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Secure dog run
  • jifferyjiffery
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    I'm trying to install a large outdoor kennel/dog run in my yard. The surface will be grass, and I'm worried that a wiley shiba might find her way underneath the "fenced" walls. Has anyone used one of these? Did you add cinder blocks or anything to the sides to keep the pup inside?
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  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    If it's a typical chain link kennel (or something in a relatively small space under 10x20), I would avoid setting it on bare grass. Whenever it rains, the entry will be all mud from your shiba sitting there waiting for you to come let him out, and digging. The best thing is a concrete slab, or gravel, or paving stones. That said, I have kennels on concrete for emergencies where gates or fences are down, but since shibas are house pets, they hate being confined and want to be inside or playing freely in the yard.
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  • RorsRors
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    Here in Australia we set up feral proof fencing for small acreages farms and sanctuaries, it stops Dingoes, Foxes and cats. If a concrete slab is impractical you can use reinforcing mesh buried under the grass. We have a sanctuary that uses heavy duty chicken wire that is wired to the fence then buried 6 inches under the soil. it only runs about 1 yard wide because the animals dig at the fence not finding the edge of the buried wire