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shiba thrown from truck in PA
  • JudyJudy
    Posts: 183
    I am posting here what I have posted to the rescue lists:

    As news of this horrible incident spreads, I wanted to let everyone know that both myself and another rescuer have been in contact with Lancaster Humane to offer assistance from rescue if they request it. Please, do not call the shelter as they will post updates on "Sherman" on the following site and I will also post any updates I receive from the shelter as far as needs for this boy. There is a foster offer when and if they want it. I do know that they are asking for donations to help cover his care and info about that can be found also on the following link.

    Here is also one of the links to news coverage:,0,5369457.story
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  • LosechLosech
    Posts: 2516
    That poor guy. I hope he pulls through and finds a great home.

    The news lady got the name wrong. Sheebu Inu...
  • plasmodiumplasmodium
    Posts: 130
    That's horrifying! Ugh, I just can't understand how a person could do that!

    Hopefully Sherman will recover. :/
  • Will think positive thoughts for the little guy. Glad the lady stopped and took him to League.
  • Poor little guy! I'm glad someone saved him, though.

    And grrrr.....stuff like this really makes me hate people.....
  • KaylaKayla
    Posts: 163
    How awful! I was watching the video of his sweet little face and it reminded me of my own Kayla. I could never dream of hurting her like that - these ppl are sick! I hope they're caught.

    Good luck Sherman!
  • How can anyone hurt a such a sweet face like that? I was trying to have faith in the human race, but then there are just some terrible people out there who ruin it. Thank goodness there are still good people like the woman who stopped to help him.

    I'm telling everyone I know on Facebook to 'like' the page and hopefully help with those donations. I hope they get enough money for his surgeries soon!
  • SayaSaya
    Posts: 6678
    Poor shiba inu hope he pulls through and finds a home that give the love her deserves.
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • Alex575Alex575
    Posts: 171
    Poor Sherman!

    What kind of person does this type of thing? Sometimes people behave worse than animals. Hopefully the people who did it get caught and be forced to pay for the medical care! And I hope Sherman gets a great home and makes a full recovery from his injuries.
  • JudyJudy
    Posts: 183
    Here's a link to a youtube video from today:
  • KaylaKayla
    Posts: 163
    oh, that's heartbreaking....his poor leg :(
  • JudyJudy
    Posts: 183

    Sherman was to have surgery tonight.
  • JudyJudy
    Posts: 183
    The owner has been found and surrendered him to the shelter. She was out of town at the time of the incident.
  • subdermalsubdermal
    Posts: 10
    Wow, that is so horrible and sad.
  • JudyJudy
    Posts: 183
    Here is the latest update from the shelter:
  • Alex575Alex575
    Posts: 171
    Look at that face! I'm glad that he's doing good. Thanks for posting, Judy! :)
  • Woah! This makes it even worse--Sherman escaped from his petsitter and then was taken by some sicko who threw him out of a truck! I can't even imagine how horrible that must be to be out of town and think your dogs are safe, and to find out something like this has happened!

    What a terrible thing all around, but I'm glad that Sherman is in good spirits and getting the treatment he needs.
  • I'm from the area where this happened. Everyone who knows I had a Shiba called me when they saw the news report asking if I saw it and if I was heading down to adopt him. I'm glad that his owner is taking care of his expenses and hope the nasty people who took hurt him get apprehended. So sick.

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