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Is Your Shiba afraid of Thunderstorms?
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  • ljowen123ljowen123
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  • SayaSaya
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    Saya doesn't mind them if there's a big rumble or lightning close by I try not to make a big fuss about it and act like everything is fine.

    I find if my parent's go what's that after a big rumble they get nervous and look around so I try to ask them to not do that..
  • camodudecamodude
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    Our 4 month old pup had her first thunderstorm yesterday and she was fine, she mostly ignored the noise and she did not have any issue with going potty in the rain. She likes trying to drink from puddles.
  • rockinhlabsrockinhlabs
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    LMAO! At the first sound of thunder, Skippy gets on our bed and wiggles under the covers and shivers...with us in bed or NOT! Sometimes he'll just jump on our lap and cuddle...TIGHTLY! Knowing of thunderstorms in the area, we've tried putting him in a kennel to feel more secure...doesn't help. So, we just give him some extra loves and let him know we're there. We have the same problem on July 4th.

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