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  • karashakarasha
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    Hey guys.

    I wanted to see if these supplements will "jive" well with my feeding.

    AM - Orijen
    PM - Primal Chicken (will start to rotate her when she's a little older)
    Weekly - Raw chicken bones

    Grizzly Salmon Oil
    Organic Probiotic Yogurt
    Sold Gold Seameal

    I was considering getting a probiotic supplement, but I really rather get it from the yogurt for some reason instead.

    Also, my breeder gave me some NuVet supplements for her. While, I respect my breeder and her decisions, for some reason I really feel more comfortable with my choice of supplements. Especially since I am going to be feeding her a high quality kibble + raw. Also, not to mention, for a 180 day supply of the tablets, it's over a 100 dollars.

    What are ya'lls opinions on this set up?
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  • Adonia1986Adonia1986
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    I don't really have much experience with supplements, but I would be cautious with the yougurt, I know some dogs are dairy sensitive and a dairy sick puppy does not sound like it would be fun.Stefanie & Sakura Twin Cities - MN
  • jujeejujee
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  • LosechLosech
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    Conker gets prey-model raw. He gets Grizzly Salmon Oil daily and Ark Natural's Gentle Digest (probiotic) every other or every three days.
  • lockshi3lockshi3
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    i just give salmon oil
  • ljowen123ljowen123
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  • karashakarasha
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    Ok... glad I least have some support from SIF members :) I just really

    I'll look into the Ark's Natural Gentle Digest and also pick up a 100 IUs of Vitamin E. Also, I guess I'll forgo the solid gold seameal for now until I can read more about them.

    So I guess in conclusion:

    Grizzly Salmon Oil
    Ark's Natural Digest
    100 IU's of Vitamin E

    Thanks guys! :)
  • KaylaKayla
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    yay for the grizzly salmon oil! Kayla gets a nice squirt of it on her TOTW kibble every night and wolfs it down.

    @jujee - Thanks for the info on the seameal being bought out. I was about to buy it!
  • jujeejujee
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  • SayaSaya
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  • karashakarasha
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    Thanks everyone and thanks Saya for all of the good information!

    My best bet is to probably to talk with my Holistic vet as well to get his input on a lot of these things :)
  • redcattooredcattoo
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    I wanted to bump this thread and ask a question.

    I have just started a raw diet for my boys. I do not expect to have easy access to feeding wild game real often and buying range fed meat is probably on the long term cost prohibitive.

    Right now, the only supplement I am adding to their diet occasionally, not even on a regular basis, has been Ark Naturals Gentle Digest. This started more when they were on kibble and I was working on loose stools. Actually these last few days on raw their poos look 1000000% better than they ever were on kibble and I am actually probably in need of reducing bone content a bit more (first week we went with approx a 20-25% bone content during transition after calculating out the chicken parts we fed).

    I do want to use fish as one of the proteins (maybe once a week or so), but I am recently under the impression from things I have read that even with a prey raw model diet many people supplement with Salmon Oil as fish is only a small part of the diet and won't provide enough overall balance of Omega 3's that will be needed.

    What brands of Salmon Oil are good supplements and how do I use this along with the raw diet (ie how often, how much) to be sure I have a decent balance?

    Additionally, I noticed posters referring to Gold Sea Meal, what is this?
  • LosechLosech
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  • Banjo (7.5 months old) got a bout of diarrhea (and messed his create... first time he's ever done #2 in doors let alone the crate. I felt terrible so I boarded him with his trainer for the weekend so I knew he would be able to play with his dog friends and have 24/7 care from someone he trusts. I had unchangeable plans this weekend so it was better than daycare or crating him while I wasn't home).

    He's been on a boiled chicken and rice diet since friday and his poop has been doing better. I've added in a prescription from the doc and a little kibble as we make the transition back to full kibble. His stomach is awfully touchy so I am afraid of making the switch to raw until I can monitor him for the full transition as I never want him to be in his own feces again.

    I was wondering if anyone has used Missing Link supplement before? Right now I am feeding him Missing Link with boiled chicken and rice. I am going to put him back on blue buffalo wilderness chicken puppy food, but I am torn... is boiled chicken and rice with missing link a "complete diet"? If so, is it better than kibble?

    Here are the ingredients:
  • BootzBootz
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    Do you happen to know or think you have an idea of what caused the diarrhea?

    Boiled chicken and rice is only good for temporary relief for the dog's stomach. Even with supplements it will not be a good "complete diet" - cooking meat gets rid of the nutrients, and rice is just a filler. Kibble would be better. Raw is the absolute best.

  • I started to switch him from Blue Wilderness Puppy to Acana all life stages (before i decided on raw) The acana upset his stomach so I slowed down the transition.

    Also, he could have just eaten geese poop when I wasn't paying attention or when someone had him out for a walk. If I had to bet the mortgage, I would guess he ate some dirt or something off the ground, but since I am in the process of a food switch, I am honestly not sure (I am going to keep him on blue buffalo wilderness puppy until I can get a week off from work for the transition).
  • BootzBootz
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    At what speed were you transitioning him?
  • days 1-3: 1 part new, 3 parts old
    day 4-6: 1/2 part new, 3.5 parts old
    day 7: onset of diarrhea and abandoned plan.

  • SayaSaya
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  • Saya, THANKS!! From all I have heard, Blue Buffalo is a good company with good products, so I am going to stay on there formula for the time being. That being said, i am gong to compare ingredients between the two to see if I can isolate what gave my fur monster a tummy ache. =)
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  • BootzBootz
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    Between day 1-3 and 4-6 why did you decrease the amount of the new kibble? Was it because of the diarrhea?

    Since you are trying to transition between two different brands, sometimes dogs just get diarrhea because they have sensitive stomachs. It isn't always because of the ingredients, but since you mentioned it, was the proteins the same?

    I would suggest the following. Day 1-3 feed 1 part new, 3 parts old. Observe the stools to see if there are any changes. If no change. Proceed to 1.5 part new, 2.5 parts old. then gradually increase the new, decrease the old by half parts. If there are changes to the stool, wait a little longer before increasing the ratios.

    Definitely add Probiotic to help with the transition, or give him some pumpkin.
  • @bootz

    Yes, I lowered it due to diarrhea. The proteins were similar, but not identical (chicken, turkey, etc, although acana includes quite a bit of fishes like herring).
  • I would be a little cautious about them. They haven't had anything recently, but they have had a lot of recalls in the past.

    I don't know how legit these complaints are but I also saw this (was trying to find past forum posts about the Blue Buffalo recalls).

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