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biting leash and jumping up on me during walks
  • LosechLosech
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    He might just be in a phase, like the one that comes after toddlers or something. when kids get really annoying for a while.
    Conker did this with Shiba 500's out of the blue for a while when he was younger. He only does it now maybe once a month and only if we come across wet grass. He loves to zoom and roll in wet grass.

    I'd try leash-training him over again with basic leash manners and see if that works. Pretend he's a dog who doesn't know how to walk on a leash and do everything you would for that dog. I did that a couple times with Conker and now I use a clicker and he heels perfectly 90% of the time. He'll only break it if something moves fast and it's close or if a stranger is near or something startles him.
  • inubakainubaka
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  • shibahiroshibahiro
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  • YukikoYukiko
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    Yuki is 8-months-old and does that occasionally too. I tried the same thing you did and she would continue to do it a few times before stopping. It only happens a couple of times a week and usually after she poops and gets the zoomies. The running in bursts definitely helps or sometimes I give her a pinecone/stick to prance with and she'll stop.
  • SayaSaya
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  • hiropuppyhiropuppy
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    our pup does it sometimes... not as much as he used to. no nipping, just jumping - and we figured out that it means he wanted some love. so we stop walking and give him a good head/neck rub, and he seems to be pretty pleased with that... he still asks for some love, but without the jumping anymore.
  • FuyutsukiFuyutsuki
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    Fuyu has been going through a big spurt of this recently, but it is not just leash biting, it is more along the lines of biting us in the leg. Goes from simple nips to more playful bites quickly, and we've yet to figure out why he does it or how to stop it. I love the idea of having some sort of stick for him to carry in case he just bored. I will have to put that idea on the table.
  • I JUST had this issue. For me it was solved by changing walking routes and in general satisfying his boredom.

  • FuyutsukiFuyutsuki
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    Hmmm, how often do you change his routes? We alternate between about 4-5 in a week.
  • every day is completely random. We can go one of two ways out of the building, then, once outside we have a myriad of choices. Unless its a short walk to his favorite pee and poop spot, I don't think him or I know what direction we'll be going.
  • JuniJuni
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    Juni did that sometimes when she was younger and got bored with walking so we played a bit then, chasing one another or throwing sticks or something.

    I let her chose where we'll walk too every now and then and she comes up with really entertaining routes I must say.
  • Hi! @heart goes boOm. Benji (1 year) did that too. He would nipped my calves or try to rip my coat sleeves or hem. It took 2 ripped coats before he realised I was not playing, moving or looking at him if he tried those tricks.
    It was really obvious that he was saying "Play with me, play with me NOW!"
    What you can do is stay stock still and totally unresponsive as long as Ninja exhibits the behaviour. But equally, reward him when he stops with a game, a toy, a stick or getting him to do a command or a trick like "Give a paw!", for which he can earn a treat.
    Now I play with Benji more on our walks and he doesn't try attract my attention by being a pest. He just looks up to my face or nuzzles my calves.
    Just make sure to leave enough time before he gets his reward so that is is clear to him that it isn't the bratty behaviour that is being rewarded. Good luck!
  • poltergeistpoltergeist
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  • devonmlewisdevonmlewis
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    Yuki (almost 6 months) does this about once every other week. He will start jumping on me and/or he will try to "cut me off" but putting his body in front of mine. He also used to try to mouth me, which was highly irritating, and hard to ignore; he's stopped doing this in the last month or so. I ignore it, and sometimes he just moves on. Other times he doesn't. I dont' think it's boredom-- there is always something new to see or check out, so for Yux it's not about the route we are walking. I think he just wants to play or get attention. When I stop to give him attention, he will rub on me like a cat or lay down on his back trying to play. Me giving him that attention doesn't seem to satisfy him, he just gets more riled up. So I ignore him. When he won't stop after a minute or so, I find a stick to distract him and throw it. He rarely comes back to me with the same bad behaviors.
  • This biting on calves or arms happens quite often with Jacob (7 months) and it is making our walk very unpleasant. Sometimes this would cause bruises and red scratches on the skin. I found that he will usually do it when we start to walk in faster pace or when I force him to move it a different direction ... It happened a lot when we were crossing the road and he would start jumping to bite my calf or my arms. Imagine all the attentions we received by the cars or pedestrians. @-) It is impossible to ignore him when he is hanging from my arm or keep nipping my calf when we are crossing the road. I have started to carry a small bottle of bitter apple with me and hopefully, he will soon learn this is an inacceptable behavior. Fingers crossed. :((
  • Kobe1468Kobe1468
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  • So, this problem for me is on going though has started to reduce in frequency. Banjo uses this to communicate he wants something (to go keep playing with that dog we just walked away from, or to not walk home). When he does it, I look at him and say no, stop walking, and get down, at which point he jumps on me, so I pick him up and make me give him kisses, or give him kisses. It seems to me he can't understand why his attempts to use force are met with kindness so he gives up. When I put him down, and continue, if he does it again, I simply "shorten the leash" and control his distance from me and after three steps or so, he gives up. When he stops, I praise him and pet him. It's gradually worked for me as he doesn't do it nearly as much.
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  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
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  • haha, its funny because when its just him and me, he thinks he is in charge. when we go out in public he defers to me... yesterday we were in manhattan, and he had perfect recall at the park, and he spent most of the day at my friends place (where he stayed with my buddy for 6 hours while I tended to other things) my friend said he was a total joy and seemed to speak basic english. Apparently my friend told him to stay while his food was being prepared (raw food... thawed, put in the bowl etc). My buddy didn't know the release command from stay was literally "release", so banjo didn't move until my buddy literally picked the bowl up and put it in his face with a bunch of assurance it was ok to eat.

    Yet, getting him to leave my remote control alone is blashpemous. Go figure.
  • Okay so F***Face as I now refer to him hasn't stopped this. It's back.

    When he has excess energy or is unhappy with choice of walking direction on the leash, he bites at me. a No, a "hey", a growl, etc don't make him stop. When he wants to go a different way on the leash and I entice him with a treat, he will follow until he gets the treat and then go right back to planting himself in the direction he wants to walk.

    All I can think of to make him stop this is a "punishment" of some type, and I can't think of one that is reasonable. The urge to respond with violence is slowly getting stronger (I am not actually going to punch him in the face, don't worry).


  • Have you ever just totally ignored him until he calms down? It gets really boring, real fast.
  • yes, except sometimes he makes contact with my skin (and it hurts). I'll give it a try tonight.... how long should I try for? 1 minute? 5 minutes? Do you think I should stop walking until he calms down, or keep walking and let him tug on my shorts?

    Thanks, btw.

  • We would just stop completely and ignore her for as long as it took for her to calm down. Actually, we did this (and still do sometimes) for all our dogs. The first couple of times until he realizes you're serious it may take longer, but they're smart and catch on pretty quickly ;) The biting thing seriously sucks. Hopefully this works for you! Just be more stubborn than he is. :)
  • @2dogsandawolf, @banjothebetadog - just a warning, some dogs don't get tired. Vi outwaited us at 45 min on a regular basis (that's when we would give in because 3 hours to go five blocks really sucks). I agree that it is the first thing you should try. I would not keep walking if he keeps tugging.

    Did you ever teach Banjo release or direction commands? The other thing that we did (really as a last resort) is that I now count to three. Up until we hit three, Vi has the freedom to do as she will. Once we hit three I start vibrating the leash (do not tug). It's a signal to keep moving. In the beginning I would have to walk behind her and act like a non-nipping herding dog. She usually starts moving in the beat between two and three.

  • @violet_in_seville - 45 minutes?! Yikes!
  • sunyatasunyata
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  • @2dogsandawolf - yes 45 minutes is when we would give in on walk. Then it would repeat a block later. It was pretty awful. That said, she has had very high focus since she was a young pup. Most dogs won't sustain that kind of focus to go their own way for that extensive a period. One time with a friend who was dog sitting she was locked out of the bedroom and protested for four hours non-stop until my friend gave in and actually slept on the futon in her living room with Vi. She is a good judge of knowing who will break and has the will to outwait most people :-(
  • @sunyata, good memory!! His bday is tomorrow (i'll upload lots of spam). Sometimes when I say no, he jumps up on me. I think i'll give running a shot too.

    Ugh, never again am I getting a puppy. Its fully grown, mature, non d-bag dogs from here on in.

  • @violet_in_seville - I shouldn't be, but I'm impressed. She's one determined dog.
  • AntoinetteAntoinette
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    @Banjo the Beta Dog-Quake pulled the same stunt on me last year. We would be heading out for a walk and he would bite the leash. I would tell hin "argh" and he would stop. Then on the way back from the walk he would run around in circles, jump on me and also nip at my legs. I had bruises on my legs and was not happy about it. I tried saying "no" and "argh" and he would keep up the behavior. The next time he did this I stopped walking full stop and turn my back on him until he calmed down. When he calmed down I told him to sit and gave him a treat. It took a couple or more times but he doesn't do this crappy behavior anymore and he no longer bites the leash. I hope this helps.
  • JuniJuni
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    Oh Juni is an expert on planting herself firmly on the ground, our neighbours think she is the laziest dog ever because we end up carrying her a lot... She is extremely stubborn so I'm sure she would win the waiting her out game.
    She thinks all walks must start with going to her boyfriend the Leonberger's house to sniff and pee on the bushes outside his house. If not, she refuses.
    (She actually has a special sound she makes to call him which means there sometimes is a huge Leonberger crashing through the hedge. Luckily he has forgiving owners "oh, is it your girlfriend who is here for a visit?")
    If she refuses to walk somewhere else it is usually that she is bored, not tired, so I try to bring treats and come up with little games, like throwing one at a time for her to run ahead and grab, or make her sit and wait and I go ahead and call for her or I hide a few in an area or put them on branches of a tree (requires sticky treats). We've played since she was a puppy that if she jumps up on a rock she'll get a treat and it still is her favorite game. She sometimes enjoys playing with sticks we throw for her.
    Usually after some of this she trots along happily again.
    I sometimes let her choose where we walk too (I only refuse if she wants to cut across someone's garden or similar) and I must say she has come up with some very entertaining walks around our neighbourhood. Variation is definitely a key here, she doesn't like going for the same walk every day. Apart from if it is towards Tino the Leonberger of course.
  • I would like to declare victory over the shiba mind tricks!!

    I started carrying a tennis ball. (more accurately, everyone in my neighborhood knows Banjo and he is lovingly called the Mayor. We walked by the tennis courts a few nights ago and one of the players said "hey, your highness, you want a ball" and gave him a tennis ball). He now adores said woman to a point where when she walks by he stops and rolls over for her to show his appreciation.

    He gets it after he poops. He is so eager for the ball, he'll try to poop (even when he doesn't have to) and then stare at me for the ball. The leash biting/pant biting has stopped and his post walk nap time is about 45 minutes to an hour longer.

    Hooman 1, Banjo 43248.... but hey, at least I am not being shut-out anymore!!

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