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Hair problem
  • My 1 and 1/2 year old Shiba Toshiro, has some problems with his fur. When we got him as a pup, everything was fine, he had nice fur. His parents have both nice full coats, no problems in family.
    When he shed for the first time spring 2010, his fur did not come back also not for this winter, he has some on his neck and buttocks but for the rest he has short hair!
    also around 1 year ago, we had some weight problems with him, he just would not eat, this problem is now solved :) shoved for over 6 months over 600 grams of raw meat daily into him hehe that did the trick.

    When we got him, he was our first Shiba, we continued on the food of the breed, which was Franks Pro-Gold, only later when we got to know other Shiba breeders, we got to know the importance of food.

    So my question is, did we ruin the fur when he was a puppy due to the not good food?

    We use No. 91 EPO oil and No. 20 EPO shampoo both from Isle of Dogs, plus he gets some salmon oil, when not shedding.

    I want to do more shows with him, but without fur .... just a waste of the entry fees...

    With our 2 Shiba pups, they got Happy Dog kibble and some spoonful of raw meat. And since they are 4 months they only get raw meat, with orijen as a change, and their fur is just great, but their lines are also impeccable.

    Please help me.
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    My husband and I adopted our Shiba, Panko last summer. When we got her, she was missing some hair at the bottom of her tail and at some other parts. She is estimated to be about 8 years old, so we have no idea what her previous owner was feeding her. That said, the vet put her on Hydroxyzine, and we gave her food without by-products, and the hair immediately grew back within two weeks. Of course, I am not a vet and I am just speaking based on experience, but I guess I am trying to say that if the problem really relates to food, we were able to solve Panko's hair loss issue. Hope that helps!