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Thinking of a Husky
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  • @kira_kira, the breeder expects you to return the dogto her if it doesn't work out. So no use finding a rescue.
  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
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  • I am starting to believe it will work out. My aunt/uncle were the biggest hurdle. If they are on board it becomes a lot more fair to the dog.

    The breeder stopped showing her dogs (combination of her age/health and her hating the politics) but her daughter does do agility confirmation and they do place dogs for people who want to show. One of her dogs won best of breed at Westminster "a few years ago" when they were still showing (I didn't get the exact year) and she has run 3 sled teams in iditarod. So, to me, she passes the "cares about the breed/betters the breed" criteria.

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    @BanjoTheBetaDog, while the breeder's claims sound good, they are meaningless without proof - anybody can spin a story after all. Showing or not, they should still aim to improve the breed. Do they have health records on If you know the kennel name, you can search it. Additionally, racing huskies are typically hybrids bred for performance not looks. Iditarod is not a place for show dogs, let alone 3 whole teams of them. The whole thing sounds sketchy.
  • @zandrame

    My cousin saw the binders and pictures so I don't think it is a story. When I talked to her and asked for paperwork/proof of claims she said she is happy to provide it when I come, or she can fax it to me now.

    They do have health records on offa (I just checked and thanks for the link)

    I will ask follow up questions on the snow teams :)

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