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This Time He's a Shiba! **** UPDATE ****
  • Serkle kSerkle k
    Posts: 974
    Hey Folks...

    SO many of you may remember a few months back, I found a puppy wandering the street chasing kids and almost getting hit by a car...

    Well just about an hour ago, I was taking Stella for a walk before bed (I was working late on some stuff) and she saw a dog at the end of the block. I thought the dog was in the yard behind the fence. I walked closer to it, and noticed the silouette (sp?) in the dark. He turned out to be a SHIBA INU!! I noticed that he still had a collar on along with a choke chain collar that was attached to the collar. It didnt tighten at all but I know the guy was not very comfortable. He seemed friendly, and I was able to get him to follow us into my yard so I could try to get a closer look at his collar. Thats when I noticed that it was just a little charm attached to it, no tags at all. It is cold and raining here tonight, so I felt bad keeping him out back all night cause I didnt think I could keep him in the house all night. I did call animal control (again) and while I waited for him to get picked up, I took him into the house for a bit. While it was raining he tried to hide under me and came to me when he got spooked by the wind. WHile in the house he seemed okay and let me pet him and dry him off a little bit. I kept Stella in my room while we waited for animal control. I managed to get a bunch of pictures of thisguy this time. I hope they post properly.... If any one is in the South Jersey/Philly metro area, he is being taken to Almost Home Animal Shelter in Pennsauken, NJ. I dont have a # for them at this moment, but they can be found via google. I wish I was in a position to keep or foster a 2nd dog. I would try to get him if he isn;t picked up by his family...
  • jujeejujee
    Posts: 882
    Geez K - you are always running into wandering dogs! I hope he finds his owners soon! Or if he doesn't I hope he finds a loving home soon! He's a beautiful guy!
  • velvetvelvet
    Posts: 30
    I am sure his owner will contact you. Shiba's are escape artists by nature. My daughter's dog Ginger is a red shiba. She is crazy lol and we love her so much! I can't tell you how many times I have run after her down the street hurling snausages, lunch meat, steak, lol, whatever was on hand we could grab, so she would stop long enough so we could grab her while she gobbles her goodies. She looks for any opportunity to escape, Velvet is more mello and stays close to me thank goodness.
    I know if Velvet or Ginger ever got away I would be looking non stop. Websites, posters, rescues, humane society, ads in the paper. They will be looking, because they will miss their little angel/devil . And they will be thankful to you for finding him. Good luck.
  • Serkle kSerkle k
    Posts: 974
    @ Julie - I know... It's kind of annoying that people aren't keeping closer eye on their dogs, but I also know things happen. I am going to post on craigslist and on the meetup groups as soon as I can too.

    @ Velvet - Yeah I dont know what I would do if something ever happened to Stella... I would be devistated!

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  • KaylaKayla
    Posts: 163
    he looks like he chewed through that wire and that's how he got free? *shakes head* they really can't be trusted outside alone..

    Anyway, yes K, I can see the facebook pix just fine!
  • Well, he looks well cared for, so I hope his owner will find him soon! Good for you for taking him in and calling Animal Control.

    And no, Shibas cannot be left out on their own.
  • Let us know what happens w/ this little guy.

    If there is a Shiba rescue in the area, it might be a good idea to give them a "heads up", in case he is not reclaimed.

    (Don't remember what you have in your area in way of a rescue, or if you are connected with a rescue.)
  • Serkle kSerkle k
    Posts: 974
    I'm not personally connected to a rescue, but I know I'm closer to the Ocean County Shiba Rescue organization then I am to the NYCSR.

    I am going to call the shelter again this afternoon to see if they've heard anything. I have to touch base with the local animal hospital as well. I've been really busy with work as well so it's kind of tough right now.
  • Serkle kSerkle k
    Posts: 974
    Okay, so I wasn't able to get on yesterday, but I spoke to the shelter yesterday and they said the Shiba has returned home, and was reclaimed by the owners!!
  • Great to hear that he's reunited with owners! Hope they figure out how to Shiba proof to prevent future escape artist events.
  • jujeejujee
    Posts: 882
    Glad to hear that he's back with his owners :]
  • awww! So glad the was found!
  • curlytailscurlytails
    Posts: 2779
    Good to read this update!
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