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Potty training help/tips!
  • I've just brought home my 10 week old shiba 2 days ago and I know potty training takes time and patience, but i was wondering if there was any tips to help the process easier.

    I read lots of books and it says just let the pup out so he can wander around and do his business especially after waking up, eating, etc...well its's -25'C here in Canada and whenever I bring him outside, he is just huddle in a corner shivering and begging to go back in the house so after waiting several minutes and nothing happening, I let him back in (Is that bad?) and he does his business everywhere around the kitchen especially on the carpet...

    I also asked some pet owners say try using puppy pads if its cold outside, so I soaked a towel with the little pup's pee and placed it on the pad hoping he would pee there after smelling the scent, but that didn't work either.

    I also tried like many people told me, catch him in action when he sniffs around, put him outside, and I am always too late because he's little so he doesn't have lots of pee so by the time I bring him out, it's like a trail of pee to the door on the floor...

    Please help!! Thank you!!
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  • whether puppy pad or going outside - crate training is the best - saved my sanity. Dr. Ian Dunbar has written about it a lot..There should be many links to his writings on forum or get his book "before and after getting your puppy..." Also look on forum for crate training should be lots of good info...

    Also get an enzyme cleaner like "Natures Miracle" to clean where he's already gone, because he is getting trained to go inside everytime he goes...

    Good luck!
  • We got our puppy, Penny, a week ago and we've been having a lot of problems too. It sounds like you have a fenced in back yard and can just let your puppy run loose? We don't, so we have to walk her on a leash. As much as I wish I had a backyard, maybe it would help you to walk him outside so you can direct him around the yard and so that he has your company. Penny get distracted outside very easily by sounds and movements so we guide her to a different area where she can concentrate on going.

    Also, we were using wee wee pads up until this past weekend. We started to realize that they were going against what we were trying to teacher her- to not go in the house. What we do now is watch her like a hawk. If she is not in our sight then she is in her crate. Like Koji's Mom said, crates are extremely important and helpful in training. They will not go to the bathroom in their crates. Yesterday morning I took Penny out after eating her breakfast and she was too busy watching birds and listening to cars that she did not go potty outside. I HAD to leave for work so there was nothing I could do but put her in her crate and leave. I worried about her all day and that she would go in her crate, but 8 hours later I came home to find a totally clean crate and a puppy who desperately wanted to get outside. I think this proves that she will never go in her crate. So if Penny is out playing in the apartment, we watch her every move and if she looks like she is going to go, we grab her and run outside. It's freezing here too in NJ so we got her a coat to wear because she was shivering when we took her out.

    Also, like Koji's Mom said, they smell their scent on the floors which attracts them to go to the bathroom there again. We have hard wood floors and bought the enzyme cleaner by Simple Solutions that's meant for hardwood floors. This helps to get rid of the smell so they won't be as likely to go in that spot again.

    Hope this helps :)
  • redcattooredcattoo
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    There were so many threads and I didn't see an answer to my current quandary, so I thought I would add it to this thread ...

    So our set up is a daily morning walk and a daily evening walk, which is when my oldest boy (14 months) has typically always poo'd. My new boy (4 months), we haven't quite figured out his poo schedule as he seems to go 4 or more poo's a day, often very soft puppy poo's at that.

    When we can't take them out on leash (ie for a walk), they have access to an area we call our atrium, it is a secure outdoor area (approx 15x10 feet) that is a combination of grass, bark, and a stone pathway surrounded on 3 sides by our house/garage and the 4th side looks to our front doorway entrance area. It also has minimal overhang from the roof so you can find an area not affected by rain if it is a non-windy type rain. Both boys very quickly learned to use this when needed to pee and poo rather than depend on us during the day to take them out on leash. We have had almost no accidents in the house, even with our new boy until ....

    We just found out that while they are very well potty trained, they must be fair weather pottiers ... take yesterday for example, it was an extremely rainy day here in our area of Florida, so last night we didn't take our usual evening walk, all else was normal.

    This morning I woke up to find in our back gym (the room that has access to the atrium) two distinct poo piles from our older dog and two to three poo areas from our younger dog ... clearly they chose not to go the extra couple of feet more out the pet door into the atrium. Mind you, I don't believe it was raining hard (if at all) most of the night (more of a drizzly rain), so there is very little reason they couldn't have made their way outside into the atrium like they typically do.

    How do you deal with this situation and try to teach them to not be such fair weather outdoor poo'ers? Florida can have lots of long rainy days, so I want to try avoiding a pattern of this happening again.

    edited to add: and this happened during sleeping hours, we don't typically require them to sleep in crates at night which has not been an issue, so we wouldn't have caught them in the act to correct it. I hate to have to crate them for 8 hours a night on rainy nights when this isn't our typical practice.
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  • Hi all.
    I perused a handful of PT threads and didn't find my issue d'jour. (Decided to revive this one since the title seemed most broad.) That issue would seem to be some sort of relapse...

    Sachi is (was?), what I had deemed to be, a solid 97% potty trained. But, you know, it's that 3% that really rides me! Here's our set up and what's happening:

    1. Sachi is about 8.5mo old and still unaltered. (Targeting spay after first heat.)
    2. We live in a condo -- no yard, but we installed a doggy door in our slider and made a space for her to potty on one of the decks. She took to this quite well and uses it regularly to pee, but will not poop there. (Which is fine.)
    3. We introduced her to her crate her early on and she was fine with the crate, but we had somewhat a "hybrid system" -- we've never confined her solely to her crate. Early on, we would align the crate inside the condo with the doggy door -- when she would leave the crate she would be outside on the deck. As she learned to pee outside, we started giving her more space using an ex-pen to fashion a gated area connecting the crate and the doggy door. Eventually (arguably, too early?) we gave her free rein, keeping the crate around for her to use as a bed which she seemed to like well enough. (Again, we've never closed the door to lock her inside.) Then, eventually, she kind of outgrew the original crate we had for her (cuz she's crazy-tall and 27lbs already!) so, at this point, she's just naturally quit using it. At night (and when ever) she roams between her bed on the floor to the sofa to the deck and where ever...

    So -- on to the issue:
    She peed in the dinning room a few weeks back -- she did it for a couple days straight so we gated off the dining room area to keep her out. This worked for a couple days but then she peed as close to that area as she could on her side of the gate. She was doing it at night so we went further and limited her access the area (call it a single room) with her bed, her food/water, and the doggy door access to the deck outside. This is where we are now, and we confine her to this area at night and whenever we leave her home alone during the day. It's been several days of that and, so far, she's peed inside twice -- once was right in front of her bed.

    After a few threads reading here, it seems that everyone's take on housebreaking revolves directly around crate-training -- and we've decided to buy a new, larger crate which will arrive today. BUT:

    Since her recent indoor peeing seems to be haphazard, and since I like being able to let her roam freely, and since we had a system that once worked, and, and, and so on, I'm VERY interested in hearing what you all might ting in this case. Might her activity be a mere relapse that will pass? Did we raise her to make poor decisions?! Will I really need to confine her to a crate for the rest of her life?
  • Mochi920Mochi920
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    @empresssachi we had a similar issue as well with Mochi. She never ever poops inside the house but she has two places inside the house where she will sometimes pee after rounds of shiba 500 or whenever she feels she doesn't want to hold it in...even though we took her outside an hour ago.
    One spot was in the hallway upstairs on the carpet while the other spot was in the kitchen. Because of this, we don't let her stay upstairs by herself without checking on her from time to time. We get suspicious of her if she is too quiet in either area for too long lol

    What I found to be really helpful was to thoroughly and I mean thoroughly clean the area. We used a baking soda/vinegar/water solution to get rid of any lingering odor (just because it's not visible or noticeable to us doesn't mean it's gone). For tiles and wood floors, we used a wet mop to clean the area with the mixture and for carpets, we sprayed the whole area (not just the spot where she peed but the areas around it as well), sprayed a little bit more baking soda on top, then sprayed again, let it sit for 30mins to an hour, and then vacuumed the area once it was dried. This confused Mochi because she would go upstairs after her shiba 500 to her "quick stop" sniff around and go back downstairs and paw at the door. Then when she did go outside and relieve herself I gave her a treat, a treat that she can ONLY get if she does her business outside.

    I'm not sure if Sachi is peeing bc of the lingering odor, making her believe that that area is her potty area, but it's worth a try. It worked for Mochi but she ended up peeing yesterday upstairs on the same carpet so we had to repeat he process all over again. It was our fault though bc I was taking a shower and my sister said that Mochi was whining and going back and forth after coming inside from playing. She didn't know that Mochi never pees in the backyard :))
  • JuniJuni
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    I have never crated Juni, that is not how anyone keeps dogs in Sweden, so of course it is possible without a crate. But you may have to restrict access to some areas. If she pees in or close to her bed I don't think crating is the solution.
    I would rather make sure she actually pees when she is outdoors. Do you let her "do it on her own" using the doggy door or do you take her out on walks?
  • Thank you guys!
    @Mochi920 -- in the back of my mind, I had hoped that "thoroughly" cleaning the area would work. So far, all locations are on carpeted areas -- and we DOUSE the entire area as thoroughly as possible, throwing everything at it -- baking soda, vinegar mixtures, good carpet shampoo, both Nature's Miracle Urine Destroyer & No More Marking, and maybe a couple other things. We even bought a pretty high quality carpet shampooer, so when she pees on one spot, we wash the spot, then heat-steam the spot, and then shampoo the entire room. (As it ends up, my wife really loves using the shampooer!!) Unless we're just flat out doing it wrong, I can't really imagine being able to clean it any better. It feels like she KNOWS where to go but just chooses to be rebellious or something...
    @Juni -- I agree with the Swedes! Something inside me just HATES the idea of crating. The incident of peeing close to her bed was isolated -- it's never happened before and not since. (Still made me raise an eyebrow...!) We let her manage the doggy door end of things on her own, but that only leads to a small deck area (we live on the 6th floor) so we walk her outside frequently. I'd say a minimum of 3x daily and maybe as many as 5x.

    I'm scratching my head a little with this because it's not something does with incredible regularity. She had been "inside-pee-free" for upwards of a couple months until just a few weeks ago. And now it's just frequent enough to be irritating. As of now, and outside those first two incidences since we confined her nighttime life to a limited area, she hasn't peed again -- and that's been 4 days or so now. Fingers crossed!
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  • JuniJuni
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    Juni had a period when if she woke up late at night she just tried to find a secluded spot in the apartment instead of telling us she needed to go out so we closed off some areas at night. She also wet her bed a few times in her sleep. But this was all within like the first month or so when we got her.
    I was just thinking she may not like to pee on the deck anymore. Or perhaps adjust the time you walk her if it's mainly at night she pees indoors. But if the limited area works it's all good.

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