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Zoiks, why is my Shiba blowing her undercoat in January?!?
  • snowdogsnowdog
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    Ok, I'm a bit concerned, living in a pretty cold region. Typical temps here are 10-20 degrees F, at least until the first week of March. But I noticed a week ago that my Shiba started to blow her coat. That seems a bit early. I started to brush her and took out quite a bit of the undercoat before realizing, wait, she still needs this when outside. The other morning when taking her for a walk, I stopped to let her sniff, and she seemed to be shivering until we picked up the pace again. She still wants to play outside and romp in the snow, so it's not that bad for her apparently, but I'm confused. Why would this dog shed now, when the winter is in the prime? Also, she just blew her coat back in August as well, and turned one in November of 2010. Do they really blow the coat 2x per year?
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  • I am a bit curious on this too. Toby started last week their is fur every where I thought maybe it was because it went from the teens to the 40's the week before but now its in the teens again. He shivers when he is out but wants to be out. I am not sure is this is normal we got him in Oct. but glad to hear their is another Shiba that did the same thing.
  • CaliaCalia
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  • snowdogsnowdog
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    That's exactly what I was thinking. We keep it warm, around 70-71 degrees. And for a while our dog wasn't getting the walks it needed, too much at home time. It did warm up too, high 30s, which for up here is very warm. My question is, should I then refrain from defurring her further? I've stopped brushing after those two nights last week. Figure I'll let her keep as much as she can. Problem is we have allergic guests coming next week. Very tough timing. I guess I could get her a coat, but doing that would be beneath her dignity :) I guess she is hearty enough to handle it. It was around 12 degrees this morning on her 30 minute walk, and she loved every minute of it, and was moving around a lot, so I guess she stayed warm.

    Well OK, I'm glad it's not a health issue. She seems like a very healthy doggy.
  • SayaSaya
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    Calia's explanation seems right.

    Saya gets outside time even in the cold she loves running around in 17F weather last year she wanted to play instead of go potty at night in 5F weather. Brr!

    Luckily I had three layers of sweaters and a nice jacket and mittens on so she got to run around on her 50foot leash. lol
  • LosechLosech
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    Conker has lost most of his undercoat but more is growing in so I'm guessing that was the puppy fuzz. He does fine outside when it's cold and only does the "chilly feet" thing every now and then.
    I keep it pretty warm in here too so if he was blowing his adult coat I'd understand why.
  • PupChowPupChow
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    I was wondering about the same thing since Mac just got done blowing his winter coat in the middle of January, lol. Calia's explanation makes a lot of sense, thanks!
  • sunyatasunyata
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  • velvetkatvelvetkat
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    another forum I'm a member of asked that same question and a ton of people answered their pups were blowing their coats. Didnt seem to matter what part of the country they were in.. Bear and Foxy are about done(We are in S Florida). Just an FYI
  • My girls aren't blowing their coat (we live in Maryland) but they spend a lot of time outdoors (their choice). At least three hours a day they are outside, sometimes way more than that when I work since they come to work with me. I only work one day a week now, because school is starting for me again, but all through Christmas we were working four or five days a week and they spend the majority of my work days outside getting in their socialization time. We keep our house at 67-70 in the winter and 72-74 in the summer.
  • snowdogsnowdog
    Posts: 18
    Ok, so the big question is, is it wrong to help them along? Because the fur is driving us all insane. Or is it wrong, and we should let it come out one clump at a time until March/April? Know what I'm saying? Because I can sit there and comb that stuff off her for hours, and it never seems to stop. But I feel like I'm robbing her of her valuable undercoat.
  • sunyatasunyata
    Posts: 8589
  • lockshi3lockshi3
    Posts: 628
    Jake started to blow his coat pretty badly. We have done the bath and very light furminator brushings. We are using a ruffwear coat for the longer outings outside.. what a terrible time to blow coat! I know most people said it can last from 2 weeks- 1.5months.. what has been the typical length of a shiba shedding?
  • lockshi3lockshi3
    Posts: 628
    probably around 4-6 months for a puppy to lose his/her puppy coat (if not earlier), jake is now almost 10 months old and is actually blowing coat
  • Bump-This past Fall was very mild here in Washington, DC. Last week Quakey started to shed heavily. I was wondering if any other Shibas who live in the Northeast are also shedding. It's not a big deal in that I am brushing him twice a day and I doubled up on my allergy medication. I was just curious to see how the other Shibas are reacting. It is way colder this week but he doesn't seem to be bothered by it. In fact, he is super happy to go out for walks in the cold.
  • CleoCleo
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    Bella starting shedding heavily right at Christmas it is -25 here. Lasted about 2 weeks - now has an absolutely beautiful coat - shedding again some this week. She too seems fine in the cold - I got her some booties to keep her feet warm - that's taking some getting used to :) She LOVES the snow! Bouncing around, burying her entire head and coming up snuffling!
  • Kiba massively blew his coat 1st half of August. Then he started shedding again in October. He seems to have stopped shedding for now.
  • I live in CA and the weather is not as cold as other regions. I was a little surprised that he was blowing his under coat back in December. It wasn't a whole lot, just around his neck area and hunch. Still, he had finished blowing it out in September and now 3 months later, he's blowing it again???

    It's not bad....I gave him a bath and that pretty much took care of it.
  • So glad I decided to check this thread. We live in Maryland and Raven has been blowing coat like crazy on her back legs. I was getting worried with the first snow fall coming tonight (little though it may be) about her getting too cold. It will be her first snow. Looking forward to how she reacts.
  • @ravens_mom-I live in Washington, DC and Quakey has been blowing his coat for about a month now. We went out for our usual 40 minute aerobic walk this morning when it was 20 degrees wind chill and he did fine. He loves the snow so he will be happy tonight.
  • @Antoinette - Thanks! Raven did just fine this morning in the cold, even if the snow was a no-show.
  • Nookie did not blow her coat last fall like she usually does and has a very thick undercoat this winter. I have noticed she is starting to shed. Little puff ball on her neck.
  • Coming home from the dog park today I noticed big puff of fur ready to be plucked. First time in 7 years she's started shedding so early. We are in southeastern Va
  • knnwangknnwang
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    Ratchet's too. We're in souther Ca.
  • knnwangknnwang
    Posts: 645
    A dog vacuum would be great! Disguise it as a brush...

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