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How to prevent a shiba from becoming aloof/ or too arrogant??
  • Hello everbody!!
    I am normally not the person that worries about things that have not happened, but I have to admit that I am..
    We have met a few shibas already in the neighborhood. One is 5 and the other is 9 years old.. And I gotta tell you the 9 year old has extreme social issues. And the 5 year old one is very arrogant and wont play or come near other people. They are too independent. There is a third shiba in the neighborhood. She's a bit shy and is not allowed to be offleash-she's ok..

    Well My little Hachi is 8 months old and is playful and loves people. She's really good with the "come here" command.. I'm afraid that she might changed in the future. I really don't want her to become aloof like the other shibas we have met in the neighborhood. Did your shiba inu change personalities as well?
    The one shiba that is 5 years old, well the owner said that she used to be like Hachi but at around 1.5 years she changed :(
    Do you have any tips? And why do they change!!
    I plan to continue taking her every day to the dogpark and really let her play with the dogs for as long as she wants. Thankfully it's across the street from me. Of course I am going to continue with the commands that I learned in puppyclass.
    I guess that's all I can do.. Maybe I should take her to a day care or something. Thanks everybody!
  • From what my experiance with dogs has been (Not shibas, as I don't have one yet) is that socialization is an ongowing process.
    I wouldn't worry to much. The best you can do is continuously socialize her with different people/ dogs.

    I've heard that a single bad experiance can change a shiba, but again, with no personal experiance I'm not sure. I've been lucky enough that the dog I grew up with has never had any of those issues. I've just read a few times on this forum that it's one of the reasons people hesitate about the dog park.

    Anyway, barring any unforseen medical conditions that may alter the personality of the pup, I don't htink there's really anything else you can do besides be vigilant and socialize.
  • My Shiba is 8.5 can not predict future, but he is extremely friendly and I think about this too...From what I've read, as @plasmodium says, socialization is a lifelong process. Dr. Ian Dunbar talks about how people frequently unconciously stop socializing...they don't mean to, but the dog gets more mature, they think he's friendly and stop going out of their way to get them out meeting new people/dogs...

    He says adolescence/maturity can bring on a "backsliding" if owners don't make an effort. I plan to keep Koji in classes of some kind for long time...there are tricks and games classes, Agility for fun that we are planning on after he's done with the puppy/ basic obedience classes...(don't think he'll win any contests, just to keep him out there and working his little brain :)

    As for dog parks - they can be a problem - depends on the park. My vet told me they see about one dog a week that comes in for injuries received at dog parks, he's not a big fan. One park close to our house has bad rep - fleas/ticks and irresponsible owners/fights...Another one that is a short drive is known to be run by "dog park Nazi ladies" and is nice, but some people don't like the "strictness" will be confronted if keep leash on inside, don't pick up after or just allow dogs to be rude...

    We have decided to use a long line and take Koji to regular parks and beaches that are "open" and where we know most people are good owners and have not had any problems. I've also become very aware since his teacher told me "never let a dog greeting happen on tight leashes, either let them meet totally with loose leash or not at all" So many people say "yes, dog is friendly - then have a death grip on them as they try to sniff eachother, can create tension that is not there and lead to problems...

    I have also heard that Shiba's have loooong memories, so try to make sure they have many positive experiences throughout life...If they have a 1000 positive experiences and then one negative, more likely to roll off their backs, if they have a shorter history of positive then something bad happens will make a much larger impression and could "change" them...

    Hopefully our puppies will continue to have fun and be friendly!
  • PlasM. and Koji have some good points

    Well the breed is what it is, quite a few dogs could give a crap about strangers once mature. You are seeing behavior from the outside looking in. Therefore, other Shibas that belong to their people may not be too interested in interaction and really see no need to engage you unless there is something in it for them. Understand developmentally most puppies have a curious stage and once full adulthood sets in, the breed tends to be a bit more reserved. This is why anyone seeking out the breed should really visit reputable sources to determine if they will like what they see as the animal matures into an adult dog.

    There are factors and experiences over the life of a dog that can make them more suspicious or reluctant to engage in stranger greetings as well. Yes, like most beings on this earth, they are individuals. In the case of Shibas you have to do what is best to keep the good things comings and keep socialization fun and minimize stress or rude dogs and people . They often will become more stodgy and bored with the mundane as age sets in if you slack in keeping them out and about in friendly circumstances and fun activities. Here is a good read if you have not run across it yet. : )

    I would not get too worried and just go have fun with your dog. Cross each bridge as you come to it.
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  • SayaSaya
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    Saya is 1 years old and will be 2 in April 20th and she has that aloof personality, but she does love people she'll go greet people, but some she won't usually the ones who are too pushy.

    Saya loves kids especially friendly ones who don't scream loud or be rude etc.

    I've met some local shiba inu who were more aloof than Saya.

    I take her where she is welcomed and she loves getting attention.

    I'm lucky my dog park is decent and people remove their dog if they're acting too rude.

    Your dog sounds nice just keep working on socialization and keep things fun and positive.

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