works when wet. Really good when wet that is. And it doesn't damage the coat or skin if you brush too often or too hard. I've been cut by them Furminators before and it's not fun. I've seen dogs with razor burn from them too. I know how to use it properly, and if you do use it test it out on your arm with the amount of pressure you'd use on a dog and you'd be surprised at how sharp it can be.
    I don't have an actual Furminator, I've got the knockoff made by Bamboo. It's not nearly as sharp as the Furminator but still works just as well.
  • mcsassymcsassy
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  • chingalingchingaling
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    How funny - I spotted this in the shop and was going to ask the community if it works well on shiba coats. Looks like I'll pop back to the shop and pick one up! :D
  • LosechLosech
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    Yes, it's the feel of the fur. The undercoat is very soft and light, sometimes it has a wave to it or looks semi-curly. If you blow on a handful it'll fly away and stay in their air forever. It can be very thick though and hard to brush through.
    The overcoat is heavier, stiff and harsh compared to the undercoat. It doesn't bunch up into a neat ball like the undercoat does, it kinda scatters everywhere and you have to sweep it up. It tends to keep it's shape and is very easy to brush through. Sometimes the Furminator gets a few overcoat hairs and you can really see the difference when both types of fur are being taken out.
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    After seeing all the good comments I went out and bought one today. It is SO great for the price. Between this and the Furminator I am set for anything she can shake at me!
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  • I was planning to get the furminator for my jindo but now I might have to change my Mind and get the zoom groom.
  • Another bonus of the Zoom Groom: it works really well on clothing and upholstery.
  • Sam loves the Zoom Groom so much! He would be sitting still and quietly while being brushed. It is like getting a massage!
  • I use a combination of the Furminator (got it on Amazon for like $15) and the Zoom Groom, mainly because the Furminator needs to be used sparingly to not damage the guard coat. The Zoom Groom is awesome other than the hair flies everywhere so it is easier to use it outside. My boys really love the Zoom Groom, but when the huge chunks are coming out for a couple days it is easier to catch them with a few minutes of Furminator grooming.
  • How often do you guys use the zoom groom a day to prevent fur from coming off?
  • Me, I use the Zoom Groom only during coat blow months and maybe once or twice a day depending on need. I do not use it daily as most of the time if they are not blowing their coat there really isn't a huge need.

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