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giving puppy a bath.
  • the boyfriend complained that i let our puppy stink (jokingly ;P) so i got our puppy some nice smelling puppy shampoo today and gave him a bath. i've tried to give him a bath before and there were a lot of scratching and screaming. but now i've figured out how to give him a bath without too much fight. my problem is getting him dry... i pat him down with a towel, but then he ran around wiping himself on the carpet. now, he's licking himself and undoing all the cleaning i did on him. :) what is the best way to dry my puppy as fast as possible? i know it's been asked before, but, how often do you bathe your shiba? :D
  • You want to bathe your Shiba only when necessary because they have a natural weather-proof coat as do most double-coated breeds (I only bathed my Siberian Husky twice a year). As for the other thing, you could try a hair drier set on low although I just gave my Shiba a bath and I just towel-dried her; her coat air dries very fast. Any dog after they are bathed will run around, roll on the carpet/grass, and lick themselves because that is their way of drying themselves off (my Siberian Husky did that every time I bathed her).
  • CaliaCalia
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    After their yearly bath, I towel my pups off enough to stop the dripping and just let them air dry. Tetsu will go nuts licking the water off himself, and go double nuts trying to lick it off Tikaani. Licking the water off is not going to make them any dirtier, plus it gives them something to do for a bit while you recoup from bathing them.
  • hah, yea, i was thinking about it and then i realized i guess a wet, clean puppy won't dirty a carpet... so i shouldn't worry so much about him rolling around. i wonder what's the most a shiba is washed... i don't have a strong sense of smell, so if i can smell my dog as soon as i enter a room, i think it's bad, lol.
  • I bathe them once or twice a year, unless they get into something nasty, or have some other problem. I just towel them off and let them air dry too, like Beth does. My dogs also go crazy with the rolling, rubbing themselves on the carpet etc.

    I do occasionally use one of the spray on, towel off shampoos between baths if they just seem like they could use a touch up.

    My dogs eat raw, and they have no "doggie" odor. It's how I can tell something is wrong with them, in fact. If they have an odor at all, then either they got into something, or they are sick. Toby had bad allergies and lost the hair on his neck/chest, and because it was at first covered by his collar, I didn't notice, but I notice he smelled "off" (kind of doggy) so I knew something was wrong, and then found the hot spots from allergies.
  • Adonia1986Adonia1986
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    Sakura has allergies and an all natural organic oatmeal shampoo helps her skin, so she... much to her dismay... has had 4 baths since we got her. 3 were legitimate baths, and one the most recent was because she had an accident in her kennel. (4 baths in 5 months)

    As far as drying goes, I squeeze her out before she gets out of the tub, then she gets a quick rub down with the towel... after she gets loose she 500's around the apt until dry.Stefanie & Sakura Twin Cities - MN
  • shibahiroshibahiro
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    Nature Miracle's Waterless Shampoo is awesome! It smells really good too!
  • hiropuppyhiropuppy
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    eh, we probably bathe hiro more than most would approve of, BUT he plays with a lot of other dogs and gets slobbery/muddy a little too often than we'd like AND i have a hypersensitive nose. we've used the waterless furminator shampoo, and it was ok but a little fruity smelling.
    after washing, i like to try to wring out a little bit of water, then wrap him in a towel and towel dry him. he's usually pretty dry by that time... sometimes i'll use my hair dryer on low and quickly dry his body a little bit... then let him air dry the rest of the way.
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    You can bathe your shiba as often as you wish if you are careful not to over-do it. In general, puppies seem to require more bathing (they get greasy from all the petting people give them).

    I bathe shiba puppies about once every 3 weeks until they drop their puppy coat. I use a microfiber towel and as they get older, I introduce the forced air blower. They get over the bathing/blow dry process pretty quickly if you don't give into the screaming.

    My adults are bathed before each show and after a coat blow. The dogs who don't show get a bath 1-2 times a year. Frequent gentle grooming helps keep the skin and coat in good shape but as with all things, moderation is best.
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  • ericw2000ericw2000
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    I recently gave both dogs a bath when my mixed-breed dog got into something smelly and we couldn't stand it. They were both miserable, but smelled better (my daughter picked grapefruit scented dog shampoo, not a choice I would have made). I noticed our Shiba never smells bad, you can bury your nose in his fur and he always smells ok. Strange thing, I don't see him obsessively cleaning himself.
  • thanks lindsayt - that makes me feel better. i found a nice lavender smelling natural shampoo that won't strip his oils.

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