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What Does Your Shiba Dream About?
  • bobc33bobc33
    Posts: 287
    I was just reading with Shadow curled up next to me on the couch. He was sleeping soundly when all of a sudden he started twitching and making faint but weird vocalizations. I watched him continue this way for a few minutes and realized he must be having a very vivid dream.

    What was he dreaming about? My guess is he was off leash, in the woods near our house and it was full of very slow moving rabbits!

    What does your Shiba dream about?
  • JennyBJennyB
    Posts: 53
    Eating. Biting, chewing, swallowing. He's a very focused dog. :D
  • I really really wish I could ask Kenji what he dreams about! Quite a few times I have watched / listened to him sleeping and he pouts his lip making a sucking noise - I think he's dreaming about suckling from his Mom :)
  • Miles lets out a light whimper sometimes when he's sleeping. Its very incessant and last for like 10 minutes. I think he's solving crime.
  • Both Sukoshi and Hoshi occasionally make woofing/whimpering noises in their sleep. I suspect they are hunting.
  • Sakura barks in her sleep.... but only on days that she has interacted with other dogs (such as at puppy socialization), but on occasion she barks herself awake! I imagine that she had so much fun with the other puppies that she is dreaming about going back!Stefanie & Sakura Twin Cities - MN
  • My sesame does this all the time. Twice she has softly barked and whimpered like it was a bad dream. So I called her name softly to wake her up, and she jumped up on high alert those two times. But most it's just peaceful feet twitching dreams of running and sniffing
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  • Mei does this as well she'll growl, bark, whimper and twitching. I normally just let her dream and wake up on her own,plus its too entertaining to watch her dream. I have a video of her growling and barking in her sleep XD
  • NatsuNatsu
    Posts: 12
    Natsu mostly seems to dream about chasing squirrels and pigeons - all of his feet would be twitching in rapid fire motion, pause, repeat, and then the whole cycle again, all while making soft grunting noises. In his dreams, he seems to mostly catch them, as he will sigh contentedly after a while. He never catches anything while awake though.

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