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Games you play with your Shiba
  • Hi all!

    I was wondering what kinds of games you like to play with your Shibas? I'm looking for ideas to keep Kenji occupied besides his usual fetch, tug and catch the treat games.

    I decided to get him one of those puzzle type games for dogs and a new Kong - hopefully they should arrive soon :)

  • wordupwordup
    Posts: 28
    We play hunt mice and rats in the park...
  • LosechLosech
    Posts: 2516
    Tug with fetch toys, fetch with tug toys, "Look what I have! Chase me chase me!" (that one goes either way), Watch me eat this yummy thing you can't while you do a perfect sit, hide-a-toy on the bed; watch Shiba try to get it. "Kill it! Kill it!" While Conker is furiously shaking or biting something, "Find it!"; Let Shiba sniff a treat then throw out of sight, uh... Can't think of any others. Conker really loves fetch so that is the biggest game we play.
  • mmobedmmobed
    Posts: 79
    There is this one my Shiba loves playing, it's called human chew toy. Boy is it fun, I don't think I own a pair of clothes that don't have Shiba holes =P . Besides that Rocky loves to fetch the ball or just wrestle with his stuffed toys or like Losech mentioned I like to hide some treats and watch him sniff them out across the house.
  • emmyemmy
    Posts: 553
    I've got one along the lines of those suggested by losech...we have a new game where Toby scratches at the back door like he wants to come in, but he really doesn't. So then I open the door and all the cold air comes in and he just sits and blinks at me like he doesn't know why I opened the door. Oh, yes....we love that game. :)

    Umm....real games we play include tug, fetch, we both jump on and off of my bed (when I'm not feeling that mature...), sometimes I run from him and he chases me. That's pretty much all of our games. Oh---I also give him treats for getting in and out of his crate over and over, but he's started just standing in it and sticking his nose out in hopes of treats for just staying in. He's like the intellectual lazy guy at work who spends all his time calculating plans to avoid actually my profession we also refer to that as "criminal thinking."

    I tried to teach him to catch things after seeing 1) the thread talking about conker just letting stuff hit him in the face and 2) a video of jujee's Mika catching a stuffy....but we started with popcorn and Toby lets it bounce of his nose and then he eats it off the floor. He is not inclined to play catch.

    Toby has proposed games like "bark at nothing like it's a burglar in the middle of the night" and "wiggle your nose in between emmy and the pillow while she's sleeping so you can sleep in the warm spot." However, he is nearly always outvoted in favor of "lay down and go to sleep."
  • LosechLosech
    Posts: 2516
    My sister's cat did that door thing too! She's sit by the door and meow her head off until you opened it, then she'd look at you like "What? I don't want to go in/out. Why did you come over here?" Then five minutes later, MEOW MEOW MOEW! Open the door and out/in she goes.

    Conker has a new one... Sit and stare intently at the knife as I cut meat on the counter. If staring doesn't work, bark until meat is given.

    Another actual game we play: I make my hand look like a spider on the ground and make it hop. Conker will chase it and play bow and as soon as he gets close enough, I jump my hand to his face then jump it off. He barks and runs in crazy circles then we do it all over again. He likes that one when he wants to run around but not fetch.
  • SayaSaya
    Posts: 6678
    Saya chases me and at certain points she gets a treat she loves it.

    I also use a cat flirt pole to play with her she chases the worm with bells inside of it sometimes she catches it I let her hold it and tell her to drop it after a bit.

    Saya loves it when I play with toys with her or play fetch.
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  • @mmobed - L.O.L. That's the same game Jack plays with his dad - when he comes home, when he comes out of a shower, when he is out of sight for a few minutes. ;)

    Jack + Dad play:
    * fetch
    * tug
    * and follow him everywhere

    Jack + Mom play:
    * learn something new
    * practice all your commands

    So dad=fun and mom=math.
  • DjinnDjinn
    Posts: 161
    Someone posted a while ago about playing chasing games with a whip. It sounded great so we did our best imitation and got a cat-toy that looks like a small fishing rod with a toy on the end. Hayate LOVES chasing it and we get to tire him out while standing still. Win XD
  • velvetkatvelvetkat
    Posts: 497
    i am glad I'm not the only one playing the door game..
    bark bark scratch scratch I want to go out..I have mommy trained well. she gets up when I scratch at the back door..and to think I wanted to go out!! HAHA .. I also play the same game with her when I want to come in! We get up early(I like to hear her whine that she still has a half hour to sleep) I go outside cuz I really do have to go(but I could have waited another half hour!) She usually sits down on her laptop thing. I come to the door and lay down knowing she'll get up to let me in.. As soon as I see her start to get up I move away from the door! We play that game til she gets mad!
    The other dog that lives here too is much worse than I am. She loves it outside and wants the people to come play with her ALL the time. She goes to the door and scratches to come in then when the humans come to the door she heads towards the outside. Those humans just don't get it. They go out and play with her but she is so stubborn that she does this over and over cuz she wants to play all the time. She gets them back as she rolls in the dirt when they don't listen. When will they learn!

    On the subject of real games... we have a treat ball which works very well but I have a hard time finding treats that are the right size.. too big and they dont come out very easily and they quit playing, too small and they all come out at once.. Which they love but ruins the game just a bit!
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  • lindsaytlindsayt
    Posts: 4785
    Fishing for Shibas: super fun game. This was last year at the old house. Major geekage I know, but enjoy!
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  • DjinnDjinn
    Posts: 161
    I've been watching youtube clips of the K9 Games lately (lots of great games but most need more than one dog) and a few good ideas for home have popped up in the related videos column:
  • Thanks for your great responses! Well, the brain games go down a treat (if you excuse the pun :p )

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  • RorsRors
    Posts: 165
    My two loved, Chase the laser spot (not in the eyes of course)
    Hide and seek, which includes sit stay until I hide a toy somewhere in the house then give ooos and aaahs when they get close.
    play Catch the paws, see who has the fastest reflexes mmm.
    Our Girl Loves her Kongs and the puzzle ball.

    My boy also liked the sit at the door and wonder why it was opened game.
    When he was a pup- lets help dad to re-pot his orchids
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  • JessJess
    Posts: 70
    Kuma really likes learning new tricks so we do a lot of fun training that way. We also play a lot of "chase" where I let him get his stuffy and then chase him around the house. He tries hiding under furniture but always looks back to make sure I'm still chasing lol. Then this usually ends up in a big game of tug-o-war. We also like to play fetch down a long hallway so I make him sit and lie down or do a trick and then throw the toy down the hall for him to get.

    I wonder who is more amused by these games... me or him. lol
  • Kobe1468Kobe1468
    Posts: 1587
    Thought I'd post this for anybody who has concerns with playing tug games with their Shiba.

    "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."
  • tatonkatatonka
    Posts: 1210
    Tatonka's grip is still super weak. He doesn't put up much resistance in tug, although he'll still want to play. He always loses when tugging with another dog, so he's gotten in the habit of tricking them ("hey, look over there!") to run away with the rope. Any suggestions on improving his bite? We play tug every day of the week.

    If Tatonka sees a ball, he will want nothing else. A ball is used for fetching, chasing, hide and seek, training (it's more effective than treats for him), recall, etc.
  • Oki likes it if we run away from him. He LOVES it if you chase him but we don't encourage that incase he ever slips his lead, which would make catching him again even more difficult! Oki also likes to sit at the edge of our patio and bark randomly into the abyss of the garden that he's not allowed in, then run to the back door to be let in again.

    His favourite game in the world is kill the blanket. He love chasing it, wrestling with it, shaking it, chewing it, sucking it. He loves his blanky!
  • Interesting article on tug of war. I'd seen places say tug is good as long as you play by "the rules" but I couldn't find what these mystery rules were! It's good to know that it's just as simple as put the toy away when you're done, make sure you win most of the time and get the dog to sit politely before playing. Oki is very good at sitting at your feet and looking at you in order to ask for something so I think this will be a good game for him!
  • BootzBootz
    Posts: 3495
    @Nahatalie I think the whole "make sure you win most of the time" is BS. The rules are up to you as the owner/partner of the shiba. When I play tug with Bootz, I use it to reinforce the following commands: "Leave it" "sit" "stay" "ok!". So basically we can play rough with the rope, and while she's thrashing it from side to side I tell her to leave it, which she lets go of. Then ask her to sit. Then while i'm teasing her with the toy, it tests her self control, and reinforce stay. If she shows good control, i'll give her the "Ok!" command and let her play tug with me. Repeat for reinforcement and then let her have a treat when we are done.
  • JuniJuni
    Posts: 1268
    @tatonka Juni also has the weakest bite ever, she drops anything she tries to carry within a few seconds. I read that it is because they use the front of their mouth too much. So if you want to improve it you are supposed to put the item you want to be carried further back in the mouth of the dog.

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