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  • yesterday while taking our daughter to the park to feed the ducks, would have brought kiba but he doesnt do well with ducks, at least when my daughter is trying to feed them.

    we came across a beautiful cream, he was running off leash and had tremendous focus, had a great recall and very well behaved, even ignored the birds that were flying all around him. his owner was very proud of his boy. i would be too if i had a shiba that i have off leash like that. since i know that it is rare that you can have a shiba off leash.
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    I can trust Conker off-leash at the dog park but I'm not taking a chance anywhere else. His recall is great but I'm not willing to find out what he won't come back for.

    It is neat to see a well trained Shiba, but I'm wary with any dog off-leash. After Juneau (Mom's dog) became dog aggressive I won't trust her off-leash anymore.
  • It's always impressive to see dogs off-leash like that, but no matter how well-behaved the dog, I personally would never let it off leash unless there is some sort of fence to keep it in. Just because...even though the dog is well-behaved, unexpected things happen. Something could run by and distract the dog and it could run off.

    That said, I see dogs off their leash all the time, particularly when we go down to the shore. It's one of those times when I really wish that I could trust Toki like that, because he would love to run around and play like they do. =(
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    Kuma is definitely not an off-leash boy, unfortunately for us. However, we do let him run loose at the dog park for his enjoyment--he LOVES playing with the other dogs. But we are never angry when we have to run after him to catch him or whatever, because we know what we're getting into when we unclip him lol.

    But as for off leash dogs in public parks or whatnot, I am strongly against it both for the safety of the animal and for the general public. My mom was attacked when she was a child (her throat was torn open by a dog at a pond they were skating at) and she is absolutely terrified of most strange dogs. I think people need to realize that even though their dog is completely harmless, sweet and well behaved that having their dog unleashed in a public area can ruin someone else's time out. For example, if my mom is out walking and she encounters a dog off leash, she becomes very nervous and worried even if the dog isn't doing anything. I think people should recognize that not everyone enjoys dogs (sadly!) Dog parks don't count because obviously someone with a dog phobia won't go there lol

    Sorry for the slightly off topic rant... but on a side note, very impressive to have a Shiba with such excellent recall!!!
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    I agree with you on that Jess. I kinda live in the country and my one neighbor has a mean rat terrier who growls, snarls, and charges at me, my dogs and well anyone who passes by. She typically aims for Saya I guess because Bella is too big luckily saya stays near me so I can punt the dog if need be..

    The owner of this dog has zero control over her all they do is yell her name. One day I was walking by with my dogs they behaved nicely they just walked with me and didn't react and the husband made a rude comment he said that white bulldog looks like she could tear Amy apart. Sorry pal she is a friendly dogs and gets along fine with dogs at the dog park it's your dog who wants to tear my two dogs apart. >.<<br />
    There's leash laws for a reason no matter how well the dog obeys it's still a heavy risk to take. Dog might see a wild rabbit across the street or leaves blowing by. Plus like Jess said some people have fears of dogs due to being attacked or something.

    I have lots of fear when I see an off leash dog especially if it acts aggressive. My past dogs Pearly was attacked by a loose chow chow luckily she was fine, but after that she didn't like any other dog besides ones in her family. A pit bull had jumped it's fence ran a extremly busy street and circled around my mom, Pearly, Junior, and Dink and it was going to go for Pearly she was the oldest and luckily Junior broke free and scared the pit bull off.

    Coarse these were off leash dogs without owners, but still.

    Saya is a bit reactive on leash she fine around dogs , but if they come to her to greet or play she can be a bit snarky to tell them to give her space so what if an friendly well behaved off leash dog goes to greet Saya?

    Most owners always give me the oh she/he is friendly let them greet or let them work it out.

    Impressive the owner of the cream shiba is well behaved like that, but as good Saya is in my back yard coming back to me I'd never trust her off leash in public she's too friendly of a shiba she'd be running to every person in the neighborhood or park to meet the person or trying to play with cats she loves our cat.
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    I've been training with Etsuko being off leash lately and it has been working wondrously! I walk her twice daily, in a park around the block from my home... Lucky for us, people don't seem to frequent the park during the times I'm walking with her. Giving her the freedom to walk off leash has done AMAZINGLY well for us, her training, her recall and our overall verbal and nonverbal relationship. While she is off leash, I work with her on her recall and overall training in general. Even when we are just walking freely, usually me behind her, she looks back every few seconds to make sure I'm keeping up. If I'm lagging behind, she even waits for me!!! Some days, depending on the treats I have in my pocket, she walks along side me perfectly!!

    Though this has been working for us lately, BEWARE it's not for ALL shibas and even though my shiba is doing well with it, she's no angel. There has only been one OH F*CK moment with her off leash, where she caught scent of something, got herself all low to the ground and start searching the park like a madman trying to find that prey! I ran up to her quickly, caught her attention with the smell of a treat, redirected her, treated her and put her back on leash. So it's no picnic! And it's not perfect!!!
  • My older shiba Kobe can be walked off the leash bot only in familiar surroundings, take him out of his comfort zone and then nose is down and he is off. His recall is good too when its suits him that is. We were not able to walk him off until he was able 6 years old, he is 8 now and still doing ok. My younger one however, no chance! He is 2 and the world is just so exciting and huge adventure plus he thinks every dog and human are on this earth for his enjoyment which has got him into bother a couple of time. I am hoping he will calm down and be off the leash one day. We generally don't have dog parks in Scotland to try him off in a secrued area however I would love too.
  • For the past few weeks now, I've been letting Hiro run around an open field behind my townhouse. He loves being able to run freely. I know Shibas should never be off leash, but so far I haven't had any issues. I always make sure that I bring plenty of treats with me when it's time to go back home. His recall is good.
    When spring time comes and the groundhogs are out, I don't think I'll be able to let him roam free.
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    Hahaha! Since I wrote my last post, Conker has become an almost exclusively off-leash Shiba! (if it's legally allowed) Funny how that works.
    I do leash him up around things he wants to chase, and after an almost-incident with a horse... Yeah, still gotta be on top of them no matter how good their recall is.
  • I don't like people who have off leash dogs where I'm from. I guess it doesn't help that my dog is aggressive with other dogs and when an owner just lets the dog run where ever it wants, it may potentially get attacked. I have a system for my dog on walks when other dogs are around, but i guess I'm mostly just annoyed because the trail I walk him on is strictly for dogs on leashes.
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    @Mikko44 Yeah, I do agree here. If there's a leash law, I'm expecting all other dogs to be on their leashes as well. Two of my dogs are reactive while on-leash and if an off-leash dog comes bounding up where leashes are required by law, I'm not going to be very happy.
    But if being off-leash is legally allowed, I let them off. However, I do leash them up when I see other people or animals since it's polite to do so and I don't want to lose the off-leash privileges in those areas.
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  • I can't let Ando off of the leash, he'll book. He also tries to sneak out the door or through the fence sometimes and if he gets out and I chase him, he thinks I'm playing and just runs away more, so I have to call him and move slowly in order to have any chance.
    Ando - 3 yr old Shiba

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    Lucy is pretty good off leash. I wouldn't trust her near a busy street, but I have no worries going out to wooded areas and what not. In fact she's so good off leash that she allows Guts off leash since Guts and her stay together. Lucy listens well and Guts follows.
  • Exactly. I'm just concerned for the other dogs' safety, I don't mind people who seem to have a lot of control over their dogs. But still they shouldnt risk it, because they could get a heavy fine for it.
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    "When spring time comes and the groundhogs are out, I don't think I'll be able to let him roam free."

    Saya has a pretty good prey drive she chases rabbits, and squirrels. 9 weeks she chased two rabbits that were bigger then her. She came right back once they were out of the yard.

    She has caught one young rabbit, and a vole. :\ She is raw fed so I froze the animals for month for rabbit and two weeks for vole. She ate them fine. Free food... hehe

    Her recall is good and she is getting better at leave it command with rabbits since she sees them much more so I can practice more, but squirrels harder since they're not in yard much except for at bird feeder and they run as soon as I open door or go near door.

    We used to have ground hogs, but someone poisoned it I think and my cat too coarse we didn't do a necropsy to see if it was natural cause or poison, but she had no bite wounds so no coyote attack..

    This video is of Saya and Bella in our field Saya is 32 weeks old the field is my yard we have 16acres there's two field areas and bit of woods, and the backyard and front yard.

    I only do off leash in my backyard and fields mostly on long leash especially when deer and stuff are moving.

    Here's Saya in neighbor's field she almost disappears with the tall grass.

    I do agree off leash dogs in city and parks that have leash laws is bad. :\ My first boxer got attacked by a chow chow that got out of it's house and charged her and then a pit mix went after my mom and her three dogs. Luckily our male dog chased the mix off and came back and no dog was harmed.

    I have a neighbor who has an aggressive rat terrier who lets her roam their yard and this little thing charges at me, my dogs, bikers going by.. once she came into my yard growling and snarling at Bella! They're owners not much nicer either they are rude and won't put their dog on leash or train it to behave. They get mad at me if I have my dogs out, but they stay in my yard sun bathing, sniffing and playing with toys without going in anyone's business.. makes me sick.

    Sadly there are so many people who abuse it with their dogs off leash and ruin it for owners who have good behaved dogs who listen..

    Like I said I never do off leash anywhere else besides my backyard and field.

    Maybe we should give instances on off leash fails? hehe

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    Having a Shiba with good recall would be great, But I definitely would not risk having them off leash anywhere that is not a dog park/gated area. I've heard a lot of first hand stories from owners about off leash dogs, which basically make me think twice before letting my dogs off leash in an area that is not a dog park or gated.

    The link Sunyata posted last time about an off leash dog ruined a service dog, I think was a good article for owners to read.

    A dog can be friendly, but can turn aggressive if the wrong button is pushed. And like many people have experienced, that is why the "omg i'm so sorry my dog is usually friendly" line comes out. It is better to prevent a situation than it is to correct one. So just don't do it!

  • My Reiko is only good off-leash in the dog park. I had to chase him for 10 minutes one day when he was about 6mos because he took it upon himself to run out the front door and run free in the wind.. I was so nervous that he would keep running in a straight line and never turn back. He is so fast. He decided to turn around and I snatched him off the ground just in time.
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    First incident was Bella somehow slipped loose and ran off into other neighbor hood I was dumb and tied Saya to a limb, but not tight enough to hold her if she were to pull usually I double tie it when I do it, but didn't..

    Anyways I walk where Bella ran off to calmly and called her she ran around a bit sniffing around and then she ran right back to me gave her tons of treats walked back to my field.

    I see one deer bounding off towards the woods and into second field my heart is pumping now I walk to Saya and she wasn't there she got loose her leash was still on.

    I walk around the field then forest looking for her even went to wild cat creek and didn't see her did see a coyote in the other forest accross the field by the creek it ran off right away. I go put Bella in the house so I could go faster to find her and looked around again finally I went down the ravine or hill whatever it's called and she was standing near the stream. I called her and she came right to me.

    She probably saw the deer ran for it, deer out ran her too quickly, and she decided to explore the lower area and look for bunnies or squirrels.

    That was the day I found the raccoon skull so got something to remember her run and a picture where I found her too from my cell phone.
    first run off experience picture she's standing in by water stream not deep or anything in my yard

    Here coming to me from the spot she was in the above picture when I called her to come

    Second one was after a long hike to the wild cat creek and then back to the field I took her off leash when we got in my woods and she saw a squirell and ran off. I followed her and saw direction where she ran. I calmly and as quick as I could climbed the steep hill down and onto neighbor I know yard and then onto a trail followed the four wheeler trail and then went up a hill close to someone's home I could hear dogs barking luckily it wasn't Saya's barks I know her bark.

    I'm calling her to come every so often not in a mad voice just loud enough she could hear and stuff. I'm half way up the hill she came to me from bottom of the hill she ran right to me.

    I stuffed her with tons of her ziwipeak treats which she loved and we walked home.

    It started to snow on the way home in the woods! It was pretty neat and would have been more useful if it snowed before she ran off so I could track her trail easier.

    Picture of Saya on the four wheeler trail after I found her and so I took a picture of her.

    I agree with Bootz.

    A blind shiba I know got attacked by a st.benard both were on leash owner of shiba walked away from the st.benard owner telling him she is blind and scared of dogs she is unfamiliar with. He kept saying his dog was friendly and kept persisting and one thing lead to another and shiba got snarky, because she was scared and st.benard went for her. Luckily she is fine has drains and recovering and stuff, but I'm sure she is more scared now. :\ Poor thing blind and gotten attacked.

    I only off leash in my yard so no dogs likely to be near or owners.
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    Ever since I knew I wanted another dog after our first one, I wanted it to be good off leash. It's too bad I fell in love with Shibas!

    Apollo's recall is so-so. He still has that short puppy attention span and is still exploring the outside world. He got loose one day but mostly sprinted around our yard. I was, of course, a little panicky, so I kept calling his name, which he responded to and would run towards me, but soon turned quickly trying to get me to chase him since he thought we were playing. He was great off leash when we first got him because he couldn't run very fast and he absolutely hated the leash the first few days. So he'd go potty in the backyard off leash, and came back 95% of the time (the other 5% we'd pick him up and take him back inside). Now that he's more confident he'll go further on his own. But on walks he always looks back for me, so I'm holding out hope that he can be off leash in some situations when he's older.
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    I know of one incident were this one guy/gall had his/her shiba offleash all the time.

    he let her out of the car taking her to the vet.
    Well she didn't want to go in so she walked off and then got hit by a car.

    Sad it happened I forgot where I read this.

    Off leash is nice for dog, but also dangerous. your dog may be great, but who knows prey drive might kick in as the shiba gets older..

    Deer runs by, rabbit, cat, chipmunk, squirrel, leaf blowing around etc.

    Working with recall and emergency word is still worth working on.
    Leave it is also useful command.

    I always work with recall on a light long leash 50ft or two 50ft leashes together to make it 100ft.

    on hikes her freedom is three 6ft leashes attached.

    I still do some off leash daily to work with her on recall.

    I don't think shiba are well breeds to be trained for off leash work.

    I mean sure shiba as breed is a hinting dog so they had be off leash, but todays shiba is much different from ones who were used for hunting plus they were hunting in such remote areas no issues with car..

    I remember reading a Japanese site of this hunter who used a female shiba to hunt.
    When she was young she didn't come back so he had to go back home and next day came to the same mountains and found her.
    She got better as she aged and her daughter did good too.
    I forgot address to website I'll have to check later.

    maybe shiba for hunting worked better, but with breedinb they became more independent or something.

    Is off leash worth it? I say no. It's very risky, what will you do if your shiba don't come back or something happened like coyote, car, person, livestock, deer, other dogs etc.

    I use string cheese, cooked meat, liver, dehydrated liver. hot dog bits and home made dog treats for recall treats.
    She really loves these. she always gets them in rotation whenever she comes to me when called and treat for coming to me without me calling.

    I never chase her those games are for her and Bella.
    I play chase games where I run away and she chases me she catches up I treat her.

    I always have treats with me me.

    Just please be careful and keep in mind of shiba selective hearing and prey drive.

    Be sure you have plan in case you dog runs away. posters with info and pictures all ready and printed so you can post right away.

    Have ID on collar with home phone cell phone address. microchip is important too.
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    Lately, I've been hearing about how the owner of the shiba next door to use has been letting their shiba of 2 weeks older than Ginko off leash in the front yard. As I was taking Ginko out to head to the puppy academy, the dog out of nowhere, ran right to us and jumped on Ginko...with no owners in sight! I think Ginko got scared after falling a few times because that one was more aggressive with play and was growling, but Ginko is still very timid with other dogs.

    I was a bit upset because the owners weren't there and Ginko started backing away while shaking, so I picked him up. Only then did two kids came running up to get their puppy...

    I am kind of jealous that their dog isn't running away and never coming back, but I didn't like how we got jumped and wouldn't want Ginko doing it to other dogs.
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    Sounds like a bad dog owner.. Maybe they need a reminder about leash laws? Most cities have them heck my area does in we are kinda in the country coarse soon it won't be a country if darn people keep building ugly cheap houses..

    Any off leash dog you see owner or no owner you need to be ready don't want your pup to have bad experience with dogs..
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    @dorapoch, you should warn them about that. A fellow dog park owner spoke about how her dog nipped at a kid while off leash. The parents of the kid freaked out and called animal control. Long story short. The dog park owner did get their dog back couple days later, but with a big bill for 1. having the dog being off leash and then 2. having to pay to reclaim their dog at the pound.

    Also if I were you. Being the worried parent that I am, I would kick the damn dog away. Thats another risk for them having a dog off leash.
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    We are blessed and have a few great off-leash beaches and hiking trails in the area. I was a bit hesitant the first time, but Maya actually did pretty well. I always bring some yummy treats with me, and make sure to give her a bit before taking the leash off, so she knows I am the walking treat dispenser. I still wouldn't trust her in areas where there might be cars though, as the recall commands usually takes like 10 seconds for her to process.
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    I agree and being this pup is a shiba she might behave now, but with prey drive she might chase after something and get his by a car..

    When you guys do off leash stuff do you have any issues with deer, bunnies or squirrels do they give chase and then come back?
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    Guts has the worst recall I've ever seen in all the shibas I've met. So I only let him loose in parks. Today Guts had a play date with Lucy(lucylu). We took the dogs to a big dog park, with hills, a lot of trees, a river, and it's a nice place to walk and hike. Well it was too muddy, so We stayed on top of one of the hills. Guts and Lucy eventually ran off out of site, and were gone for maybe 10 minutes. They eventually returned to the hill. Guts always comes back.

    But it's nice when Lucy is with him though. Because she has pretty good recall, so chad calls her back. She'll come, and Guts follows. lol
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    Definitely will warn them next time I see the owner. I want them to be friends, but I don't know if they will be able to help me supervise them. I don't want to be pulling their dog away if she starts playing too rough for Ginko.
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    Bump since someone was interested in off leash shiba inu or recall training?

    Here's my take on the dogs101 thing that football player's cream shiba was a puppy I'd like see how well the dog does as an adult or when a groundhog, squirrel or cat goes by..

    I wish they covered Emmie the super dog who walked a long time which was amazing in itself.

    In a city off leash can be a bad thing especially if the dog goes to every person it sees to be petted not everyone likes dogs or been attacked and don't know if your dog is safe! I wouldn't want someone hitting at my dog to get her to go away.

    I live in country like I said so she can do it each day and she is fine. I do take precautions she wears bright bandana loud bell on her collar and soon I'll have a ID tag that attaches to the collar just in case the id tag comes off if she is in the woods.

    Even if a shiba can't be allowed off leash it's always good to work on recall so if the day comes the dog gets out the recall might pay off..

    I use string cheese, hot dogs, dehydrated liver, heart, meat and cooked chicken or dried anchovys I also use fish fudge for training recall. I rotate between them.

    Off leash can be dangerous too a 50foot or 100foot leash should be plenty freedom if your dog isn't good with recall, leave it, drop it, and boundaries.

    It takes more then good recall for the dog to be good off leash the dog needs to be able to be near and listen well and if it walks up ahead check in when it's far up.

    Shiba aren't good off leash dogs though there are other breeds better for it.

    Gotta take the good with the bad with shiba..
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    Last week, a lightning fast rabbit came zipping through RIGHT BETWEEN my two supposedly "prey-driven" breeds. When the creature came running right towards me, I thought it was a REALLY FAST Chihuahua at first... then there was the flicker of recognition and a moment of uh oh when I realized it was a wild rabbit at the off-leash park.

    Both Bows just watched him run by, and didn't even budge from their spots, though ears and tails definitely went on alert mode. I was shocked, considering they had JUST been lunging at a couple giant crows when they were on leash and we were walking to the off-leash area. Sometimes, they just know when they're outclassed...

    Here's a video from one of my favorite hiking spots.

    I let them explore as long as they remain within view. Luckily, Bowdu didn't roll in anything too stinky there. But the off-leash fails we've had are when he does find something stinky to roll in and I *can't* distract him from his desire to roll in OMGWILDPERFUME. But that's just a dog being a dog... one of many things you'll have to be prepared for if you want an off-leash Shiba.
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    I agree! My boxer rolled in coyote poop once it was fun she had a nice bath to become white again. haha

    Me and mom was like Bella! O_O!

    Luckily it was on our trails so we did our walk and then had her get a bath. She also had her harness on so it had to be cleaned.

    Saya doesn't roll in things luckily she will dig in the dirt, but she is good about stopping if I want her to or doing it where I allow it.

    That was funny with the rabbit they can be extremely fast when they want to.

    That one time she went after a deer that ran by she knew she was out classed speed wise so she stopped and went down the ravine or whatever and looked for mice or squirrel to tree or get.

    That area in the video reminds me of some spots in my woods. hehe Amazing how Saya can climb up the hills like they're nothing.
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    Lol. In Windy SF....Bootz gets worked up by wood chips getting blown by the wind...I have been working on her leave it command...but if 797542750275 wood chips get blown like a tumbleweed...its hard for her to resist XD

    Having gone to Fort Funston once in a while, Bootz recall is great. My bf let her offleash in a grassy area by our townhouse a couple weeks ago so she can play with another dog. (of course i mentioned it was a bad idea) The other dog got scared and ran home, (Two blocks away) Bootz followed. My bf ran crazily after her. I walked slowly behind her, recalled Jackie first...leashed her...then went after my BF. Next thing you know, Bootz turns the corner onto my street. "Bootz come" was the two words I said. She walked over to me. Stood there and waited while I leash her. Then she saw my bf running around the corner. I swear she was laughing at him. XD
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    Mitsu will probably never be an off-lead dog. Her recall is 100% if she is on a long leash. I think this is because she understands that when she's on a leash, she doesn't have much of a choice, even if it is a long leash. It also keeps her focused on the treat reward. Her recall semi-decent when she's off the lead, but even in our familiar (fenced) back yard there are have been times where she's been too distracted/interested in something else to come when called. Though I was surprised the other day when she opted not to try to chase a bunny while leashed - she just kind of gave a start and then sniffed around without pulling - but I'm pretty sure she would have capitalized on the opportunity to chase if she weren't leashed. She's caught birds and a bunny (and a rat) in our yard before.

    Other variables affect her recall as well. When she's hot, her recall decreases because she's not interested in treats, which usually really motivate her, and since she's never been very praise or toy motivated, treats are really my only option.

    I think even if she showed better recall when off of a leash, I'd be afraid to have her off lead unless the area were fenced, because I feel like there's always the chance that she might decide not to listen. But that's just my individual dog.

    My dalmatian sticks to us like glue, though. However, he doesn't go for off-lead hikes very often, because if he's off the leash Mitsu won't loose leash walk. We either take them separately or keep him on a leash.
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    Suki has fantastic recall and we use a hand signal which she responds to straight away if there are other dogs we don't know off their lead or if they're on a lead. If we're in the nearby forest which has mountain bike trails we'll call her back and keep her in a sit position and use the command wait and eye contact until the bikers have passed by, then she's rewarded and released.

    She's an angel compared to my last dog, a golden retriever, who would run off at the first chance he got but we did start work on her recall from the day we brought her home and found a good training class. When we told the instructor all the guides said shibas should never be let off their leads he said b*llocks and his strategies work for us. We can open the front door and she won't attempt to go out and when she goes out the back gate without her lead she knows to sit down between the cars because that means she's going somewhere nice.
  • only two places we can have Nookie off leash is the house and the car
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    Well Goku was really grest off leash, since he was puppy I would walk him off leash in some areas. He was never interested in chaseing animals that much untill today. He is now 13 months old and this morning was first time that i saw his prey drive for birds that were flying low. He didn't hear me at all. I yelled for maybe 15 min and trying to catch him but he really had a hige focus on those birds. I wouldn't let him off leash if he showed any interests in birds before but he didn't.we are going to that park every day, he saw those birds a thousends of times and he didn't care about them so why now? Even if he did chase something before it would last for few minutes and he would come back. He had a great recall and he never did anything similar to me before so I was really shocked and sad becouse we had a great off leash walks and I would like to keep that. So does anybody knoow's any positive training methods for recall in that mode and games or something that his prey drive can be sadisfated and he can still listen to me. I would be really gratefull!
  • knnwangknnwang
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    I trust Ratchet to find me. But when his pray drive kicks in he's an idiot around main roads or streets.

    He's mostly on leash. I give him verbal commands like heal, wait, sit, cross, or sidewalk (if he jumps on the asphalt during a walk.) Any insight in helping him understand asphalt/road s are dangerous when he's in pray/investigate mode well also be greatly appreciate.
  • NiNa89NiNa89
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    Yeah, Goku is great with obidience and he never showed this kind of prey drive before. Every day Im in that park and on that meadow and the birds are always there so I really don't know what kicked him in his head and it would be great to find some games or anything else to redirect his atention :/
  • fisticuffsfisticuffs
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    Kiri's prey drive is still decently strong, but "proofing" her listening skills made her reliable off leash.
    Basically, you expose them repeatedly to things that are a distraction while trying to keep their attention, working from lesser distractions to stronger ones. Work slowly and only move on when you've got the lesser distraction perfect. When we moved to outside where her distraction could be dangerous, I put her on a 30 ft lead. It was very light-weight, which I think it important because the leash can be just as much of a deterrent psychologically as physically, many dogs act differently off-leash because they know they're free. It will take time (several months of working on it daily) and it might be frustrating at times, but I think almost every dog can be made off-leash reliable with enough work.
    Ignoring her unreliability off leash wasn't an option for me because of my leash-dropping problems, so I had to start young. I think it might be easier if they're a little older though, a little less excited about everything.
  • NiNa89NiNa89
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    Thanks :) Im using 10m long leash. But when you use that leash how exactly do you use it and does your shiba have normal collar or harness? And what kind of destractions do you use on your shiba?
    Today I bought cat toys like feathers on stick and some squeezing duck and he loved it! Expectialy feather toy. I hope it will work.
  • fisticuffsfisticuffs
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    NiNa89 said:

    Thanks :) Im using 10m long leash. But when you use that leash how exactly do you use it and does your shiba have normal collar or harness? And what kind of destractions do you use on your shiba?
    Today I bought cat toys like feathers on stick and some squeezing duck and he loved it! Expectialy feather toy. I hope it will work.

    I have a rolled leather collar that I use only for the 30ft lead. I use the lead backwards though, I put the handle part on the collar and pulled all 30ft of the lead through it because the clip for the collar was heavy and I want her to feel almost no weight from it. I clip the other end (the one meant for the collar) to my jeans.

    As far as distractions go, it depends on what distracts him usually. If it's everything outside, I'd say start indoors with things like kids running around or something. It sounds like you only have the problem with the prey drive though. I'd use a regular leash to walk him somewhere that he commonly sees "prey" and then switch to the lead. When he seems distracted, call to him and click for him looking in your direction and toss a treat as near to him as you can. If he doesn't look at you or seems completely disinterested in the treat, you might try to practice in a pet store or some other public setting he's not used to. A friend of mine used the small animals at the pet store for practice with her heavily-prey-driven dog. Let him approach the small animal cages and then standing right next to him when he's focused on them, call his name and if he looks at you, click and treat.

    Check out some of Emily Larlham's videos on youtube. I love her methods and I haven't had much trouble teaching Kiri anything when I took her advice.
  • NiNa89NiNa89
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    Thanks a lot! I will check her videos :)
    Yeah, we had some problems with female in heat but it was diferent and we solve that out but with that prey drive instict is completly diferent. The only thing he see and wants is pray. I have to admit they really look magnifiecnt while chasing their prey.
    Anyway, thanks again!
  • GemmaGemma
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    I second the building up distractions, we did this with Laika and now she's pretty fab at ignoring things we ask her to.

    Here she is holding her "down stay" at a distance whilst a crow comes to investigate

    photo 1016494_10200816910128984_2030858953_n_zpse8e86027.jpg

    I'm super pumped that she's trustworthy off lead because she just loves having the freedom of running through the woods or on the moor unrestricted :)

    photo 1375877_10200816914969105_1748597005_n1_zps688c4a9d.jpg

    photo 544561_10200816915569120_1543562699_n_zps19b1ab01.jpg
  • sunyatasunyata
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    That is a GIGANTIC crow. Haha. Glad she is doing so well.
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  • NiNa89NiNa89
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    How old is she and what methodts did you use to teach her that?

    Well the thing is here that goku doesn't care about most of the birds like crows and pidgeons... Acctauly he does care just for one kind of birds and that are house martin or swallow ( I really don't know the right translation for that species of bird)
    I was really suprised that happend, becouse next day we were in dog park and the bird was like 50cm from his face and he didn't care. Ah well i started to work on distraction with clicker and if anyone knows any other good sugestions a would be very grateful :)
  • GemmaGemma
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    @NiNa89 we just used standard recall training starting from the moment we got her :) Any places that may have had distractions we had her on a long line and she gets LOTS of praise when she returned to us.

    I also have an emergency recall which is me putting my open palm out to the side and saying "Laika come", we only use that to call her away from dogs/animals and she always gets liver as a treat and a go with her favourite squeaky ball (Something only used for this recall). That way the emergency recall will always be worth her leaving whatever it is I'm calling her off :)
  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
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    Ok Shiba peeps, I'm resurrecting this thread because I'm convinced I can fully train Kira to be off leash. I took a chance today and let Kira off leash in her BFF's Penny's backyard and not only did she comply with my vocal commands, she obediently followed me inside when she was done "with her business".

    I took her off leash because she is such a pain in the butt when it comes to using the bathroom and I hoped that not having the leash on her would help. It most certainly did.

    I now am hoping for advice or possibly routines/scenarios so that we can practice her potential off leash skills and have no idea how/where to start. Does anyone have any knowledge or advice that you can start me off with?

    I think I have a good chance of success (as long as Kira doesn't see another dog) for training Kira off leash and would love to pursue it simply as a safety precaution if anything were to happen in the future. Kira is very obedient and in tuned to me, I think she would be great.
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  • omgtainomgtain
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    First you lay foundation.
    Remember foundation is the building blocks to a good recall. Don't rush it.
    I start my puppies by taking them into the yard and walking around, everytime they come up to me they get AMAZING TREATS and SOOOO MUCH FUN.. running around, tug, pets, etc. This is called "checking in".. reinforcing that coming to you is fun. I like to toss a treat 5 - 10 feet away and walk the opposite direction.. if they come to get me again.. GREAT. Fun fun fun! I'd do that for a good week or two.
  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
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    Thank you @omgtain that is great advice and a wonderful starting point. Kira's favorite treat is string cheese so I will use that and begin right away!

    I'm excited to be working on this with her and appreciate your advice!
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  • SayaSaya
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    Hope it goes well. If your going to be where there is possible distraction can let her drag a long leash.

    Working on leave it is good. Leave it has helped a lot as over time Saya got better with leaving rabbits, snakes and squirrels.

    Try to make sure you have special recall treat with you so if she recalls off something or listens good she gets the reward so it enforces the behavior. Saya loves string cheese, tiny pieces of hot dog, fish fudge. I mostly use string cheese and fish fudge.

    I sometimes toss treat to the ground especially if they didn't see and point to it. or if I see a mole hill I point to it as they like sniffing or digging on it.

    Try to work under what she can do and go up from there. Don't want to move too fast in high distraction if she isn't ready.

    I use bells it really helps. Also have nice bandana to make it easier to see her in the woods or if in high grass I can hear her. I use snow bell especially for winter or if walking in the woods. the sound carries for good distance so I can hear where she is if behind, to the side or front.. Also being snow bell it doesn't get caked up like some bells does when snow is deep which is good for me since Saya so small.
    This is one I got they have other varieties of bells and things too.

    I also have two small bells on her orange orvis name and phone collar.. I use that for potty breaks or if hanging in yard for short time. I mainly use the snow ones since I can hear her pretty far off.

    Video of her coming up from the pond. Took her bit to find a path to get up. Can hear her bell noise too.

    This video was taken month ago. She decided she needed a shiba 500 after her good long walk in the field.. She ran in the house so I didn't have time to get her bandana off. One thing with the bell easy to tell if she is running or walking. hehe I can hear the Bell in the second field while she is at the house not sure how far the second field is from the house, but it's pretty good distance.

    Coarse those gps collars are nice too for extra help. I haven't gotten one so can't advise much on those.

    There is a thread similar to this on Nihon ken side too so maybe there is some new info too.

    Also be weary where you do it if it is allowed, if you have wildlife, horses, bears, wolves, etc.
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  • micomico
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    We started by playing recall games in the back garden as soon as we brought Suki home and for her first offlead walk we went somewhere we know is really quiet and made sure we had high quality treats, even now I vary them so she doesn't think eww boring ... I'm not going back for that!

    We try and go somewhere different at the weekend and if she's unsure she won't go to far ahead and will look back to see where we are. We always call her back if another dog we don't know is approaching as she went through a snarly phase when she was about 2 and we could never predict which dogs she would react to.

    Maybe we're lucky where we live, there's a country park and farmland 2 minutes from our house and the majority of dogs are offlead. There's nothing nicer than seeing 6+ different breeds playing together while the humans have a gossip!
  • kiba888kiba888
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    I've been recall training Kiba for a few months whenever I get the chance with a 30-40 ft leash. He was pretty good if it was just me and him, if I let go -- he'd bolt which makes me frown. Anyways it's been constant practice in the backyard, in house, or local grass area.

    On labor day I decided to let go of the leash all day at a BBQ. His recall was perfect with hot dogs. Although his long leash was still on, it's still a step forward.

    My two cents: Use really high valued treats. It worked wonders

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