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Crying just because???
  • Sometimes Ziva runs around my apartment crying, and I cannot figure out why. Her tail is curled, and her ears are up... I thought it might because she's getting her adult teeth, but it's by no means something she does all the time. Today, she did it every time she picked up her rawhide bone. She would wander around the living room with it in her mouth, sounding heartbroken.

    She didn't need to go outside -- I've tried that before with no results, and she had gone less than 30 minutes before. She's 19 weeks old.

    Also, I don't suppose there's anyone out there near the Eastern Panhandle of WV...??? I'll be home in a few weeks, and I really, really want her to meet and play with some other Shibas. I'm currently in Germany, surrounded by extremely well-behaved German dogs. She wants to play, but most of them won't have any of it. Makes me feel like a bad mommy. She's great with people, but just doesn't get to spend much time around dogs.

    In advance: Thank you!
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  • emmyemmy
    Posts: 553
    My shiba walks around with toys in his mouth and cries on a pretty regular basis. For no reason at all.
  • bobc33bobc33
    Posts: 287
    That behavior puzzled me at first, but I realized Scout did it when I gave her a bone or bully stick and she would carry it around "crying" while looking for the best place to hide it.
  • emmyemmy
    Posts: 553
    I had heard people say they were looking for a place to hide the toy/treat. But Toby never hides anything...sometimes he piles them up in one spot or another. No hiding, though. It's kind of annoying....seems to happen more often at night when it's almost time for us to go to bed. It's like he gets anxious about something. I usually talk to him and he calms down pretty soon.
  • LadywolfLadywolf
    Posts: 106
    Hey, that happens to my shiba too! sho is 1 year and 4 months old. And sometimes he will wander around crying for no reason at all. And then he will look outside the window, and wander around again crying. At first i thought that he wanted to go out, but then he even does it after we were out for 2 hours. So i guess that was not the reason. Until now i still couldn't figure out why?
    It looked like he is anxious about something or wants something. But i don't know what? Maybe he hears something that i couldn't or smell something that i couldn't and that something made him anxious? Well, i don't know for sure why...?
  • DjinnDjinn
    Posts: 161
    Kuri does it when she wants to hide her rawhide or other chewable delights from Hayate. She buries them in the bedclothes, it's adorable but I feel terrible when she cries, she sounds really anxious.
  • @Mochi_the_shiba oh my gosh, he is too adorable!! Also, your house is beautiful.

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