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Shiba & new baby...(coming in Mar)
  • My wife is 6 months pregnant. We're having our first baby (a girl) at the end of March, early April.

    Any pointers on integrating the dog & the baby after it's born?

    My wife (she's Japanese) insists we have to send the dog to the in-laws' house for a month after the baby is born, because of the baby's relatively vulnerable immune system (no issues... just a newborn). I think that's a terrible idea, and am not aware of people in the US doing that (do we send our dogs away when we have a baby?).

    Ideas/comments appreciated.

    Cheers, Merry Christmas, Andy in Tokyo
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  • McYogiMcYogi
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  • You may find this blog useful. They have two Shibas and recently (about a year ago?) had their first child.
  • okironokiron
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    First off congratulations :)

    You and your wife will probably be a bigger health risk than your dog is. Your baby wont catch a cold from the pup, she will from you 2. I doubt you 2 will be in biohazard suits for the first few months, years whatever. I wouldn't worry so much in that aspect.

    Can't say much about the other, we only had 2 cats when Micah was a newborn, no dogs. The cats were fine with him though. They would sleep next to him but was always careful not to smother him.
  • emmyemmy
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    I was also going to recommend loki's blog! How funny that we all read the same things...

    I agree with all the posters above. I have friends who have integrated babies into homes with dogs (although none with shibas specifically) and they changed their routines long before the baby arrived. I'm sure it will be fine as long as you focus on lots of supervision and consistency...but I wouldn't send the dog away. When I have left mine for a week at a time, even, he's totally different when he comes back. We have to work on re-training. It would probably be worse if when he came back home I had a new person living here that he had to get used to....taking over his house, at that! Better to let him get used to the baby and baby things when he's already comfortable. And make sure that with all the baby busy-ness you don't forget to take him out for walks and stuff....a tired shiba is a (better) behaved shiba! Congrats on the new addition--keep us updated!
  • Thanks for the comments. Apparently it's common practice in Japan to send the dog away for a while right after baby's birth. I told my wife in no uncertain terms that we definitely do not do that in the US, but I'm certain she's not listening to a word I say... she's almost as headstrong as Taro is... of course, her independent streak is one of the things I love about her... most of the time. Thanks, Cheers, Happy New Year, Andy
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    Was wondering how this worked out? My dog is 16weeks, and Ill be a dad in 2 months time.
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    Thought this was an interesting article. :)

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