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Afraid of strangers.
  • LosechLosech
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  • aw... I wish Chicago was closer to STL. :( How old is Conker?
  • The behavior you describe is frustrating so you will need to be super patient. Yes from what you additionally describe he seems to be taking cues off the beagle, since maybe that dog is more secure. Maybe you can see if you can find this person again and ask if they will help you out with play sessions for your pup.

    I don't recall how old you said he is but they do go in phases of fear as puppies. However, puppies should be worked with so that they have help overcoming the issues specific to the individual. I would consult with the person that has the shy dog class and ask if they will do a session or two with you, that way you have some direct advice. Heck they may even take scheduled payments if you consult first to get an evaluation.

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  • IchigoIchigo
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    Ichigo is going through the same thing. He's 5 months on Monday. He is super shy with strangers when we take him out on walks. He won't go to the end of the lead or try to run away, but he'll just avoid them as much as possible and use me as a shield haha. It can be frustrating, I completely understand you. We still take him to puppy socials every Thursday and Sunday so that he's fine playing with dogs. He usually just ignores all the humans around then. I always praise him when he lets people get near him or pet him (on the rare occasion he lets them). Even when he goes to sniff other people I praise him. But other than than I don't really know what else to do. Maybe someone who has gone through this recently has more advice.
  • LosechLosech
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    Conker is almost 6 months. We got him at 4 months from a rescue so I wasn't able to get him used to strangers as a young puppy.
  • They are all different that's for sure....When you have a shy dog there has to be extra management and steps to build your dog's confidence and it takes a while, sometimes a long while so prep yourself for the long haul. It appears you are doing your best. Unfortunately, given you are a distance from others with Shibas be prepared to roll up your sleeves and start digging in to get info and kick it up a notch....I would start with Nichole Wilde's book or DVD "help for your fearful dog". She also has a blog too. I believe that info might be at this link. Guest appearance on
    and her informational site


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