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TERRIBLE night's sleep- please help!!!
  • We've had our puppy almost 4 weeks now and since the very first night she has slept in a crate in our bedroom. She had never once shown a sign of not liking the crate. When we get home from work, she sees us and is excited, but never cries or jumps around in her crate. The only time she ever would cry in her crate is when we were a few feet away from it and she knoes we are about to let her out.

    Yesterday morning, she woke us up around 4am jumping all around her crate and crying like a big baby. We assumed she had to go out so my husband took her out and she did go. He came back inside, put her in her crate and got back in bed. Within seconds, she started doing it again, crying very loud, and jumping all over the place. We live in an apartment complex and have neighbors all around us, so we could not let this continue. I eventually opened the crate door, but closed the bedroom door thinking whatever, she can have her run of the bedroom for one morning and we'll see what happens. Well that wasn't good enough for her... she started to cry by the bedroom door... so I eventually opened that door too. We woke up to a pee puddle in the living room and were both exhausted and had a horrible day at work.

    One thing I did notice was that it rained yesterday and since we had gotten her, this was the very first time it had ever rained. Maybe that set her off?

    So last night, we are both exhausted and got in bed a little earlier than normal, pup in her crate as usual right next to us. Right away it started again! crying non-stop, jumping at the crate door. Clearly wanted to come out... again lead to us eventually granting her access to the entire apartment. I know this is bad, and is us giving in, but we couldn't let this lead to complaints from our neighbors! Her crying was so loud. Once she was out, she was running around the apartment playing with all her toys and trying to bite us when she would randomly go back into the bedroom. At one point I saw her pass out on our bedroom floor and then get up and walk herself back into her crate. But all of this started again around 5am. We were able to eventually sleep until 11, which means she must have tired herself out at some point in the early morning.

    Anyway, we're lost for what to do. WE can't just let her bark and bark if she does this again because we know this will lead to complaints from our neighbors. I don't know if it was because of the rain, but it had completely cleared up by last night so it would make no sense for why this went on all night. And she's in her crate while we're at work... does this mean she cries the whole time we're gone too? Where did this all come from???? help please!
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  • Try putting her in her crate and having both you and your husband "leave", just stand outside the apt door. When we did that, we discovered that Sakura cries for about 4 mins or so, then stops. Does she stop if you tap the crate? Have you tried lying on the floor where she can see you, or if her crate is close to your bed, putting your hand near her? If the latter helps, then it sounds like it could be some anxiety creeping up, I know other memebers have tried thundershirts for anxiety and have had good results. If tapping the crate makes her stop (or putting padding on the crate and hitting that) it could be that she is just being a drama queen and having a tantrum. If none of those help... then I am at a loss, but maybe she hears something or doesn't feel comfy about something in your apt and it is upsetting her, and if not.. maybe she is like a kid and just not tired out enough to sleep...

    Our bedtime routine with Sakura goes as such - out to for sure pee, maybe poo, (depends on when her last one was), then shiba 500 (we try to start it up again if she looks like she is winding down), once she is good and tried she will find a spot in the livingroom and lay down at which point she is scooped up and put in her crate to repeated bedtimes and kisses.

    It sounds like a long routine.. but takes less than 1/2 hour (generally) and that equates to Sakura sleeping through the night (90% of the time) and no fuss when in the crate unless she has to go out. She has slept for 10 hours in the crate, with no problems.

    I realize my comments are a bunch of.. "well maybe's", but I understand how you feel, we live in an apt too with neighbours on 3 sides. Hopefully you are able to figure out what is going on soon! Good luck!Stefanie & Sakura Twin Cities - MN
  • I had a similar problem with my puppy when we first got her. We also live in an apartment and were worried about our neighbors. This is what we found worked. I hope it will help you. Right before bed we wear her out! A very long walk, rigorous play until she pretty much has to pass out. We also feed her her last meal at around 4pm and take up her water at 7pm. I usually give her an ice cube in the evening to get a little water in her after play but this way she doesn't drink so much that she needs to go out in the middle of the night. She has 2 favorite chew toys that she only gets in her crate at night. That way when she wakes up in the middle of the night she has something she loves to do. We cover her crate so that she isn't distracted. She is up though every morning at 5:50 to 6am needing to go out. (she is only 14 weeks) She goes to the bathroom and then we put her in her exercise pen in the kitchen with lots of fun toys and her breakfast and water. I then get another hour of sleep before it is time to go out again and get up for the day. She would throw a fit if we put her back in her crate after being walked in the morning.
  • Reading your post makes me remember the first 3 days of having our puppy, the behavior is basically identical!! Riley did the same thing, we would put him in his crate, in our bedroom and he would wine and cry all night. We had 3 sleepless nights. We thought the same thing, he must have to go to the bathroom, so we would let him out and then he would want to play. I think that they get their way once and so they think if they keep whining, then we will let them out again (and it works!). What we did is was put his crate downstairs (we live in a 2 story townhouse with neighbors on either side). We could barely hear him and we just ignored him and after a few hours he went to sleep. He hasn't whined in his crate since. It's funny, though, because once he ate some chocolate and the vet said to keep an eye on him all night so we brought his crate upstairs and put it in our bedroom so we could monitor him (he was probably 10-11 months old) and he whined and cried for a few hours until we gave in... My husband and I ended up sleeping downstairs on the couch that night. There must be something about sleeping upstairs for Riley...he does not like it one bit!

    My advise would be to put his crate somewhere else in your apartment (some place you can hear her less) so that you and your husband can sleep. Ignore her and after a few hours I'm sure everyone involved will get a good night sleep. Also, take her for a long walk or play real hard before you put her to sleep or in her crate. Good luck!
  • Thanks everyone. We just got home from Penny's puppy class and the trainer gave us a lot of ideas as well. I really don't think that it's anxiety that causing this. I think she just wants to get out of her crate and run around and play. I tried to put my hand near her and she just chews on me and continues to cry.

    We definitely will try to wear her out tonight. What sucks is we are going out for a friend's birthday so by the time we get home we will be exhausted but we're still going to take her out. We're also going to move her crate to the living room the furthest away from the bedroom. That way we won't be able to hear her as much and hopefully the neighbor's won't either since all apartments are exactly the same and she would be far from their bedrooms as well.

    Adonia, what is shiba 500? Is that when they race around?? haha becuase if so, how do you start that up? She does that randomly on her own and that would definitely tire her out if we could get her to do that before bed.

    What doesn't make sense to me is that for the past almost 4 weeks we had no problems at all! I don't know where this came from. We're both exhausted again today and have so much to do waaaaaah!!!
  • yep, the shiba 500 is when they zoom around. Sakura will do it anytime after coming inside after going poo and we can usually start it up by chasing her or trying to get her to chase us, sometimes hitting the ground a little helps too. Basically get her wound up and then act like your going to chase her, that should get her zooming :)Stefanie & Sakura Twin Cities - MN
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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  • What I have been doing with Kenij is starting shiba 500's by playing fetch. So he is nice and tired by round 9 pm. It works wonders
  • DjinnDjinn
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    I really feel your pain! Our building policy excludes dogs as large as Shiba but I fought it out and they agreed to let us get Hayate on the condition that we'd be chucked out if a single complaint was made. So his barking is a very effective way of getting what he wants. I have only been able to tired him out enough to slow him down once, and it took 6 hours of constant and vigorous exercise... not something I can do every day! Sorry I can't offer any advice, but I do empathise.

    So we went out for a friend's birthday last night and fed Penny and played with her before we left. We got home around 1:30 am and it was obvious that she had been sleeping the whole time. My husband took her on maybe a half hour walk and then played fetch with her in the apartment for maybe another half hour.

    When it was time for bed, we put her in her crate and got in our bed and she was quiet for a while but then started crying. She wasn't jumping all over the cage so I was thinking ok this is a test. Her crying wasn't' loud at all so we ignored it. She stopped after about 5 minutes and went to sleep! We ended up sleeping very well!!

    So I really think it was just her energy level. Today is beautiful out and I plan on taking her on several long walks and maybe a visit to see her brother so she should sleep good tonight!
  • great happy the fetch thing helped. Kenij is the same way and playing with the other dogs WILL tire him out more. =)
  • emmyemmy
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    Exercise is the best recipe for a good night of sleep. If I don't make sure my adult shiba gets enough exercise he will come wake me up around four am by pawing at me and trying to get me to play with him. (He sleeps on a bed in the living room instead of in the crate these days...)

    I didn't have him as a puppy, but I experienced an akita puppy that is the whiniest dog EVER learning not to cry in his crate. Stick to the methods here and don't give in. She will get used to settling in to sleep and will stop crying. :)
  • The other thing to do, for everyone in an apartment and worrying about neighbors, is actually to also reach out to your neighbors. Explaining that you are in the process of trying to train, preemptively apologizing for any noise that may arise, and asking them to let you know if there is anything you can do while you go through the difficult training period will probably go a long way to establishing a bit of good will. I live in what is essentially an apartment complex and that's what we did and people were pretty understanding. I sort of see it like throwing a party. People's tempers get a lot shorter if they don't understand what is going on, and if they feel like you haven't had the courtesy to tell them, or give them a courtesy invitation (in the case of a large and/or noisy party).
  • emmyemmy
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    That's such a great idea. I had a neighbor that got a beagle puppy and ended up getting evicted over that poor thing. I could actually hear them barking and growling back at it sometimes. Having a neighbor come to me and explain that they have a plan that includes classes, using a trainer or behaviorist, and working on establishing less annoying patterns of behavior would definitely make me more understanding if I were the neighbor. Getting to pet the cute puppy probably makes a little barking easier to take, too.

    Be a good neighbor. Apologize, show them that if something you or the pup does bothers them you will do whatever you can to resolve the issue, and CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF. Ugh. That was the worst thing about living in apartments that allowed dogs...the poop in the grassy areas around the building.

    I think that having a puppy is hard no matter what, but even harder in an apartment because there are noises and people to bug the pup, you don't have a fenced in yard to run loose in, you have to worry about people hearing you and the dog and complaining, etc. That's why I waited until I bought my house to get a dog. Luckily shibas are actually pretty well suited to living in apartments (better than a lab or those yippy little dogs), so once you get the training under control it'll be great!
  • glad things are working out! have to agree - a pooped shiba is a non-destructive/annoying shiba :) taking a brisk night time walk or getting her to play before bed helps. our pup calms down a lot with the promise of treats+training... so sometimes we'll pull out the clicker and some kibble and he'll settle down once we start practicing his tricks.
    good luck and.... more penny spam?
  • Hiro... here is a picture of Penny from a week or 2 ago. she's very good in the car! I will try to post some more soon!
  • sorry, didn't realize it was so big!
  • Penny is very cute. I had many restless nights as well with Kitsu when he was a puppy. What worked for me along with lots of playtime and walks was to give him a chew toy/treat, something that takes a long time to chew when he wouldn't sleep. That seemed to occupy him enough and he would leave me alone after finishing it and would go back to sleep. Have patience though, I thought he would never grow out of waking up at 4:30 every morning but eventually he did, now he sleeps even after I get up. He only moves to the warm spot on the bed after I get out of the shower.
  • KCMeekoKCMeeko
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    Meeko was exactly the same when i brought him home! The first night he slept the whole night without whining in his crate. It wasn't until my first night back at work that he had issues with sleeping. I've noticed that one days we woke him up really early he'd ware himself out to the point that he take 2 or 3 naps during the day and still sleep well at night. I felt bad at work when my boyfriend would text me to tell me he was being such a terror. He eventually gave in and let him out of this crate/pen and of course we had a few accidents on our floor. I too worried about my new neighbors but they are all aware of the new puppy. I still feel horrible though as I know what its like to try to sleep listening to that shiba scream. I at first thought it was just anxiety with me being away at work but even the first night back at home for me Meeko again would not sleep. I tried laying next to the pen, sitting in the pen, letting him out a playing/running him in our yard. Everything just seemed to make him have even more energry. I of course got frustrated and eventually just placed him back in the pen, turned off all the lights and went to my room. He whined for about 10min before realizing everyone is sleeping. Although the poor thing probably didnt sleep very well himself as when i woke him up the next morning at 7am he just seemed so drowsy. I feel like its a new thing every night with him but I'm trying to be patient and hopefully everyone gets some sleep.
  • tysaaantysaaan
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    Jibo cried every night as well, as usually should every puppy. They aren't able to hold their bladder for too long, are you letting him out every night? Let him out to pee, then put him right back to bed. If he already used the bathroom and he is still crying, ignore him. I made the mistake of paying attention to him while Jibo was crying and to this day he still has bad habits of crying when left alone in a crate. Before bed you should also exercise Meeko and try and get him tired.
  • KCMeekoKCMeeko
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    He gets lots of exercise prior to bed to help make him sleep and I always let him go to the bathroom prior to bringing him back in to bed. We've also tried removing his water a few hours before bed. But he seems to just cry and cry when left in the crate/pen to long. Anytime I am home I've noticed it doesn't seem to last very long and he eventually falls asleep but apparently when I'm not at home my boyfriend says it takes almost a hour+ before he stops. We are both concerned with our neighbors as his barking/howling can get quite obnoxious. Should we just let him cry and ignore him even though it may last for 30+ minutes?

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